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  1. I have a 55g with 3 discus 1 rope fish 1 angelfish and a pleco I want to get some kuhli loaches form the research I’ve done they are all compatible(please correct me if I’m wrong) but I want to know how many I could get
  2. Hello, I have a 55 gallon tank. stocked with a blood parrot, an electric blue acara , 5 boesemani rainbow and 6 congo tetra, and a small bristlenose pleco I was wondering if i can add another EBA. nitrates currently arent an issue, and aggression is not a problem either. thx
  3. I have a 55 gallon fresh water tank. I changed from a HOB filter to sponge/foam. I have it set up in a corner. But i see that the water on the other side has little to no movement. Should i get an additional sponge filter. Or move it to the middle of the tank
  4. I was watching Cory on You Tube about making a simple aquarium with just Neon Tetras, but I can not remember how many Neons he said you could put in a 10 Gallon tank, with plants. I was wondering if anyone could help me with this.
  5. I'm a little sad I just bought the cutest little peppered corydoras for my 5 gallon tank and now I read there should be 3. Is thAt a problem for a 5 gallon tank? With nerite snAil and betta?
  6. Right now I'm deciding how much fish I should put in my new 20 gallon long. I really like the harlequin rasboras, corydoras, otocinclus, and I really dont know what else. You can help me by telling me how much of each fish there should be in the 20g. Or you can suggest and other great fish. I would really appreciate it!
  7. I want to get some red koi angels and raise them up so that in the future I can get a breeding pair from them. But I am not sure how much angels i should get to hopefully get a breeding pair. How much should I get? Could five angels be ok?
  8. This may seem like a dumb question but here it goes. I'm going to medicate a 36 Gallon tank. I have to use one packet per 10 gallons of water. Do you all think it would be safe to assume I'm closer to 30 gallons of actual water in the tank then 36 gallons after facturing in the substrate and decorations, right?
  9. I have a 55 gallon tank with a trickle filter using bioballs for filtration, small pebble rock as a substrate, rock/driftwood Hardscape and adding the fluval 3.0 light. The tank is Established and being converted over to a community fish tank with live plants. Planning on starting with various anubias, java fern, Bacopa caroliniana, Ammannia Gracilis, Scarlet temple. knowing that the plants will grow over time, How many plants should I start with? Thanks for your input.
  10. Apartment living has me down to one 55 gallon tank. At one time I had 4 going. How about you? Fish keeping is addictive!
  11. I have a 29 gallon, heavily planted. Stocked with 9 variatus platties, 5 swordtails, 3 guppies, 2 dwarf corys, a dojo loach and 3 amano shrimp. My water chemistry is good with weekly water changes. Am i dancing with the devil having so many fish? This is a pic before I added 6 platties.
  12. Hello all - I have a planted 10 gal tank with 11 juvenile cherry barbs (~1 inch in length). They appear to be comfortable at the moment - exploring and nibbling. As they mature and grow to full size, should I expect to have to transfer some (or all) of them to a larger tank?
  13. I'm curious about this, but I' wondering if most people rotate a lot of food or stick to one or two foods. I try to feed a different food each day of the week (Sunday they don't get fed). I like that the fish get a variety and I think it's a little more healthy for them and it helps their color, in my opinion. Beside the vegetables that I keep in the freezer, I don't have any frozen food. I'm about to start hatching some baby brine to see if it's a pain and how much my fish like it. Below is what I feed, some of it is going away and some of it is for bottom feeders, so it looks like a lot. Blanched zucchini and canned green beans - everyone loves these two. Xtreme Krill Flakes - I love this one and will keep reordering Xtreme Sinking Wafers - I'm not crazy about it because my fish don't like it Fluval Bug Bites Algae Crisps - My fish like it and I like the ingredients - going to try the smaller version below Fluval Bug Bites Tropical Formula (small bites) - I like this one also and so do my fish - I'll keep reordering this one. Fluval Bug Bites Bottom Feeder Granules - New - Trying to see if my plecos, shrimp, snails and ottos like this. Fluval Spirulina Flakes - This is new also to see if the fish like it. Hikari Betta Pellets - I'm not crazy about the ingredients in this. It will be replaced as soon as it's empty (maybe sooner) Hikari Freeze Dried Blood Worms - The fish love this and will keep this in the rotation Hikari Vibra Bites - Not too crazy about the ingredients, but wanted to see what the hype was about. This will be replaced - I'm already feeding Krill Flakes, so nothing new here to see Hikari Crab Cuisine - got this for the shrimp and snails for some calcium, but will try something new (Xtreme Shrimp or Denerle)
  14. Hello, everyone! I have a group of three angelfish that get along great together. They live in a 75 gallon tank with some platy fish and tetras. Can I add a few more angelfish to this established group? Thank you so much!
  15. Hi, this is my first post. So, I have a 10 gallon tank with Neolamprologus Multifaciatus. They have not bred in a while, but they did recently, and babies have gotten older. Since my aquarium club has been having inconsistent in person meetings due to COVID, it has been hard to get rid of babies and juveniles. I am worried that the growing juveniles will start fighting with other adults because of the smaller space and limited shells they can use. Any creative ideas anyone?
