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  1. I got my hands on a Marineland Portrait 5 Gallon Aquarium on sale! It's an all-glass, rimless aquarium. I did NOT like the base that came with it (what were they thinking?!?), so I put it on a piece of thick rubber mat. I decided to do a betta tank out of it. I followed Cory's advice from a video he posted to YouTube and set aside the media that came with it and hotrodded it out. Seeded it with well-cycled media (sponge and bio-balls) plus a base layer of substrate from an old setup underneath some Peace River gravel I had left over from my other recent scapes. I'm not quite sure the light that came with the tank will be bright enough, but I used plants that are SUPPOSED to do well in low light setups, so we'll see how that goes. Since bettas prefer lower light tanks, it should work well in that way at least. My other tanks are unheated (we keep our house warm enough year-round that even at night in winter, I'm finding they don't drop below 74 degrees F), but I put a heater in this one to keep it a bit warmer for the betta. Don't want him getting cold. The hardscape is locally sourced rocks that I tested for safety, and bits of small driftwood (that's already growing a layer of biofilm slime). Plants are: 2 bunches of Ludwigia repens 2 bunches of Hygrophila siamensis 53B (tissue culture, so it's VERY short right now, but already growing just since I put it in 2 days ago!) 1 Anubias nana petite (itty bitty baby one that split off when I was working with one going into one of the other tanks) 1 Bucephalandra wavy green 1 Cryptocoryne parva 2 Crypocoryne tropica Red Root Floater (1 section) The Ludwigia is readily visible, as is the Bucephalandra and the Crypt parva, and the nana petite is in the foreground to the left, but the others are small enough that they're currently hiding in the hardscape for the moment. No doubt that will change soon, especially with regards to the Hygro. One image is shot from the front. The other shows the tank from one end to show the placement of the plants that are behind the rocks and in amongst the wood. The Ludwigia is still in the weights and all that they came in. I want to see how it'll do under the light in this tank before I tuck it individual stems into the gravel. The third photo shows the itty bitty baby nana petite. I have no idea if one that tiny can survive and grow, but we'll see. I love trying out different things and seeing how they do. I put a ramshorn snail in there today. That will be the only inhabitant of this tank other than the betta. The betta is part of a fish order I'm expecting later this week. Looking forward to receiving him and getting him situated.
  2. What do you guys find is the food your ember tetras like best? And has anybody figured out an optimal mix of dry foods to put in a community tank autofeeder together (rainbowfish, tetras, cories, snails)?
  3. Hi fellow nerms, May I ask a question please? Does anybody know what this might be? And more importantly if it's anything to be concerned about? S/he seems fine, hanging out with the 24 other buddies none of whom have the dark line. Eats fine from what I can see, though can be tricky to be certain since it's a bit of a feeding frenzy. Defo seen her/him eat something though as I do look out special, since this one is distinctive and I've been concerned. Doesn't seem to be getting blacker or bigger. I first noticed it about 3-4 weeks ago. Last addition to tank was 3 additional panda Cory's 3 months ago to 6 that were already in the tank. (They were quarantined first, but without meds since I'm in UK) Last death was before that, and I believe from old age. Tank been set up for 3.5 years, not totally sure of age of tetras as some bred in the tank but think max is 2 years. In addition to the tetras, and cory's there are also some Otto's in the tank. pH 8 - which I know is a bit high for tetras but stable at that for years and I figure stable better than trying to change and causing it to swing. Nitrite 0 (Out of test for ammonia atm but tank usually very stable and never been above 0.1ppm) Nitrates kept at 20-40ppm. Admittedly closer to 40 right now but we're supposed to be watching water usage for last 2 months so tank been on reduced water changes, but check weekly and as it creeps to 40 I do a change till its back under control. Fed a variety, main staple is fluval bugbites micro pellets, but mix it up with brine shrimp, vibrabites, krill flakes etc. Also sinking pellets, bloodworms, black worms and freeze dried tubiflex worms (their mainly for the corey's but tetras have a munch too as it sinks) and repashi community with added spiralina mainly with the Otto's in mind, but again, all happy to pile in. Rightly or wrongly, I'm not overly worried as seems to be happy enough and wouldn't want to stress them out by putting on own in quarantine tank, however, main concern is it's something that could pass on to others in the tank. Much thanks for reading to the end of this post, and especially if you can shed any light 🙂
