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Found 9 results

  1. Hello everyone! Looking for advice on what to do with pond goldfish over the winter. Some backstory: My roommate has a little red-eared slider turtle. We dug a little pond in the yard so he could live outside during the warmer months. I don't know the exact size, but I am guessing around 150 gallons. We obtained some plants for the pond and surprise! They came with baby goldfish. They were so tiny we didn't even notice them right away, but they have been growing steadily over the past 3-4 months. I can't count them individually due to all the plants and such, but I think there are about 10. Now that its October, here in Pennsylvania the weather will be getting colder soon. We are trying to figure out the best way to keep the turtle AND the goldfish over winter. The turtle definitely needs to come inside, and I think the goldfish will need to come indoors, too. I know goldfish are cold water fish, but our pond is not big/deep enough for them to survive temps below freezing. I have 4 tanks set up now, but all are for tropical fish, so the outdoor critters can't live there over the winter either. We are also on somewhat of a budget. My idea now is to get a 300 gallon stock tank for them. The turtle and goldfish have been living together so far, so I would assume they are fine to live together indoors as well? There would definitely need to be a basking area and other turtle-necessities. Do you think this would work? Or should I look into getting something separate for the goldfish? I also need advice on filtration. A pond filter? Cannister filter? How to hook it up? I would prefer not to rehome the goldfish at this point, as I know they would likely end up as feeders for someone. I am willing to dig a bigger pond (luckily I own the house/property), but I know we won't be able to get it done until spring. Thanks for reading my long post and I appreciate any advice!
  2. Hello All, I would like to set up a patio pond using a Tuff Stuff 40 gal tub. My concern is it gets hot here in the summer, in the upper 90's June, July and August. From y'alls experience would this tub get to hot for plants and fish? Thinking of setting one up with just plants and monitor the temps for one summer. I might even wrap the outside in bamboo or wood to reflect sun/heat. Thanks.
  3. Are you ready for the outdoor tubbing season? If so what fish do you plan on getting? This year will hopefully be my first year with an outdoor tub. I had never heard of it until I subscribed to cory (July 2020) and it hasn't been till very recently that I have thought about doing an outdoor tub. I am SUPER excited. Because I live Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada) where it gets super cold in the winters (-50C, -58F, its the second coldest major city in the world) I will be setting mine up from April-Early September. In the summer months it get to an average 20ishC (73F) but can easily get to 30C (86F). So because of the weather I need colder water fish such as goldfish, whitecloud minnows, cherry shrimp, rainbow shiners, etc. I plant to do whitecloud minnows but I haven't decided if I want regulars or golden whiteclouds. Its going to be a challenge to get floating plants for the pond because most are ilgeal where I live. Stuff like Water Lettuce isn't necesarilly ilegal its just hard to find. Where as stuff like duckweed, red root floaters, amazon frogbit, etc. are ilegal. I plan to do some hornwort, water sprite, dwarf aquarium lilly and if I can find some water lettuce. Perhaps some java moss too.
  4. I'm going to help my mom with her mini pond this year, I've been doing research (watching ALL of Cory's videos). My tap water is: pH: 8.4 (not usually this high, normally runs about 7.6) Ammonia: 0 Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: 10 I want to add some guppies for a fun breeding project. My question is: are my water params going to be ok for breeding guppies, and should I add salt to the pond, or any buffering agents? I have some red tiger lotus I plan to plop in and some duckweed. One of the videos he explained how green water is great for the fish, but I can't convince my mom of this.
  5. I did a simmilar post about outdoor tubbing not to long ago. But in this thread I want to know exactly what your thinking of. What plants, fish, dry goods, do you use a filter?.
  6. Hey all, After all the recent posts from other forum member that I have read today about summer tubing, it got me intersted in it. I was wondering what tub you all use for it and what fish you like doing for these projects?
  7. I'm planning on setting up a mini-pond this spring once the weather warms up. I was given a kidney bean shaped pond which I estimate hold about 50-60 gallons. So far I have the pond filled with water and purchased some caribsea flora max and crushed coral. I have pretty soft, slightly acidic well water, so hoping the crushed coral and substrate help raise the pH and add hardness as my understanding that guppies prefer harder water higher pH. Do correct me if I am wrong on any of that, haven't added anything to the pond other than water. My next step is to run airline from inside (hopefully) to a sponge filter. May consider adding a heater just to help keep it from getting too low at the beginning and end of the season. The pond is partially buried but we're talking about 12-16". So that means by the end of the end of the season I'll need something else to keep the guppies (and perhaps their fry if this all goes according to plan) in at the end of the season, so I'm thinking indoor mini-pond. Definitely will have to find a source for plants (guppy grass, water lilies, etc) perhaps that sort of stuff is out of season? I just want to make sure I'm not going down the wrong path, or missing some important steps or other things I need to consider. This will be my first pond and first time keeping guppies.
  8. Since the days have started to grow longer I thought that it wasn't too early to get going on my next summer tubbing project. Last year I had put in 20 different kinds of thyme and a few sages in a rock wall bed I had constructed in a wet area down from our garden (notice all the emersed Hydrocotyl at the base of the wall and not as visible also emersed dwarf hair grass). I am playing with the arrangement of the tubs which are sitting on clumps of cattails but I don't think I am happy with it yet. My plan is to keep building the rock wall in a big arc that curves around the tubs on the south side and extend the brick pathway around the north side. Then I can fill in the voids with soil and plant more different kinds of thyme or whatever around the pools. I am sure the cattails will likely shoot up and through whatever I lay on top of them. I haven't put in above ground pools in the past so any suggestions are appreciated.
  9. I live in Texas and it just started hitting the low 70s this week. I'm growing Java fern, jungle/leopard val, azolla, Amazon frogbit, and red root floaters. I also have a ton of MTS and ramshorn snails. These are all for my 50 hex that I'm currently building a stand for so I don't have an indoor tank that they can really go into. I've heard plants are usually okay with cold unless they freeze but wanted to hear from some people here. I'm mainly concerned about the val and RRF because they've had some struggles outside (I only received 3-4 RRF and they've doubled a few times but I still don't have as many as I'd like).
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