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  1. Do you have a planted tank? I have 6 of em and a decently planted tank and they hide in plant every now and then but are out a lot.
  2. Does anyone have any thoughts on tubbing and raccoons? I’d like to give it a try but am a lil worried raccoons will eat all the fish or at least pester them regularly.
  3. 7 month old. Low tech. Root tabs and easy green. My dwarf lily wont grow. My first plant and just sits there with 2 tiny leaves.
  4. My red tiger lotus is making a baby bulb. My aponogeton ulvaceus is growing new leaves and my pogostemon stellatus octopus is growing like crazy! I just put new root tabs doywn so am excited to see new growth.
  5. Just curious how other people feel about nerite snail eggs. I have one nerite in my 60 ga slowly spreading eggs throughout the tank. Do the eggs go away after awhile? How do you get rid of em?
  6. Any Vienna guppies in? If so I may need to make come out this weekend.
  7. Wow where did you get those?! Stunning color!
  8. Thanks. I should also add if there are any suggestions from folks for other fish that would help control the BBA in this situation. I’ve read about SAE. I think they would also predate on the fry and get kind of big for me.
  9. I think I am starting to see some BBA in my community endler tank. I have read that mollys are a good fish to help get rid of BBA. I was thinking of getting one or two males. Do I have to worry about mollys eating my endlers/endler fry/cherry shrimp? The molly will by far be the biggest fish in the tank. I have endlers, green neon tetras, ember tetras, cherry shrimp, Amano shrimp, ottos and some long fin white clouds. I am mostly into nano fish right now and aquatic plants. I have a moderately planted 60g aquarium so hiding places are there but will be better as plants grow in. I am not currently looking for fish to predate on the fry as I’m trying to grow the population. Thanks!
  10. Same story for me. Had em for like 4 months. They have propagated twice, slowly. I’ll just keep feeding and hopefully they’ll show some love.
  11. Scotties! They are the cutest! We laugh at them all day. Such funny characters.
  12. I love long fin white clouds! Have a few myself. They look like flying fish from above.
  13. Hey everyone! Have a 60 gallon planted aquarium. About 3 months old. Going for a community/live bearer tank. Have some endlers with a handful of fry, green neon tetras, ember tetras, long fin white clouds, a few otocinclus and a couple Amano shrimp. Really excited to see these endlers keep breeding and see what I get! id love to be able to keep some cherry shrimp in this bunch also. Think I need more hiding places first. Feel free to reach out!
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