  16. Hey everyone, Looking for information on how many fish can be added to a community tank at one time. My understanding is not to add so much that you overwhelm the bio load. We have a 29g planted tank and are hoping to add 6 corys, one pleco and a snail or two. Should we do this in stages? Thank you 🐠
  17. Hi. I'm planning on going to aquarium co-op after work today to surprise my 4th graders Monday. I have a 40 breeder classroom tank, and wanted to add to it. I asked this question on one of my other posts, but it didn't match the topic so I'm afraid that it'll get missed before I go to the store. I have a list of fish I want to add to the tank and was wondering how many would be too many to ask for. I already figured out what I can or can't add with the fish I already keep and now it's time to solidify my list. Wish list: 1 or 2 more fancy plecos 6 inches or under. Or another long fin bristlenose. I have stirbai corys x6, but wondered if I could add the albino ones or maybe pandas. If not I might just add 3 more to their group and call it good. Kuli loaches 4 more rasboras 4 more rummy nose And 4 more cardinals Thinking of a fun snail too. I had been wanting to get hatchet fish for the top, but was told I shouldn't because they jump too much. I do have a heavy duty lid so I'm up for another opinion or two. I have live bacteria to add to my tank with my new fish, and I just got new plants! I'm waiting for them to arrive!!! Help me solidify my list so I can help Robert tomorrow. He's asked to have a list ready. I was there for probably 45 minutes the last 2x before because I had so many questions. I felt really bad but it was my first big tank and didn't want to mess up. Thanks for your help. - Eden.
  18. I'm planning on setting up a 29 gallon aquarium-moderately stocked, and I would like to know everybody's options-1 medium sponge filter or 2.
  19. How many neon tetras in a 100 gallon tank
  20. This is probably a difficult question to answer. I've been into the hobby for about half a year now and I've watch A LOT of videos on the hobby to familiarize myself with the basics. One issue I still find hard is figuring out what is the breaking point between a nice stocked tank and an overstocked tank. As we all know, there is constant craving for MORE. We all have to deal with the thoughts of, "What else can I add to my aquarium?", "What's missing?" Obviously, better to understock than to overstock. However, there are situations that warrant considerations. For instance, I have three swordtails ( 1 male and 2 females). Now I know you're all thinking the same thing... 1 to 3 or 4 ratio! I realize that too, but have been hesitant to add another because of my concern of overstocking. I could give specifics on my tank size and what I have stocked, but that deflects the purpose of this topic. I want this topic to be helpful guidelines for anybody new to the hobby. I'm interested in hearing what YOU use as a rule of thumb of how much to add to your aquarium.
  21. Hello everyone, I wanted to know your best way to know how many fish you can stock in an aquarium. I have my own way but I am curious how you do it. Thanks!
  22. Hello! I am thrilled to have found this forum. Not many people IRL in my life are interested in the obsession I've gained in the last couple months with aquarium keeping so I am hopeful I can nerd out here. I started my first planted aquarium about two weeks ago. Questions: I am fish-less cycling and I've been doing research for my first fish to bring home. Is the following list too many for my 15 gallon Fluval Flex, which is only about 11 gallons of actual water space. 2 Honey Gourami 8 Ember Tetra 6 Pygmy CoryDoras 1 Japanese Trap Door Snail I've read that you should only bring home one species at a time. Is that true, if so how long between new additions do you typically wait? Tank Info: Tank is currently two weeks old. I am fish-less cycling with fluval flakes Fluval Flex 15 gal Built in Lights and Filter 132GPH 40-50% water changes on Saturdays ( Trying to do two 25% changes in the next few weeks to combat newly found white hair algae) Substrate Seachem Flourite Black Clay Gravel and Seachem Flourite Black Sand Dosing Liquid Fert 2-3 times a week - All in One Liquid Fertizlier by UNS (Wish I would have found easy green before ordering it but I'll use what I got) 5 root tabs in substrate Dosed Seachem Flourish Advance and Stability for 7 days Running CO2 at about 50 BPM I switched to the Tetra test strips after seeing a video where Cory said the API brand were no good. Apparently my water is ALOT harder and with a higher pH than I thought it was. Next water change I am going to try using some distilled to balance it out. I ordered the API liquid kit off the website just to have my bases covered. I plan to add in some baby dwarf tears in the front to carpet. Yes, I am a dork with a spreadsheet. 😅
  23. Hi everyone! What is the largest fish that would live happily in a 35 gallon aquarium. I really do not want to cram any fish but I am looking for something large. Some of my ideas are below. Thanks!
  24. Hi everyone! I am planning to aquascape a 5 gallon, 10 gallon, 25 gallon, 35 gallon, 75 gallon, and a 175 gallon. Does anyone have any ideas or recommendations? These tanks would have non plant disturbing fish. I have plenty of ideas but I want to hear yours first.Thanks in advance!
  25. Hi all, I have seen many different preferences on what conditions for a tank to keep angelfish in and I’m curious on other people’s opinions. I have heard nothing under 18 in depth, 40 breeder is too shallow, a 29 is fine, but with all of this I am not looking for a community but maybe a pair and then a bottom feeder to clean up after them. What are ideal conditions for raising angelfish.
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