  4. Anyone have experience/opinions on which is easier to keep? Also if one is more peaceful with inverts like shrimp and mystery snails
  5. I picked up a group of 8 Embers on Monday - right away there was one that was kind of off on his own and never really came out and seemed to kind of hide on the bottom of the tank...he did swim around normally, there doesn't seem to be any outward signs of illness...today I came home from work and found him stuck to the sponge filter, I thought he was dead - well, I moved the filter and he swam off. He seemed kind of pale and I wasn't sure if he was sick or what was going on...luckily my quarantine tank was already set up and cycled so I scooped him out and put him in there (tested again just now and all good, 0 Ammonia, 0 Nitrite, 5 Nitrate). He seems to be still a little pale and is still kind of hiding in the quarantine tank (QT is 10, main is 29). My thought is that he may just be too small for the bigger tank - he is definitely smaller than the rest (who are all pretty small, so that is saying something). I am planning on getting another 7-9 Embers this weekend, so my question is...should I try to find a few more little ones to put in the QT with him so he's not alone (truly don't think he is sick, I'm not sure he's gotten much to eat though) or should I just leave him alone and let him grow a little and then try to reintroduce him to the bigger tank? any other suggestions on what to do? the other 7 all seem to explore and swim around the tank fine, so my only guess is his size and maybe just fear?
  6. So, I just added my first group of fish to my tank today - 8 ember tetras...they have been in the tank for a couple of hours and so far seem ok...they hung out in the rotala for a while but, seem to be swimming around a little more now (but, mostly all on one side of the tank). My biggest "fear" is that one of them is hiding on the substrate on the opposite side of the tank from the other 7...when exactly should I start to get concerned? I did turn the light off and am not planning on feeding until tomorrow... I do have a quarantine tank if needed, but since these are the first fish I put them straight into the display tank... Any thoughts/ideas/reassuring advise would be greatly appreciated...first tank I have set up in ~15 years Thanks!
  7. Two weeks ago I added 6 ember tetras to my tank, they are hard to find in my area so 3 came from one store, 3 from another a few days later. I stupidly skipped quarantine and added them to my 10 gal established shrimp tank (I know it was stupid to skip quarantine... I'm paying for it now.) A few days later I noticed a tiny white spot on one of the fish, and pulled all 6 out for quarantine. I didn't have ich-x on hand (mistake #2) so I used a "highly recommended" medication from a local aquarium store. Fish were almost better by day 3 of treatment, and then day 5 ich re-exploded in the quarantine tank. (Was doing daily 30-50% water changes, quarantine tank is bare bottom, vac bottom with water changes) temp in quarantine was 78 degrees, no ammonia/nitrites or nitrates. Water parameters in shrimp tank are on point and shrimp are still thriving... definitely came from the second store as their entire fish section is currently shut down (I called but they wouldn't tell me what the fish are sick with) I used the other brand of ich medication for a few more days before my ich-x arrived (6 days other brand in total). Changed 2 days ago to ich-x and increased temp to 82 and this morning one of my tetras had very large spots compared to the small ich size. (Visible on photo on head). 3 of the tetras have no visible ich, and have never had spots that I have noticed. The other 3 are heavily spotted. It's weird to me that 3 are sick while 3 are not if it is ich, and these larger spots also make me wonder. But they have lasted for a total of 8 days thus far so whatever it is isn't a fast killer. Should I keep treating with ich-x? or should I add in maracyn and paracleanse and then not be able to perform water changes daily? Thank you anyone for help. Sorry this is so long of a post I tried to include all relevant info. Also its very hard to get a decent photo of them...
