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  1. Is there anything I need to know? I have a 60 gal tank with gravel and artificial plants-I have about 8 really hardy fish-they've been through a lot-2 Rainbowfish, 3 tetras, 2 rasboras and a pleco.. I want to kick it up a notch. I just bought a beautiful piece of manzanita that will stretch about 2/3 of the way across the aquarium (I covered it with boiling water and now it's soaking-it's in a clean big garbage can). I have collected up some nice rocks-I got some slate pieces from Amazon and some petrified wood and assorted other rocks from my dad's collection (the rocks have all been scrubbed with a brush and are soaking) I'll check the rocks with some vinegar before I actually use them. My plan is that next week I'll do my 20% water change and gently put the driftwood and a few rocks into the tank (the fish will still be in it), add water to the top and see how it goes. A week or so after that, I'll order some live plants and add them. Is my timeline OK? I don't want to stress the fish out any more than I need to. Any suggestions are appreciated.
  2. I have a 60 gallon moderately planted tank with moderate light (fluval aquasky2.0) its been established now for over 2 years with most of the fish being in there for that time. i currently have 1 rainbow shark was 8, now 6 tiger barbs 6 neon tetras 8 danios was 4 now 2 otto cats 1 nerite snail I recently tried to add 6 khuli loaches to the tank but they all died most likely due to the tiger barbs. When i took them back to pet supplies plus to get a water test the lady there told me i needed to increase my PH and get some API ammolock. at the time my ammonia was around .5 to 1. So i got the ammo lock and in addition i got some seachem alkaline booster. I put a half dose of each in the tank. The night i put the ammo lock in the tank it got cloudy for a few hours then seemed fine. The alkaline booster arrived a few days later so i added it then. Now my ammonia levels are off the charts. I have already done a 30% water change today but all my fish are surface swimming and i already lost 1 tiger barb. im in the process of doing another 50% water change and i will not be using the ammo lock or alkaline stuff until i can figure out what is going on. My normal ph has been in the range of 6.0 with a carbonate hardness of 0
  3. I finally got around to resealing my 60 gal hex and I'm pretty happy with the job I did. the vertical seams look great! and the bottom... well that gets covered with substrate haha. The next few things to think about are scape, stock and the possibility of leaving it rimless. I have top trim for it but kind of like the rimless look. I've never owned a rimless tank, are there any draw backs that I may not immediately thing about?. As for stock/scape, the dimensions are little odd for a hex. Its wider(27.5 in from face to face) then it is tall (22.5 in) (with 16 in faces). This gives me a large foot print with 55 gal height but 20 long length. I was thinking angel community but would love to hear other ideas. I am a total novice when it comes to scaping. I have seen some pretty amazing looking tanks using the "island" style. I'm imagining something with sand up front, transitioning into a built up kind of forest look. viewable from 4 of 6 sides. My wallet hurts just thinking about it (granted I have an endless supply of bronze crypts from my dirted 20 long). I definitely want to do plants, but I'm a DIY light kind of guy and I like to keep things low tech (i hear C02 is expensive up front). in conclusion, I'm super excited about this tank as I think it could be something beautiful and unique! but I would love to hear stocking ideas and see some of your low tech scapes and hopefully find some inspiration! (the above pic is not the final location of the tank) Thanks!!
  4. I just “inherited” this gorgeous 3 year old cichlid tank this past week. Everyone transferred well and the tank is settling. While I was putting the hang on back filter back together I noticed a tiny piece of plastic (that holds the intake rod in) was broken. It’s hanging on still but I’m concerned that when I go to clean it it will fall apart. SO, being a huge Aquarium CoOp fan, I ordered two large sponge filters to replace the hob. My question is, would you make this change? Should I go ahead and order another hob so that there are no more big changes for these fish? I currently have the Aqueon Quiet Flow 75. I like the reviews for the Aqua Clear 60-110 hob.
  5. I have a 60 gallon with one bristle nose pleco but he is lazy and doesn't eat any algae. I am curious if I put 4-5 ottos and 4-5 Corys in there if they can all get enough to eat.
