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  1. Ya I gave my Swords 3 root tabs last time to see if that would help but its only been a few days so ill have to wait and see if that helps the growth. I also have to use my fingers I dont know how anyone uses tongs to bury them in the substrate.
  2. Thanks guys I will look for seachem potassium. Healthy plants here we come!! I'll update a few weeks after I start dosing.
  3. Nitrates are around 40. I dose easy green after every water change. I usually take out 40% of water every week or two and then add 5 pumps of easy green.
  4. Ya I probably need to look back into that. I must not be doing something right. Time to hit the books!
  5. Anubias, Java fern, Swords, and a madagascar lace plant are the only things I haven't killed but they still don't grow very well.
  6. I read through the link you sent me. It looks very helpful I will try that too and see if the extra iron helps. Thank you!
  7. My ph when I tested yesterday after a water change was 7.4 but thank you for the advice!
  8. Yes I give each plant 2 aquarium coop root tabs monthly and dose easy green after each water change.
  9. I've had a handful of different plants and most have died. My Swords and Anubias survive but don't grow very much even though I've had them for a couple years now. The only plant I've ever gotten to grow is a Madagascar lace of all things.
  10. I've always had trouble growing plants even the super easy ones. Recently I had my love of fishkeeping rejuvenated and I want to finally make my display aquarium an actual nice aquarium to look at! My GH is 10 drops and KH is 6 drops of the API test. Is this too hard for aquarium plants?
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