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  1. Hi, I think my betta fish has a mild case of fin rot and I was wondering if the aquarium co-op method of using a single dose of ich-x and maracyn is effective. I added my betta a couple months ago into an established (about 9 months old) 10g tank with 3 zebra danios, a red minor tetra, and a snail. About 3 weeks ago I decided to add 3 more zebra danios because one was killed by the other 2. About 2 weeks ago I noticed my betta's fins were getting clearer and more ragged around the edges. I suspect that adding the extra zebras may have stressed my betta and started the fin rot. I tested my water and it had 0ppm ammonia, 0ppm nitrites, and 20ppm nitrates. I moved my betta into a hospital bowl and treated him for over a week with aquarium salt and daily water changes, gradually increasing the dose to 3tsp per gallon. This seemed to slow down the sickness but it looked like it was still getting worse. My betta seems to be acting healthy minus the look of his fins but I didn't want to take any chances so I decided to go with a stronger treatment. I watched the aquarium co-op video on how to treat fin rot and decided to try this method. Here are a few current pics of him sorry for the bad quality. To me it seems like his fins are slowly losing color and receding. Its more noticeable on his top fin. I'm still not 100% sure this is fin rot because his fins are not completely deteriorating but they do seem like they have gotten worse over the past 2 weeks. Do you guys think this is fin rot and I should keep treating it? I have just moved my betta to a hospital 10g with a heater and bubbler and added 1 packet of Maracyn and 1 tsp of Ich-X. I guess my question is will a single dose of each med be enough for a week of treatment? I'm asking this because both medicines say to dose daily throughout the treatment and I haven't found much information online of whether the aquarium co-op approach works. I want to be able to treat my betta within this week because I will be going out of town soon and it will be a little harder to have someone else treat him when I'm gone. Thank you for any help or advice.
  2. I brought 6 Julii Corydoras home from my LFS yesterday, put them into quarantine, and fed them live bloodworms hoping to fatten them up before medicating. One had what I thought was an injured Pectoral fin and possible injury to his swim bladder. I put him into a separate nursery tank I was preparing that had already been medicated with Methylene Blue, hoping to prevent infection. This morning he had passed away, and I noticed that a few of the other Corys now had large portions of their fins missing and fraying. Other than the damaged fins, I have not seen any signs of the remaining 5 acting unusual. They are resting together in their shoal and traveling up to the top of the tank for air. I am guessing this is fin rot, but I have never dealt with this before with my livebearers. The picture I added is the one who seems to be in the worst shape. His entire tailfin has completely frayed away. I have added aquarium salt to their tank at half the usual dose; although, I know there is conflicting information about how sensitive to it corys really are. On hand, I have the Quarantine Trio, Methylene Blue, API Aquarium Salt and Malachite Green. In the past, I have known people to use Maracyn 2 for Fin rot, but I can't find it anywhere at a reasonable price or that could be shipped to me in time. Will regular Maracyn work? Should I go get Malefix from Petco? Water Parameters: pH: 7.2 Nitrates: ~15 ppm Hardness: ~200 ppm Nitrite: 0 ppm Ammonia: 0 ppm KH/Buffer: ~40 ppm Water Temperature: 79.1F
  3. What’s the difference in the two? And will both help with blue green algae
  4. So, one of my tanks (classic guppies/snails/shrimp tank) had some clear parasite issues so I medicated it with paracleanse according to Aquarium Coop's directions and that is going very well. However I decided to medicate another tank I have because I have been using the same nets back and forth and some of the mollies there had clamped fins and another fish there had recently got half her tail bitten off so I figured the antibacterial and anti fungal wouldn't hurt so I hit it with the full classic trio, Marycin, ich-x and paracleanse. The morning after, the tank is super cloudy, fish gasping for air and my salvini male starts showing some extreme dying behaviour (sinking to the bottom, smashing into the substrate and decor, floating upside down, etc...). So I did a 80% waterchange and added an airstone but meanwhile the salvini male died. Has anyone had a similar experience with those meds? I think they might have maybe killed a lot of beneficial bacteria and/or depleted the water of oxygen.
  5. Hello! Unfortunately I've spotted a small patch of columnaris on one of my leopard danios in QT - I've already dosed Ich-X (was already treating for it) and put one treatment of maracyn in today, although I'm still concerned because..well I've never hard anything survive columnaris unfortunately. Would it be helpful to supplement with a low amount of aquarium salt, or do you think the meds are enough/salt would add just more stress? Thanks!
