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  1. They are just the cutest aren’t they! I love Oranda!
  2. Do SAE eat swords also? I’m having the same problem.
  3. I keep a female betta with my guppies in a 60ga and everyone gets along. The betta does eat some fry so just be aware. She doesn’t catch all but she’s always chasing.
  4. Still curious about submersible light recommendations.
  5. Any Vienna guppies coming down the pipe that you know of?
  6. So curious about what kind of fish they are! What a fun surprise! For my guppy fry I just grind with my fingers flakes and that makes it small enough.
  7. I think you might be right! Thank you. I don’t have co2 so I read the p. Palutrus might struggle a bit. Fingers crossed. It’s a beautiful plant!
  8. It could be parrot feathers. Parrot feathers leaves looks like it grows around the same point around the stem. My plant looks like the leaves grow staggered around the stem.
  9. I think it’s an algae. I’ve had it pop up in my tank before. It really pretty! When it grows in a high flow area it moves beautifully. My shrimp loved it.
  10. I got these two plants from LFS. Neither had a tag and folks who worked there couldn’t ID. Can you help me ID please? The one with the dissected leaves looks like hygrophila difformis but maybe not. The leaves look a little sharper. The other looks like moneywort but the leaves are not as fleshy and more tender. any thoughts? Thanks!
  11. How often do you root tab for this sword? Mine always grow a few leaves and then eventually die.
  12. I think one or two of my green neon tetras may have wasting disease. Can I medicate the tank with amano and cherry shrimp in it?
  13. Do you have a planted tank? I have 6 of em and a decently planted tank and they hide in plant every now and then but are out a lot.
  14. Does anyone have any thoughts on tubbing and raccoons? I’d like to give it a try but am a lil worried raccoons will eat all the fish or at least pester them regularly.
  15. 7 month old. Low tech. Root tabs and easy green. My dwarf lily wont grow. My first plant and just sits there with 2 tiny leaves.
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