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  1. So (sadly) almost all of my fish in one of my 15 gallon tank has passed. They all lived long happy lives and this brings new opportunities. I currently have 2 platies and 2 African drawf frogs in the tank. I can easily move my two platies into a different tank but the two froggos have to stay. Do y’all have any good ideas for a fish restock for a 15 gallon freshwater tank that would be compatible with my drawf frogs?
  2. I have had two African dwarf frogs for about a year and one has cloudy eyes. I got them when they were really young and from a really nice fish store. It was apparent after a month I had them one was noticeably smaller than the other. Today I looked and it looked like he had cloudy eyes and was really skinny. He’s as active if not more than the other one and he eats when I feed them so I’m not sure why he’s just not gaining weight. This is what they’ve been eating.
  3. My tank has been overrun by baby mystery snails. They are still very small and I was thinking of getting a few assassin snails but wanted to hear some more suggestions.
  4. I have a 15 gallon tank that’s a bit of a mess. I’ve had this stubborn little male platy in my female tank. He was in there because my other tank was having some issues and he was the only fish that it seemed to effect so I put him in the female tank to recover a little bit but I haven’t been able to get him out for weeks. Finally I just got done with him and had to take out 80% of my decor in my tank to get him. But now I have a ton of platy fry. As some of you know the female platy can hold on to male sperm for months and can reproduce without them. And to top it all off, my mystery snails have decided to mate, lay the eggs where I couldn’t see them, and now I have millions of baby snails. I’ve been looking into these pea puffers and are really interested in buying some but it doesn’t seem there’s a lot of research on them. I’ve hear some people have complications with them and their guppies and I wasn’t sure if it was the same with platies. I’ve heard some ate baby snails and some didn’t. I’ve heard they’re too small and my platies would eat them. I’ve hear they’re too big and will attack my platies. I’ve read they’re aggressive and you can only have so many in a tank. There’s just so much confusion with these little puffers and even when they could be a answer to all my problems they could also destroy my tank.
  5. Sadly I live on the other side of the country in Ohio. 😂
  6. Sooooo I might have made a mistake of putting two mystery snails in the same tank and long story short there are now millions of baby snails in my tank. Don’t get me wrong I love free snails but I’m not sure I need the hundreds currently in my tank. They are still VERY small and everywhere. I do have a pet store who takes fry and snails but it is about an hour away and I’ll like to save it as last resort. What should/can I do with all these snails? Does anyone want free mystery snail? 😂
  7. Update: I ended up buying kanaplex off of Amazon and it helped stop the fin from getting worse. I also added some aquarium salt. Sadly it took a few days for the kanaplex to arrive so his fin looks really bad right now. I’m sorry that the image quality is bad I had to take this with my front camera and play around with the tanks lighting so you can actually see the fish.
  8. Everyone in the tank is happy and healthy except the guppy.
  9. Hello, one of my guppies has developed fin rot. I’ve been trying to treat him in the past couple of days and it’s only getting worse. I’ve been using API Melafix which has worked well in the past when my guppies got fin rot or split their tail but it’s not working quick enough to help my guppy. If anyone has any recommendations for a fin rot medication it would be greatly appreciated.
  10. I agree with @Colu, you should definitely try to treat the tank for parasitic infections. But another reason for you guppy’s bent spine is genetics. It really depends if he had the bent spine when you first got him or if he developed it. I’ve had a few guppies who had bent spines and they can live for a while but I never really found anything that would fix it. I actually had a yellow guppy with the same problem that your black guppy has. I posted it on this forum a week ago. You can access it if you click on my profile and go to activity. But the conclusion we came to is that the guppy had a broken spine and I had to euthanize it. So your black guppy might have a completely different problem then your red tuxedo.
  11. So I was out today and came back home to two dead platies victim 1; type: red Mickey Mouse platy; Age: 6 months; From: Bred at home; Body condition: Flipped upside down sucked to the filter, unable to be right side up, tail is beat up being extremely shorter then usual with some small almost “lines” of the tail looking if normal length, very fat, head color looking much lighter then the body (not normal); Died: unexpectedly;Suspect: Disease caused by overfeeding; Cause of death: N/A Victim 2; Type red Mickey Mouse platy; Age: 6 months; From: Bred at home; Body Condition: laying on gravel, bent spine, head also looking much lighter then the body (also not normal); Died: unexpectedly; Suspect: N/A; Cause of death: N/A Water parameters: nitrate:10, Nitrite:0, ammonia:0, Cl2:0, gh:75, ph:7, Alkalinity: 80, KH: 120; Water temp: 77°F; Habitat: 15 gallon tank with gravel, sponge filter, air stone, water pump, heater, water thermometer, cave, bridge decoration, crushed coral, and light; Tank mates: 3 guppies, 2 African dwarf frogs, 5 platies; Condition of tank mates: healthy, apart from two platies who look extremely overfed; Recent changes: not fed fish for two days; Reason: Overfed fish; Recent changes: Added two new guppies from petsmart to tank; Reason: Owner was sad Recent death; Type: Yellow guppy; Age: > 1 year; From: Petsmart; Body condition: Very bent spine, shape of fish is similar to “^”; Died: expectedly; Suspect: Broken spine; Cause of death: euthanized
  12. Is there any way I can still help the fish?
  13. My guppy is somehow living so I was able to get a few pictures. Also I’m very sorry but my back camera is broke so I had to take this with the front camera so the image quality is bad and I don’t know what went wrong with they colors.
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