  6. So I have had 7 Paracyprichromis nigripinnis (Blue neon herring cichlid) in a tank by themselves for about 6 weeks. I had no deaths for the first 4 weeks (except one a few days after they arrived, I don't think it handled the overnight shipping well - I ordered 8 and it was pale and lethargic compared to the others). Then I had one die with no symptoms, parameters were all perfect (0 amm. 0 nitr. 5-10 nitr. dkh 14 dgh 18 ph 8.0 temp 77), then another several days later, still no symptoms. So I decided to treat with Maracyn and ParaCleanse, per Aquarium Coop treatment suggestions on Wednesday, after vacuuming the tank and doing a water change. I haven't fed since then, and I noticed a bacterial bloom this evening. Tested parameters, sure enough I had detectable nitrite (0 amm. 0.25 nitr. 10 nitr. dkh 14 dgh 18 ph 8.0 temp 77). So I did a 70% water change, being sure to match the parameters before changing. I find this interesting, as @Bill Smith mentioned in a post that he always has bacterial blooms after a Maracyn treatment. I add baking soda and epsom salt to my tap for this tank, since its a Tanganyikan tank. Bill's thought that he gets bacteria blooms while Aquarium Coop didn't in their testing was due to his water hardness. Curious if that could be the case here, since I have such hard water in this tank? I'm also currently treating a 5.5 gallon tank with a group of 9 juvenile white clouds that I just purchased, I haven't yet had a bloom in that tank, but it just has water from my tap, which is sourced from our well (7.4 ph, 4 dkh, 7 dgh). I also am treating that one prophylactically with Ich-X, which I'm not doing is this tank, since none of the fish have shown signs of Ich. I am planning to follow the current treatment with a course of Ich-X for this tank, I was just spacing them out since the Paracyps seem to be more sensitive.
  7. Getting some new fish today and I'm out of (or misplaced) maracyn for qt. Can I use tbe api em in it's place?
  8. Hello, I knocked my lighting unit into the tank and it struck my giant female betta. She now has popeye and a gash near her eye. She is eating, thank goodness. Should I start treating her with anything in the event it becomes infected? She is in a planted 20gallon long with 15 tetras, some snails, and shrimp. Water peramiters are all good. Temp is approx 81 degrees. I turned the light off to make her eye more comfortable. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
  9. This old man has been in my tank for a few years now, but he isn’t looking too good recently. What do you think it is? I recently did a dose of Maracyn in this tank because I had several Mollies staying in the substrate I moved those to a QT tank and treated them with Maracyn before treating them with Paracleanse because all but two became very thin. I have lost two of the six that I had moved and still have four. Three appear to be on the mend, but one of them is still on the bottom and sunken in I’m going to run another dose of Paracleanse in the QT this week. Don’t mind the cloudy water, I literally just dropped frozen baby brine in haha
  10. Anyone have any feedback/ideas about maracyn oxy for fungus killing. It's sodium chlorite....I believe...SALT?? THANKS! Kifflyn
  11. I bought the 3 medications that Cory recommended for using in a quarantine tank and now I can't find the video, Ich-X, Maracyn and ParaCleanse. Anyone remember how he uses them?
  12. Hello all! My Delta tail betta had been nipping his fins and tail. He's looking ragged. I have added a Cattawpa leaf, have limited his light to about 2 hrs a day, and exercise him with a mirror. I was thinking of being proactive and adding Maracyn to prevent any possibility of fin rot, but there are two Mystery snails in his tank as well. Will they be okay?
  13. Curious. I have a bad/recurring case of Cyano in one tank in particular (which may have also cross-contaminated to our two other tanks? Unsure there...looking for advice to end this completely in all. All that being said I also have a question that relates directly to this AQ Coop Blog: https://www.aquariumcoop.com/blogs/aquarium/blue-green-alga Simply the blog states: "To begin treatment, scrub off as much of the blue-green algae as possible and remove it with a siphon. After vacuuming the substrate and refilling the tank, add one full dose of Maracyn (which is 1 packet per 10 gallons of water), and let the aquarium sit for one week before doing another water change. The earlier you treat the outbreak, the easier it is to eradicate. If the blue-green algae is very thick and widespread, you may need to repeat the treatment several times to completely remove the colony." So on the Maracyn packet, it states to dose for 5 days? Wondering did I read something wrong in the blog or on the Maracyn pack? Or is the direction different in the blog as it writing towards the purpose of killing the Cyano vs. curing fish? And to provide some extra background info: I did do this about 1.5 years ago. When I did so, we went on vacation and my brother & nephew maintained the last day or so of the tank meds. Upon return we had lost 1 frog (2 survived). Unsure if that was due to the meds or otherwise. Also upon return the tank appeared to have No signs of Cyno? But maybe something was re-introduced, or other-wise. A few more details about the tank. I chose the Maracyn route as I understood it is considered generally safe for the African Dwarf Frogs and and the Cyano was all over more or less. I had initially thought it was just algae and that I needed another snail. 😞 Also the sand has plants: some low growing Valisneria (it never grows high, maybe due to the cyano?), a few/two? buce plants, and a sand substrate (horrible with the cyano!). It's a 20L with an Aquaclear 30 filter. There is also an Volcano with some air pumping through it. Currently this tank houses 6 cherry barbs, 2 ADF's, a pagoda snail, 2 horned nerites, and 1 kupa nerite. Much appreciate the assistance.
