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  1. Our go to fish store in the Cleveland area is Blue Fish Aquariums on Mayfield Road near Lyndhurst! They have very friendly employees and a great fish selection in salt and freshwater. They have a good variety of supplies, decorations, and plants as well!
  2. We use the Ziss Bio Bubble filter from Aquarium Coop in our 29gal planted tank, which is similar to what you are interested in. It does a good job of adding air and some filtration. I would ideally like to add a sponge filter but running on this, the tank does just fine!
  3. That is a great set up! Thank you so much for the detailed response of how to do it! Once my next hatch is ready, this is what I am going to do! I do not have micron food but I do have some first bites, would that be okay?
  4. this may be a silly question but... when you harvest the BBS by having them gather to a light source and then drain them, there is always some that are still floating around. I feel bad sending them down the drain, is there a way to keep them alive to feed later or grow into adults?
  5. our zen tank has cardinal tetras and endler guppies. very peaceful and nice to watch. waiting to get a pea puffer or two in there. We will be removing the guppies once we get the puffer
  6. what are your parameters? what chemicals did you put in the tank? Im sorry to hear your fry didn't make it! It's so hard to see the little babies struggle!
  7. Hi! it is so fun to have live bearers! It's so great to wake up and see more babies and watch them grow! Enjoy! 🙂
  8. Bekah

    Is this pop eye?

    Thank you for the advice! Would you start with 1 TBSP per gallon?
  9. We have had this betta (Cinnabar) for about a month now. 6 days ago we noticed his eye was cloudy and swollen. We immediately moved him to a hospital tank from the community tank (with mollies and Glow tetras). We have been treating with maracyn for 5 days now (recommended directions) and I has not improved or declined. Should we continue the treatment or see if medicating with salt would work better? the tank parameters are GH- 100, KH-120, pH-7.1, and NO2 and NO3- 0, water temperature- 78F. This is the first time we have experienced this and would appreciate any advice! Thanks!!
  10. This looks so good! what kind of paper did you use? how do you attach it to the back of the aquarium? I hate trying to apply those sticky ones!
  11. I will give these a try! How do you keep other fish from eating them so they can get a chance? I have never seen them get interested during a feeding time
  12. does anyone have a recommendation for 2 Butterfly Hillstream Loaches? We bought Hikari Algea Wafers for them and they are not interested. We tried hiding it from the other fish (mollies and glow tetras) and they didn't eat it. Im just afraid tank algae is not enough. One of them is hiding in the same place and rarely moves from that spot, I was thinking maybe he isn't feeling well from not eating? They are both tiny (1-1.5inches) We feed out other fish: Extreme Krill Flakes, TetraMin Tropical Granules, New Life Spectrum Thera-A, Hikari Micro Pellets and BBS.
  13. Oh that's awesome!!! we were looking for a fish club! I have visited Aquatica-- so awesome!! we got some neat endler guppies and cardinal tetras there! We visit Blue Fish in lyndhurst a lot, but love to visit other stores! thank you for your advice!!
  14. Thank you so much! I will definitely be checking these out soon!
  15. im also in the Cleveland area and newer to the hobby, what fish stores do you recommend?
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