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  1. This is Daddy flagfish who I have had now for 1 1/2 years. Upon noticing the Popeye, I quarantined him, and because tank wasn’t cycled, I changed 1/2 the water daily. I treated him first with Maracyn 2 (didn’t work), then Maracyn (again no results), 1 Tbsp salt daily and also tried Artemiss microbe-lift. I put him back in the community tank, where he seems happier, but eye is the same. I’m assuming at this point it’s from an injury? Will the eye potentially fall out?
  2. I got Hugo on Janurary 25th 2021, here is a picture of the day I got him: Overtime he quickly develepoed a water dog personality and became one of my favorite fish. Unforatnetley in late Feburary of 2021 I started seeing signs of finrot, I treated it and thought it was all gone so I put him back in the main display tank. However about a week later I noticed it most defentley was not gone and it had appeared to get a lot worse. From this point on his finrot only develeped and got worse and worse. With being in Canada fish medications are incredibly hard to come by and when you do see them its about double maybe triple the price then what it should be. The only medications I could find were salt. I used salt for about a week and noticed he got dramatically worse and the salt was defentley not helping if anytning making it worse. However over the course of a few weeks I let him rest with 0 medications in the water and it seemed to help. So his fins started growing back. It wasn't until earlier this month I started seeing signs of finrot again. I knew this defentley wasnt a good sign considering the fact that it was a miracle that he survived the last time. But as I did before I let him rest and monitored him. However over the course of the week he has gotten dramatically worse. I'm fearing his last days are coming. He has develeped severe popeye, and a small bump on his side. He is very week and lately has been staying at the same spot at the surface of the water. His immune system is obviously very week. This is a picture of him this morning: This morning however I saw him swimming. Usually hes been staying in the same spot all day long. But today I guess he needed some movement. He swims in little twitches but will still come to visit me at the front of the glass every time.
  3. i dont even know what to do anymore i feel like giving up entirely i found her with unilateral popeye in her tank, the parameters were fine and have been so in the tank for over a year. the popped eye was cloudy though i placed her into a quarantine tank, that i had to set up right then and there so it wasnt the ideal condition but i started to treat her with salt and the swelling went down a lot but the eye was still cloudy so i treated her with mardel maracyn the past few days she was eating fine but now she wont eat at all the top of her mouth has rotted away and there is a white protrusion from the bottom of the eye what do i even do i cant find furan 2 and everyone say get furan two, i have some in food form but she wont eat i started her on neoplex but i done know if that would work i dont know what to do anymore ive lost so many betta in the last few months i want to just quit entirely i cant handle so many of my babies dying left and right, i feel like ive killed them all
  4. Saw “Baby Blue” in Petco while buying some small animal bedding a little over a week ago. Just took hold of that small plastic cup and took her home with me. Yes we named her already. I know it sounds strange but it’s like she’s bonded with us already. Two days after getting her I noticed her one eye was larger than the other. Been medicating her with Maracyn for four days, eye still swollen but not as much and she seems happy in her 10 gallon tank. It has a heater and sponge filter and I added a smooth rock. I ordered a betta log and food from aquarium coop due here tomorrow. She eats out of my hand and follows it around. She swims to meet me when I walk by the tank and comes up to my hand when I put it in the tank. Sometimes she lays her tail to the side and lets it roll over /cover my finger. I think she couldn’t see at first as she would miss the food pellet a couple times til she got it lined up. She’s much better at that now. Questions: med bottle says medicate for no more than 5 days. Is that it? Is there something more I need to do. How long does it take to heal? If it does not heal will I be able someday to add say some neons to keep her company? At what point can I add live plants? Thanks for any advice to help her.
  5. Mba08