  8. When I started my fifteen gallon tank, I decided to do a fish-in cycle. I couldn't source enough lava rock, so I only planted on one side. With the half-planted tank, I let it run for a month before adding my first five ember tetras. Of course, they were watched, like a hawk, and water was tested daily. After a week, four more were added. I floated the bag of new fish and did something else, for a while. When I went back, to add tank water to the bag, I found both groups of fish with their noses pressed against the plastic barrier. A week later, four more were added; with the same behavior shown. Next, came the three otocinclus. I acclimated them and released them into the tank. The little embers swam with the otos, from the very beginning. They were welcomed without any fuss; even though they were much larger. Then, I added five shrimp. When they were released, the embers all ran and hid. It took them two or three days to get over their fear of the strange, scary monsters. Lots of fun!
  9. Saw a ton of scuds yesterday. Put this beautiful guy in yesterday to go hunting......haven't seen a scud yet today. I know that he won't get them all but hopefully will keep under control until the ember tetras going in here are out of quarantine and then he will move to the 20 long
  10. I’ve had larger fish with ich, so it was easier to tell that it was ich. But my ember tetras are so small and have larger white spots on 2 out of 10 of their heads. Is this ich? Do I go ahead and treat it? Just making sure before I put the Aquarium Salt in. I had a really tough time getting good photos, sorry. 10gallon, 74 degrees, frog bit and pearl weed up top, feeding 3x per week frozen foods, 1 beta fish and 10 ember tetras. Tank is like 4 months old. Should I change the water less? I’m currently changing it 1x per week with 30% water change plus gravel vac. Am I stressing my fish out too much with too frequent water changes? Maybe go down to 1 water change every 2 weeks?
  11. Hi there, I'm new to the forum but I've been following the YouTube for a while now. Recently I set up a Walstad style bowl with red cherry shrimp and they have recently bred. It's set me on a shrimp kick and made me want to turn my 29G into a shrimp tank. At the moment I have just a community with some 3 Vampire shrimp and 4 amanos, with ember tetras, cardinal tetras, platies, corys, stiphodon gobies and hillstream loaches. I've had my community tank set up for a few years now and would like to change it up a bit. However, I really would like to keep my hillstream loaches, stiphodon gobies and ember tetras. From what I've heard, hillstream loaches are pretty safe. I'm not worried about getting a 100% shrimplet survival rate at all, but shrimp are super expensive over here (like £6 a pop ≈ $8.32) and I would be really interested in seeing some babies make it. Believe it or not I used to have 6 dwarf chain loaches with adult cherries, and they never bothered them, then when I pulled out a huge clump of Pogostemon Stellatus Octopus, there were probably about 10 juvenile cherries that had made it! So, what's your opinion on Stiphodon Gobies, Hillstream Loaches, and Ember Tetras with dwarf shrimp? My tank is always full of plants and there will be loads of cover, my gobies and loaches stick to surfing on the back wall and scouring rocks for biofilm, I've never seen them actually venture into the masses of plants so I think they'd be plenty of cover for the baby shrimp. Right now they don't even acknowledge the amanos's existence so I'm sure they'd leave the adult cherries alone. Thanks in advance! Jake
  12. Not sure if my Amber Tetra is pregnant and if so what should I do cuz I have predators in my tank and I only have a another tank that a 2.6 gal with shrimp in it and they are breeding currently. I also don't have to space to get another tank unfortunately.
  13. https://files.fm/u/d2sx466sd Just got them today. Should I be worried about his dark abdomen. He's the only one that hasn't colored up and he's larger than the rest of them. He wasn't bagged a long time I presume because the store is not far from my home. Thanks in advance.😀
  14. Hey everyone, I was just wondering if there is any way to make my group of 10 Ember Tetras come out from hiding. I have added Corys to the tank, but they're still acting scared/shy. The tank also has Shrimp, some snails as well as the Tetras and Corys. I realize they may need more dither fish to come out, but the tank is only a 10 gallon. Please help. Thank you!
