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  1. So, I had whitecloud fry about 2 months ago. At that time, I moved all the adults to another tank. Two days ago, and again today, I see tiny new fry. Can eggs lay around that long and then hatch? Aren't our tanks amazing? It's so fun to see what will happen next!
  2. I LOVE that blue iris, just gorgeous! I love this place. I get so many ideas from all of you, thanks.
  3. My whiteclouds overwintered in the Pacific NW. Just look at that green water! I've been putting my plant cuttings from my tanks in here for about the last month (not shown here because I was doing a water change and cleaning). I put some stuff from the bottom in a jar for a little experiment for my granddaughter. It has some salvinia floating on top. I'm excited to see how it goes this year. I really wasn't expecting much since it's such a small amount of water. How fun for the grand kids to learn.
  4. I overwintered my white clouds. They were in an 18 gal muck bucket with 1 inch of ice on top. The other night I checked the temp in the morning and it was 45 deg F. They are hardy, darling little fishies!
  5. You just gave me an idea. I'm an expert at growing BBA. That might look really cool growing on a sponge on the bottom of the tank. I just might try that on a small scale.
  6. That sounds so interesting. I love the look of hair algae. I let it go for a while in my tanks but some of my fish get tangled in it. It scares me so I end up removing it. I let it grow again until it starts looking like a "trap" again. I wonder how fish/shrimp deal with it in the wild. I guess there are so many that a few deaths don't matter?
  7. Thanks CT, I've tried different lengths of tubing. I have about 5 different lengths cut, lol. I appreciate you trying to help though.
  8. Thanks for responding. Here's a link to a short video without the sponge. I also included a picture here.
  9. I'm using these and love the larger spores of the sponge. But, I'm having a heck of a time getting them not to "leak" air bubbles out the side. I've watched Cory's video a couple times. The air pump is turned way down. The tubing with the never clog airstone can't be any shorter. Next, I'm going to try using a short piece of uplift tube to corral the bubbles to send them up instead of out the sides. I don't know if it's even feasible, but, I was thinking if in manufacturing there were a small solid piece where I drew the line if it could help prevent the bubbles escaping. Maybe even making the disk where the ends of the red mark are touching were made a little larger would help. Any other ideas are welcome.
  10. I agree with platys. Another option would be rosy barbs, they kind of look like mini goldfish. There's a pretty long finned variety also.
  11. Here's some of mine. I THINK they're crypt parva. Someone correct me if they aren't.
  12. I just used the black AQ airline tubing with a straight connector. Works great! You just have to round up the ones that escape, lol.
  13. I knew it was just a matter of time before I lost the little rubber thing that holds my planting tweezers closed. So...I cut a small piece of AQ airline tubing. It works great and if I lose it, I can just cut another one!
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