  6. I know this question has been asked 1,000 times so I apologize in advance, I just wanted to hear some opinions from like minded nerms. I have a 60 Gallon Tall (which is a weird tank, but I got a good deal on it) with 1 Angel, 1 White Skirt Tetra, and 1 Glofish Tetra. I have another Angel and Oto-cat in a QT Tank that I plan on adding eventually. My Tetras are pretty territorial and skidish. So I wanted to add more to make them more comfortable. How many more white skirts and glo tetras could I add to make them shoal together while keeping the tank slightly understocked (less frequent water changes)? I'm trying to keep the tank understocked because I have to get my water from the town over. The reason being.. my tap has a pH of 9 and a KH of 10 so its really hard to adjust/ I don't want to chase pH/ my fish are used to the other towns water. I've done a ton of research to find a better way but this is the only way that's affordable at the moment. Thank you for your time! (Sorry for the bad formatting, I'm on mobile)
  7. What recommendations people have for 60gallon only planted Catfish tank
  8. I've got a new 60 gallon and I'm looking for ideas on what to put in it with the Opaline Gourami I'm going to start with. This will be a planted tank but still waiting on elements to arrive before I can get her going. All input welcome. Thanks in advance!
  9. I have MTS pretty bad. I noticed at petsmart they are having a sale on a tank/stand ensemble for $200 https://www.petsmart.com/fish/tanks-aquariums-and-nets/aquariums/marineland-modern-led-aquarium-and-stand-ensemble-60-gallon-34998.html?cgid=300129 Does anyone have any experience with this brand or even this tank specifically? I have a hard time getting past negative reviews but I don't know if the negative reviews are written by people who didn't do things right, like not making sure their tank is level.
  10. I have a 1 year old 60 gallon canister filter tank. I would say it's moderately planted. This is the current population: 8 tiger barbs 1 rainbow shark 2 dwarf gourami 8 neon tetras 8 unknown danios, forgot what they were when I got them. Around 25 to 50 ramshorn snails. I recently bought some assassin snails to try and curb this. This has been a constant war. Started with 2 a year ago. I used to have cherry shrimp in my old tank but I know the barbs will eat them. Are there any shrimp,crabs, crawfish ect that would be able to live in this setup? I miss the little critters in my new tank. And it would be nice to only have to scrape the glass twice a month instead of weekly
  11. I started this tank over a month ago and can’t get anything to grow. the water test say ph 7.4 ish hardness and kh are ok i have a small stock of fish in the tank 12 black neons, 1 pearl gourami, 2 molly, 2 Cory cats and a Chinese algae eater. tank light is a fluval plant 3.0 im doing 25% water change weekly with ro water. Then add some sea chem flourish only 2ml per gallon tank will do nothing....
  12. Good evening everyone! I'm a somewhat new somewhat returning fishkeeper, and its nice to meet you all! Growing up, my mother used to breed freshwater Angelfish and it kind of got me into the hobby while I was young, but I ended up being unable to keep any fish in our house for many years after we moved until recently. I'm currently running a 60gal, a 20tall, and a 10 quarantine while my 30 long cycles. In reference to the title, I keep mainly cichlids, although I do have a few other species as well. My current tanks are stocked with the following totals: 6 Adult Freshwater Angels: 2 Marble, 1 Gold marble, 2 Blushing Koi, 1 Silver 2 Adult Corydoras: Emerald Green 5 Adult Male Gourami: 3 Flame, 2 Powder Blue Quarantine: 3 Baby Honey Gourami, 4 Baby Emerald Corydora, 4 Baby Angelfish of unknown color, 4 Oto cats. As you can see I'm very fond of cichlids and I have a raging love for Gourami. My eventual dream tank is a 80gal cube for a clownfish reef aquarium, and a 120gal Tall Freshwater to keep Discus gourami and Angels. These are long term projects that will happen over time. I've currently got an additional 20tall and 10 gallon I have yet to set up, because I'm waiting for my air pump to arrive. I'm an avid forum lurker, and all together I have around 3 years of Angelfish experience and around 2 1/2 years of general aquatic experience. I also currently keep two large Green Iguanas, and plan on adding some gekos in the future. If you have any questions pertaining to the ocean I'm your gal, and I'll do my best to help where I Can!