    Sick tank

    Well established tank of 3 years. 2 red spotted severum 4 gourami 1 silver dollar 3 angels 1 pleco 1 apple snail The gouramis have red sores and 2 have Popeye. The severum have blurry edged white spots only on pectoral fins. Not defined edges like ich. 1 severum has 1 Popeye. I'm not sure what to treat first. Or do I use all the meds. I believe my problem started with either salt buildup. A few months ago I started adding salt at water changes. Not realizing only had to treat new water. The ph is now 8.0.. I've been doing 25% water change every 2 or 3 days not wanting to drastically change the ph. My grandsons added a barnacle they found on the beach. I have taken this out it was in there about 2 weeks. I've purchased the med trio. I purchased the large package of the maracyn and paraclense. I've read to add 1 pkg for 10 gal ,but I didn't purchase the packages and read not to follow directions on the package. Thanks! Mary
  6. The blue betta, i noticed today had a really swollen eye, almost like a bubble. and yesterday my pink betta had a huge lump on it. Could this possibly be to changing different types of food? I usually feed blood worms, and sometimes brine shrimp, rarely omega super color flakes, but i have been out of blood worms, and have been feeding them planktin and fish flakes, and brine shrimp. also, there is baby mollies in this tank aswell in a fry net in the corner. thanks Also, i used to have carbon and a black sponge in the back of my hang on the back filter, now i removed the carbon last week and shoved some bio media in there, could this have anything to do with it?
  7. Hi Eveyone, My betta has been acting very lethargic more than usual and resting in odd curled positions at bottom or sides of tank. I got him a year and 3 months ago- he seemed pretty big when we first got him. Sometimes it looks like he is not breathing much and then other times look like he is breathing heavy. Water Params are ph 7.6, ammo 0, nitrite 0, nitrate ~ 5ppm. Water temp is steady 79. I think kh and gh are about 4 - I should retest. At first I thought maybe he was getting old or was constipated- so I have barely been feeding him Hykari freeze dried daphnia. He does come out for feeding time- but doesn’t eat as much as normal. At times it seems he cannot always see. To me his eyes look a little cloudy and stick out. He is all black so it’s hard for me to tell. Anyway- I posted pictures maybe you could help me confirm about the Popeye. Also I noticed a light area showing up a couple months now near his one Gills too. See my pics. Any help would be appreciated. I am all set to try maracyn round 1 treatment on him. I don’t like to hastily medicate though. thanks in advance
  8. I have a male black molly with pretty severe pop eye that only seems to be getting worse. I'm not sure what to try next. I have a 40gallon breeder planted tank with an AIO kit. Substrate is eco-complete. I have co2 injection. There is a large piece of Mopani wood and a few granite rocks for decoration. It's pretty full of plants right now. It is populated by ramshorn snails, some pond snails, and 4 black mollies that I got at the LFS a month ago, 2 males, 2 females. The patient in question is one of the males. Until recently he has been relatively aggressive, particularly around meal time. A little over 2 weeks ago his left eye started to swell. Because of his aggression, that it was only one eye, and none of the other fish showed any symptoms, I assumed it was an injury and decided to just keep an eye on it. About a week ago the right eye started to swell. At that point I pulled him and put him in a 5 gallon hospital tank for treatment. I dosed maracyn and aquarium salt. Since he is a molly and can naturally handle salty water, I started at a level 2 treatment of 1tbsp/gal. It was introduced with a slow drip over a course of hours. I stopped feeding him for 5 days. Within a couple of days he started to get really lethargic. 2 days ago he started resting at the surface towards the filter wall. His left eye began to grow white at the bottom. He's still breathing and his gills are still moving, but he had stopped responding to my movement. After some experimentation, I am reasonably certain he is now completely blind. Yesterday was the end of his 5th day, so I decided to feed him and do a water change. He couldn't find the food. I ended up putting a LOT of food floating on the surface so he could bump into it. When he did he'd try to get it with his mouth but mostly couldn't manage to find what he felt. He ate maybe 4 bites before I scooped out the excess and performed the change. After the water change, which includes salt, I added some ich-x since the maracyn didn't seem to help and in case the white spot is fungal. As of now he's back to sitting against the wall and the surface barely moving. And I'm not feeling confident about what the next move is. It may be worth noting that the other three mollies appear healthy and happy. Parameters: pH: between 7 and 7.5 Nitrates: <5 Hardness: ~14dGH (I have had some trouble keeping this steady) Nitrite: 0 Ammonia: 0 KH/Buffer: ~6 Water Temperature: 78F I do struggle a bit with the GH. I use RODI water and supplement with Equilibrium. The display tank gets co2 injection. In general though my dGH stays within a few degrees of target. I do a 50% WC weekly, and top off with filtered water. This photo was taken an hour ago. The right eye is about the same size, but not yet showing any white. I hate losing animals in my care, even when they have been jerks. Any advice on where I go from here is appreciated. If he gets to a point of no return, I'd rather euthanize than force him to suffer.
  9. bella4ord

