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  1. Most of the eggs have turned white from fungus. However I didn't check the eggs often enough to pick off the bad eggs so it could've been my fault. I'll try this again next time I get eggs just to be sure.
  2. I guess we will just have to see if this experimental setup works. Thank you for your advice.
  3. I have eggs in a breeder box with an air stone underneath to tumble eggs does this seem like an ok setup?
  4. My personal favorite angel is the all yellow ones so I would and am trying to breed a pair of those. However I love all angelfish and would breed any if given the chance.
  5. I walked into my fish room to put some stuff away and I happed to see something moving in a tank that has water but no equipment. I took a closer look and there was 3 baby red wag platys. The filter broke a month ago and I took the adults out had no idea there was babies in there until now.
  6. My tank doesn't look very good im still learning how to grow plants and aquascape
  7. This is my madagascar lace plant its one of my favorites had it for a long time and in the last few months it has finally taken off.
  8. I've had this bulb for a few weeks and can't tell if those are roots coming out or leaves. If anyone could tell me that would be great and apreciated.
  9. I would glue the java fern and anubias. The dwarf lily will need to be planted since it needs root tabs also be careful with how much glue you use it can cause the rhizome to rot.
  10. Could these small LED lights grow any plants they're from a 10 gallon starter tank at walmart
  11. That is a beautiful betta. I hope you enjoy your planted tank.
  12. Welcome to the forum nice to see someone else from Illinois.
  13. If you had the space and money you should set up a 40 gallon instead the space is better for more species of fish and aqauscapes. Also kuhli loaches can be shy in small numbers I have 5 and barely see them. Very nice fish just get a bigger school once your tank is cycled.
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