  13. I just converted my 60 gallon aquarium over from fake plants to live plants of the plants start to melt back will it cause a ammonia spike my other tanks I started them off with plants before adding fish I am just a little worried
  14. I am interested in an actual fish count with Shrimp or Corey Doras as cleaners. Like stated in subj. I think cleaning shall be good of water and I only now have 1 calm angel in tank. I will be doing a water tank change when I change from current filter 70 gallon marineland to emp. 450120G, But it seems like when I cycle tank 10 days+ and test water @ local store they say fine, but almost all new fish perish. Had one tiger tetra survive out of 6, so what am I doing wrong? I would like to add some Corey Doras and others but, paying 50.00 for shipping is a lost cause if my tank is toxic. I don not trust local stores and the ONLY Aq. store near me has only one level to keep fish in and they only carry 60-80 fresh water fish. No thanks. Any help is appreciated before I give up on entire hobby!
  15. Hello -- My name is Larry Little; I'm a 65-year-old "Old-School" aquarium keeper. My mom was in the hobby from her childhood and I don't remember a time without at least one tank going. In 1980, I wrote my Master's Paper on maintenance and display techniques for both public and private aquariums. Looking back at it, I think it's "antiquated" (ahem). I currently have three tanks in operation. My 60-gallon is my tetra tank decorated with Arkansas hard limestone and driftwood. It contains 6 Colombian bue and red tetras plus small schools of orange flame tetras, serpae tetras, and Bloodfinsi. I also have 2 different Plecostomus, 2 Otocinclus, and 2 Sterbae cories. I have it planted with Vallisneria spiralis and several Crypt. species. The tank has been operating for 2+ years. My 40-gallon tank is somewhat similarly decorated except for replacing the limestone with large (potatoto butternut squash sized) river rocks. I have one gorgeous (but lonely) blue ram, 4 small angelfish (just added), a school of glowlight tetras, 2 Otocinclus, and one clown plecostomus. I redid this tank about 6 months ago after repairing a leak. The same vallisneria and crypts are joined by Java ferns. My last tank is my desk tank decorated similarly to my 40. It's my "odd" tank I built in College; its dimensions are 48"L x 6"W x 12"H., containing roughly 15 gallons. It contains sparkling gouramis, pygmy cories, and two species of shrimp. This tank is pretty much all vallisneria. Two of my tanks have developed growths of filamentous algae which I control by manually removing every couple of weeks, As long as I keep it controlled, I really don't mind it too much as it's a good oxygenator. Oh, I almost forgot: I also have a pair of Amazon redfoot tortoises. I've had my male for about 35 years since about a week after he hatched. My female came to me as an adult about 10 years ago. Rounding things out are 2 cats, two dogs, and best of all, one very patient wife. I'll wait until later to get on other forums to ask questions (just typing this has taken me about 45 minutes). Bye for now, Larry
  16. Here is Part 3 of my latest 60 gallon project. For anyone who is interested take a look at Part 1, 2, and an idea/feedback thread for everything before this. Part 1 , Part 2 Idea/feedback So once I got most of the large pieces of hardscape done I filled the tank with water. This is for several reasons, first I wanted to make sure none of the wood was going to move, I knew it still wanted to float, so this was a little bit of a test run. Next this also let me soak the wood a little more to get some of the tannins out. Lastly it also me see what some of the rocks and wood looked like underwater, something that is difficult to do when everything is dry. Ignore that piece that is floating in the right corner, it is a piece that is soaking for something else and I was just make use of the water in the tank. I also used Plasti Dip on the filter tubes and such. This should let them blend in a little more, plus the old ones were good, just discolored a bit. I also ordered a large Pre Filter Sponge from Aquarium Co Op to throw in the intake. This morning I drained the tank. You can see the discoloration after only a few days of soaking. started using some black substrate I had for a few areas that I did not think would be seen at all. I figured this would save on the other substrate since since I was not sure how much I was going to use. Note all the extra stones on the floor. I have a ton of stuff my wife is ready for me to get out of her kitchen, so I have been a little "motivated" to get this project moving. Here is a close up of the right corner. I did the whole tank this way before putting down the sand and other misc. small rocks. This is a picture of me getting the sand down. Ignore the light placement, they were there so I would stop hitting them with my arm while putting the substrate. I got a little further after this picture was taken, but I need to wait on the plants before I go any further. I placed an order from two places (One being aquarium Co Op) last night. Also, all the sand and smaller rocks you see I went and got myself. It took a little bit of hiking and exploring around the local streams, I almost drowned one time when I fell into the water and got swept down river (I may make a post about that in more detail later), but over all because so many items on this project were either found or refurbished, it has made this project really enjoyable. A special thanks to @Daniel for his positive words and suggestions, and also special thank you to @Jessica.for her photo editing to help me imagine better placement of the hardscape.