    Pop eye

    My male betta fish’s eye has seemed a bit weird lately but i’m not sure if it’s pop eye or if his eye just looks like that naturally. If anyone knows what’s going on with him that would be great!!
  10. Hello everyone, I sure hope someone can help me. My betta has popeye in one eye. I am not sure if he got hurt when we moved, which is possible, there was some rough road we went over while in a U-Haul and my betta got sloshed around a bit. I have tried a couple different things to help him. He lives in a 10 gallon tank, using a penn plax corner filter with sponge and carbon, and an aqueon 50watt heater, which is supposed to be preset to 78F. He also has a light for a planted tank with a sunlight and a moonlight setting. He also has a Wondershell in his tank that I've replaced on a monthly basis as it dissolves. I should mention I can't set up a separate aquarium for him, which I know would be recommended, but I don't have the space for an extra tank, nor the money for setting one up. So, his tankmates (3 dwarf corys, 3 kuhli loaches, and 2 gobys I can't recall the exact name of) have to go through whatever treatment he does. All of the rest of the fish that are with him are fine, and may have benefitted from the different medications. I took out the carbon filter before starting treatments, but left the sponge in the filter. First, I tried a week's worth of melafix. There was no improvement in my betta's popeye. I then went to a local fish shop. I figured they might have an answer for me. I bought a box of Furan 2. Following the instructions, I dosed for 2 days, then did a partial water change. Used the whole box. Still has popeye in one eye. I have read about epsom salt baths, and have some epsom salt to use, but wasn't sure if he needed a salt bath or more medications. While the tank was undergoing treatment, several weeks without a carbon filter, the water parameters suffered. I have been working on resolving that since stopping treatments. Right now, his tank stays somewhere between 72F and 78F. Using an API freshwater master testkit, I get the following results: PH- 7 Ammonia- 0.25 ppm, but I also used an ammonia reducer to neutralize the ammonia while I worked on righting the water parameters. Nitrates- 0 ppm Nitrites- 0 ppm I really want to help my fish. He's my little finny friend, and I want to give him a good life. He may not be the fanciest betta ever, but he's my favorite. I don't want to keep asking people at the local fish shop for help, because they're just going to try to sell me something that may or may not help my finny friend. I can't afford to keep throwing money at a cure that MIGHT help him. He eats good, even if he is picky (always has been), he interacts with his tankmates, and is always happy to follow my finger along the tank glass. I just want my finny friend to be okay. Please help me help him.
  11. We have had this betta (Cinnabar) for about a month now. 6 days ago we noticed his eye was cloudy and swollen. We immediately moved him to a hospital tank from the community tank (with mollies and Glow tetras). We have been treating with maracyn for 5 days now (recommended directions) and I has not improved or declined. Should we continue the treatment or see if medicating with salt would work better? the tank parameters are GH- 100, KH-120, pH-7.1, and NO2 and NO3- 0, water temperature- 78F. This is the first time we have experienced this and would appreciate any advice! Thanks!!
  12. Using salt now and was wondering what the best meds to use for it would be. Thanks.
  13. Hey all, below are some pics. I got a pair of Apistos about a month ago and I've been in love with them. I'm concerned because the last 48 hours I've noticed the female's left eye is bulging out pretty far, and it's showing a lot of white coloration behind the eyeball. I've noticed some great "pairing" behavior between the two since getting them (especially after feeding bloodworms) but nothing has been aggressive at all. Just the male showing his colors to her, some affectionate pecking, and the occasional tail whip. I'm sure it's possible that he did this while I wasn't looking, but everything I've observed has been very playful and non-aggressive. It's probably worth noting that I got a few ottos about 2 weeks ago and subsequently had an outbreak of ich. The Apistos seemed to be un-phased by it, but the ottos spread the ich to my cardinal tetras so I treated with Ich-X for about 5 days last week and it all has disappeared. Do you think this could be ich remanence? Or could the male maybe have done this during courtship? I don't want to lose her because this pair is really beautiful.
  14. Popeye, right? Eyes seems kinda bulgy to me. Also, they are ringed with that milky white coloration that I don't recall seeing on this fish in the past. Most pics I see on the internet for diagnosis show extreme full-blown cases, so it's a little hard for me to judge based on those. I haven't had these apistos super long, so I'm not familiar with the characteristics of this species in terms of what's normal looking and what's an indication of a health issue. This fish was in a community tank for a few weeks (its now isolated in a smaller tank), and I see no health issues with the other fish, nor water quality issues in the community aquarium. I lost the female apisto due to internal issues a few weeks back. She's always been in a separate aquarium and was never introduced to the community tank. Opinions? Advice?
  15. RyanR

    Is This Popeye?

    Is this Popeye on this Molly? I put her in the 10 gal QT with 3 tbsp of salt. It's the same fish, one pic was taken before she got moved to QT.
  16. Well, I got this betta for my 20 gallon long tank. One day later I notice he has an eye swollen, so I treated for Pop eye for 3 days with Maracyn. Question is, how long it takes for it to go away? How do I know the treatment is working? Please send me your best advice... I’d appreciate the help. Should I treat again? This is him today after one week, the swelling doesn’t seem to be gone and I am not sure if it has increased. Also haven’t been able to find out online how long it takes to see any improvement. Water parameters 0 Ammonia, 0 nitrites, around 5 nitrates. Planted tank. Last water change was 2 days ago around 50% I keep him at 79 F He’s been very active the entire time, btw. I’ve been feeding him bug bites, and frozen food.
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