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Found 3 results

  1. I got this guy 5 days ago and he's developed white spots on one eye and faint white spots on his tail fin, and on the body. Fins have holes in it too. Is this ich, fungus, bacterial, columnaris? I have api fungal cure, api general cure, api furan 2, ich x, api fin and body, and aquarium salt. He hasn't eaten today. He just goes up gulps air then sits back down. It's a new tank, I put media from a established tank in the filter. I test ammonia daily. I think I may have hurt him when trying to net him about two days ago. Could I have caused this? 😞 1st photo when I got him 2nd 3rd photo today 4th the set up 5th hole in fins Ammonia 0 nitrites0 nitrates5 Ph 7.8 Temp 77-78
  2. We have had this betta (Cinnabar) for about a month now. 6 days ago we noticed his eye was cloudy and swollen. We immediately moved him to a hospital tank from the community tank (with mollies and Glow tetras). We have been treating with maracyn for 5 days now (recommended directions) and I has not improved or declined. Should we continue the treatment or see if medicating with salt would work better? the tank parameters are GH- 100, KH-120, pH-7.1, and NO2 and NO3- 0, water temperature- 78F. This is the first time we have experienced this and would appreciate any advice! Thanks!!
  3. Well, I got this betta for my 20 gallon long tank. One day later I notice he has an eye swollen, so I treated for Pop eye for 3 days with Maracyn. Question is, how long it takes for it to go away? How do I know the treatment is working? Please send me your best advice... I’d appreciate the help. Should I treat again? This is him today after one week, the swelling doesn’t seem to be gone and I am not sure if it has increased. Also haven’t been able to find out online how long it takes to see any improvement. Water parameters 0 Ammonia, 0 nitrites, around 5 nitrates. Planted tank. Last water change was 2 days ago around 50% I keep him at 79 F He’s been very active the entire time, btw. I’ve been feeding him bug bites, and frozen food.
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