  15. This was a tank i setup from late 2019 from an old jewelry case my mom had lying around, originally it was a 8ish gallon shrimp tank but it picked up other inhabitants along the way. Now the inhabitants include: Hundreds of cherry shrimp 8 briggitae (chilli) rasbora 5 adult ember tetra( freebie from the chilli rasbora purchase) 7 pygmy cory A handfull of pest snails and some rabbit snail. A few mjnth ago i started noticing ember tetra fry, and because i started feeding heavily most has grown to adult size. The problem i want to ask is will the population going to control itself or am i looking at the slowest trainwreck happening?. There are now at least an additiinal 4 juvebile ember tetra and another 6 fry under the pelia moss. I am certain i have adequate chemical filtration but ive never bred tetras before, are they gonna chocke my tank? T tank has an 1.5 inch gravel substrate with another 2-5 mm thick mulm layer on top filled with wiggly tubifex worms. Filtration is a hang on back with a giant pothos growing from it that needs trimming every week. I also added an airstone just in case it helps. Thanks for any advice/suggestion.
  16. My baby Ember tetra was struggling to get to the bottom of the tank yesterday, which is where he eats. I searched for info on here and elsewhere and didn't really get good information on what to do. I am assuming he has developed a swim bladder problem somehow. I put the little guy in two cups of tank water with a teaspoon of Epsom salt for twenty minutes. Does anyone have a definite ratio and protocol for such issues? I kept telling myself not to overreact, because it's possible to inadvertently do harm in "treating" a fish. I don't want to bludgeon this fish with care.
  17. I have a 75 gallon heavier planted tank with a school of cardinal tetras and a school of ember tetras. Is there any type of “bigger” fish I can put with them that won’t eat them like angels, rainbows etc.. I also have a few shrimp in the tank and this will be harder I’m imagining but maybe something that won’t eat shrimp as well .
  18. My 1.5yo Ember Tetra suddenly swam around the tank erratically, I believe hitting driftwood and gravel. I accidentally bumped the tank I recently had to place on my desk and I feel terrible for stressing it out like that. I have done some research, and I am not sure if my fish may have just been injured from acute stress by swimming like that, or if it now has developed a columnaris infection and needs to be removed / euthanized. Unfortunately I do not have a hospital tank now since I am away for college with just my two small tanks. I also do not have a water testing kit, I do weekly 20% water changes, dose with Easy Green 1x weekly, and have plenty of live plants. I have had this tank established since February of last year without any issues, and I have a healthy breeding neocardia colony. Please help - what should I do now? Do you think this is columnaris or another infection, or that it will heal on its own? If there is a shrimp and plant safe medication I could use, what would you recommend? https://pasteboard.co/JQ5eqwA.jpg
  19. I am setting up my sons guppy tank and he’s suddenly taken an interest in my Ember tetras in the display tank I keep in our living room. I’m happy to take them out and put them in his tank (just allows me to put a bigger group of green neons or was considering cardinals) but there’s conflicting info on guppies and tetras. There are 10 embers, plan was 2 trios of guppies and a group of dwarf corys in a 20 g H.
  20. I have 5 emerald green Cory’s in a 75 gallon with 24 ember tetras. It’s hard to try to count them all but I looks like I could be short some and haven’t found dead bodies. Other tank mates are cardinal tetras, swabwa barb,kubotai rasboras, green fire tetras, Siamese algae eater and bristlenose plecos. It’s entirely possible they are in there, my tank is heavily planted but would Cory’s eat them?
  21. So, every time I try to do a water change, my ember tetras swarm the siphon tube. I'm forever trying to dodge them. Today, I used the coarse sponge pad from Aquarium Co op and stuffed it in the siphon tube. I like it better than a media sock or nylon. They are too fine. It worked great! No more water slides 💦 for my little fishies. I'm not having fun unless my sleeves are wet.
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