  14. My new 10 gal QT tank is finally set up. I added 4 Julii Cory cats. 1 was dead in the morning (was very pale when I got him, so not surprised). I noticed 2 more were pale with bulging eyes. I had dosed the tank with 1 tsp ich X and 1 packet of Maracyn. Brought in 2 more of the same fish (store exchanged for me). Had to go out and the 2 with the bad eyes were dead when I got home. They all came from the same source, so I want to treat for the popeye (assuming that’s what is was) since they all shared the same water and from same source. Is it safe to continue Maracyn treatment even though that 1 dose of ich x was put in? Is Maracyn the best treatment? Don’t have any pictures as the remaining fish look ok right now. 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, 5 nitrate temp 78-79, ph 7.2, very hard water
  15. I got 12 new guppies to restock an empty 24gal aquarium from both Petsmart and Petco. While in the 10gal receiving tank I ran one full application of Paracleanse and had just started a round of Ich - X (I didn't know I could apply them all together at the same time...) when two of the males began having a hard time swimming, and one of the females began to get a white patch on her back (Pics). I went to start a treatment of Maracyn, but realized I bought Maracyn Two instead of the regular. I ordered it promptly but all three died the following day, and a second female got the white patch. This last Thursday I started treating them with salt, at 1Tbsp per 2 gal of water. This seemed to clear up the white patches, but the guppies still got lethargic and died... As of today, 3/13 I only have two guppies left and the Maracyn just came in. Is it ok to add Maracyn during salt treatments? Or do I need to start water changes? What else could be affecting these guppies? Thank you!
  16. Hi Folks, I have been doing a round of ParaCleanse (on day 3 atm) on my tank when I noticed a bit of fin rot on a couple of my corydoras. Is it possible to use Maracyn in conjunction with ParaCleanse as a full dose? I won’t be adding any more packets of ParaCleanse after today. Can I add Maracyn starting tomorrow or even as early as tonight? TIA! pH 7.4 Nitrates 0 Hardness 71.6 Nitrite 0 Ammonia 0 KH/Buffer 89.5 Water Temperature 77
  17. I am wondering which is better? Maracyn treats gram positive, but Maracyn 2 is good for both positive and negative. Wouldn't it be better to treat for both types of bacteria? I am going to set up a quarantine tank so there is not active infection but as a precaution wouldn't Maracyn 2 treat what Maracyn does anyway plus the gram negative as well?
  18. Hi, the instruction on back of the package is a little confusing. I have a 40 gallon tank, do I put 4 pack of the Maracyn in the tank day 1? Or 1 pack per day up to day 4 with my 40 gallon?
  19. Has anybody had trouble with maracyn and paraclense making their water cloudy. Started treating for a bacterial infection 2 days ago and my tank is now super cloudy. Also happened to.my 75 gallon tank when I treated it for parasites. Im.following the instructions closely. Almost lost all my fish in my 75 I guess the meds depleted the oxygen. Idk I just need help.
  20. Kanaplex or marycin 2 they seem to treat the same things but which do you guys think is more reliable?
  21. Help! I began treating my 20 gallon with Maracyn on Friday and I only have for today. Tomorrow is the fifth and last day, but what can I do? I cannot find any LFS with Maracyn in stock. Amazon doesn’t have it. Online it’s just shipping with arrival date of Jan 22. Suggestions?
  22. Using salt now and was wondering what the best meds to use for it would be. Thanks.
  23. Hi everyone, just wondering if API Bettafix or Fritz Maracyn are the same thing to cure fin rot on a betta. I think my Betta has a fin rot problem, I'm not sure but from all I've seen that is what it looks like. He used to be a Betta Moon, now his tail has grown so much that I thought that was normal, but the tail is not even anymore so that makes me think he has thin rot. Any suggestion is appreciate it. Bellow a comparison before and after so you can help me out if he is suffering form thin rot...
  24. So i only bought the paracleanse and maracyn medications, i have the ich x arriving in a few days so im only treating my 40 gallon community tank with those two under aquarium co-op instructions for the whole trio, minus ich x obviously. I have a hyrda issue but i believe the paracleanse or maracyn are killing them off as the water is getting cloudy??! If so should i do a water change and re-dose according to the water taken out or wait the full treatment week to do the water change according to med trio instructions? Also according to aquarium co op instructions it says treat once then let the fish soak in it for one week to then do a 25% water change, wait 2 weeks and then dose again the 4th week? Do i put in carbon for those 2 weeks or wait till after the 2nd round of treatment
  25. My Betta has been in his hospital tank after I noticed fin rot a couple days ago. Now it looks like dropsy because he’s swollen. I do not see any additional fin damage since treatment but I am wondering if adding in 1 1/2 tablespoons of aquarium salt in 3 gallons is too much with the Maracyn and IchX? I also read about using Empsom salt maybe being better for the bloat? He’s swimming at the top after being at the a bottom for two days. He still has an appetite so I’ve been feeding him 3-4 Biogold pellets. I would be so thankful for advise! The picture attached is him today. The acrylic tank makes it hard to get a decent pic.
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