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Found 16 results

  1. Hey everyone! I've been looking for a heater to use with my Ziss Brine Shrimp Hatchery... My favorite heaters are Eheim Jagger heaters but they do not fit in the heater spot on the top of the hatchery. What heaters do you use? I'm looking to get one now that it's turning cold in California and my window is open all the time!
  2. One of my no clog air stones just clogged and I couldn’t even blow through the hose. After Looking closer It seems it unscrews and has two felt pads and on plastic. I always wondered what the extra tiny pads in the bag where for. Therefore no clog just went out the window correct? Do we need to clean these felt pads? Replace them every few months? If replace where do we get them? thoughts?
  3. A clump of leopard frog pleco eggs in the Ziss Egg Tumbler.
  4. So as part of the last Brand Ambassador package sent out from Aquarium Co-op I received one of the Ziss ZET-65 Fish & Shrimp Incubators. Thank you Aquarium Co-op and their staff! Lets just shorten that to the Ziss Egg Tumbler. I unboxed it and was able to put it to immediate use with two spawns of my L201 large spot plecos. Short review, it works great! Id say it's the best egg tumbler that I've ever put to use, including those DIY ones I've made in the past. Some of the pros are: really good suction cups, the tumbler stands up on its own, easy to adjust the amount of tumbling action, bowl shaped bottom which keeps the eggs in the flow, and sturdy construction so you don't need to worry about it breaking. I know the new Co-op terry towel has been getting a lot of mileage and I will agree the towels included in the package are really nice.
  5. Just received the Ziss Egg Tumbler. My Sterbi Corydoras also provided me with another spawn of eggs tonight. So I am able to use it right away. My question is, when the eggs hatch, and the fry have lost their egg sack, (2 to 3 days after they hatch) how should I feed them? Do I keep them in the egg tumbler, feed newly hatched BBS? Or should I move the fry to the Ziss Breeder box? Feed them there? I currently have BOTH corydora fry AND baby mystery snails in the Ziss breeder box together. Everybody hatched at the same time! I have placed a small slow release vacation feeder tablet. I believe the calcium is good for the snails and the fry can feed constantly thru the day. I also feed live BBS. I really like how the aquarium water flows in the breeder box. My previous clutch of cory eggs hatched in the box fine, there was no fungus. As of today just one survivor 😕 The eggs I placed two days ago in the tumbler have happily hatched! I count 16 fry. Should I keep and feed the fry in the egg tumbler? 🤔 Hmmm so many questions. I really want to be proactive and breed something. So I am learning as I go along. I am assuming that the egg tumbler’s purpose is to prevent eggs from fungus and keep them safe from being eaten. So far my success with breeding and raising fry have been when I do NOTHING. My Cory’s spawn, hatch, a few escape being eaten by making it to the dense foliage, until they decide it’s safe to come out. When they start to crowd mom and dad, that’s when I move them to a bigger tank. Thank you for your time Dawn
  6. Quick question does anyone know why the ziss air stones are green now?
  7. Anyone have any experience with one of these pros & cons please
  8. I have five fishtanks, from 125g down to 40g tanks - all housing African Cichlids. In each tank I installed a Ziss Bubble Bio Moving Bed Filter. I over filter all my tanks to ensure the best water quality possible. I purchased them in late 2018 and have been installed in each tank. I have been experiencing issues with them. The media has stopped moving and are all clumped together in the top of the filter. The amount of bubbles coming out has diminised substantially to a few bubbles per minute. The sponges are cleaned regularly - and when done - there is no change in performance. One filter I actually shook it - and it went back to clumped all together. Does anyone have any ideas how to get it moving again? Thanks.
  9. Bought a never clog air stone. Great product for the price . Be careful because I had it for maybe a month and my 4 year old tugged my black co op air tubing and plastic stone hit ground and broke in half.tried to glue it but no dice.
  10. Found a new use for some old heaters I had from back in the day. This is a test run to see how it works. I do have a eheim 50watt that does fit down the opening in the top, but with following Cory's directions, the water would be down a ways from the minimum recommended water level indicated on the heater, so I wasn't brave enough to see if it would still work without cracking the heater.
  11. Hello everyone! I have a 29 gallon tank that has some plants (new to tank) and 6 zebra danios. When I set the tank up, I used a HOB filter since that's what I was used to. I have some sponge filters on the way and had planned to change to the sponge filters. I just saw the Ziss bubble bio moving bed filter and am wondering what the benefits of one over the other is? I plan on adding some Cory's, maybe a pleco. Still working on the rest of my "wish list" regarding fish! Any help would be appreciated! Thank you ☺️
  12. Question: If you were transitioning a 35 gallon tank from a HOB to the ziss moving bed filter, how would you go about it? I am assuming you would have both filters going at the same time, then in maybe two to four weeks remove the HOB? I understand the ziss will offer little to no mechanical filtration. If I need to polish the water, I will just use a DIY polisher I made a while back. Praise: By the way, I just want to also take a moment to praise how great the Co Op is on their shipping. On every order that I can remember, I found myself also ordering on the same day something from Amazon Prime. And guess what!?! Every time Co Op's package has gotten to me in my small rural town on the coast of North Carolina sameday or before Amazon Prime.
  13. Hey Fish Friends, Last week I received my first order from Aquarium Co-Op, which included a Ziss Brine Shrimp Hatchery. I'm on my second batch of BBS hatched out of this thing, and the results have been outstanding. My current "recipe" is the suggested TWO liters of water (I use lukewarm to slightly hot so as to dissolve the salt and buffer quicker), FOUR tablespoons of rock salt, ONE teaspoon of Epsom salt, ONE teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), and TWO teaspoons of BBS eggs. I add the BBS eggs a bit after the mix gets going and the water cools off a little. Presto.......live BBS in about 18 hours. I have around 600 assorted angelfish fry and around 400 Parachromis motaguensis "Red Tiger Motaguense) growing up and need a lot of live BBS on hand. This unit is working perfectly for me so far. Looking forward to ordering a second unit to supply some other breeding fishes I'm working with. Cheers, --Brian
  14. Hi Everyone, Getting ready to set up a 29 gallon planted aquarium. I’m trying to decide between the Ziss Bio Filter or the Fluval 207 canister filter. Anyone have any advice? Pros and/or cons? Thank you.
  15. A Culture Club of beneficial bacteria...., but puns aside what's the opinion on if this need more air, less air or just about right ? see ---> Ziss Bubble Filter
  16. Assuming the connection is worth using, I could really use the ability to try out that connection for two boxes on a side project this winter. Is that something that will be available through the coop in the future ?
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