  17. Howdy fellow fishkeepers. I got started about a year ago when the wife let the granddaughter pick out 2 fish and a small cube tank at our local Meijer. Well-- then😬 I had to figure out how to keep them alive. After a few mistakes, I finally found some great online content - especially Cory and Aquarium Co-Op. Now 1 year later we are up to a 60 gal and loving it(Wife included - LOL) As you can tell, we have a clash in decor(some glo items for the wife; and some more natural-ish decor for me), but we enjoy working on it together and the Granddaughter loves all the fish and helping to feed and clean. We currently have 7 Platy, 5 Danio(glo), 7 Tetra(5 glo, 1 White Skirt, and a Serpae), 4 Corys(2 Emerald, 2 Albino), and a Bristlenose Pleco. Possible adds in the future include a group of Cherry Barbs and maybe a Dwarf Gourami. I'd also like some Neon or Cardinal Tetras, but not sure how they'd assimilate with the Gourami. Ohio Pappy Ron
  18. I have a reoccurring issue with a black moldy looking crud that continues to show up on my white sand. At first, back in April, I blamed it on some API root tabs that I used on some Vallisneria that I had just planted. Now, I’m not sure if it was the cause or not. The picture doesn’t really show it as vividly as live. I starts out looking like maybe some charcoal dust got sprinkled around. After a week or so, it will form patches that when vacuumed up look like a loose film that only breaks apart in pieces. I started this tank back in March and because of COVID didn’t get fish until August. Before adding the fish I did treat the tank with Chemiclean with no positive results. Vacuuming it seems to be the only cure (haven’t tried anything else). It always comes back after a few weeks. This is a fully cycled 60 Gal tank with more than enough filter for the 7 small Brichardi and 6 mystery snails that inhabit it. All perimeters are 0 except Nitrates which stay around 20ppm.
  19. Hi my name is Robert I’ve been in the fish hobby for about 4 years now. I’m new to fish forums this is my first time. I’m a big fan of Cory on YouTube so I thought I would join his forum to. Right now I currently have 2 aquariums a 60 and 20 gallon. I plan on getting more tanks in the future but right now not enough room small house lol.
  20. Here is Part 2 of my latest 60 gallon project. For anyone who is interested take a look at Part 1 for everything before this. Part 1 So I really wanted to do a 3D background, but there were several things that I was just not going to be able to overcome without spending a bunch of money. So I decided to paint the back of the tank a gloss black. One thing I learned is that I should have followed the directions and waited 24 hours between coats, otherwise the paint does orange peel. Oh well, I'll be able to hide those problem areas. Next was the hardscape. I am going with a river/steam theme. Finding the rocks I wanted was difficult despite searching several different "free" places, so I had to go to the local landscape supply and select some river rock. I picked out a few hundred pounds, but in the end only used about 1/4 of that. I knew that would be the case but I wanted a variety to work with once I got home and could see it with the lighting. Then today I went to find some driftwood. I ended up finding some really great pieces, but there was no way to fit it all into the tank. Again, I like having more than I need so I can play around to find the right piece. After I got everything in its place with the help of a good friend (it took several hours of moving, debating, arguing, and moving again), I had to soak the driftwood. So I took a ton of pictures, pulled the wood out and have it soaking. So now I am at a work stoppage until the wood soaks long enough not to float, plus we have this new storm coming into the Gulf, and currently my house is in its crosshairs, plus my job keeps me busy during these storms. On a side note, I have a bunch of left over stones and driftwood if anyone is nearby and interested in buying/trading any.
  21. Hey all..real quick(ish) question - I had a 10 gallon tank which I am currently keeping tadpoles in as they grow out. In my 60 gallon tank, I have an abundant amount of male endlers from the last two Broods.. so I want to separate some of them and take some of the males out but the only other place I can put them currently is possibly in the 10 gallon with the tadpoles. The question is can I do this?
  22. HI everyone! New guy here from Alabama. I never knew this forum existed until the yesterday when I was listening to Cory's live stream from the other day. I have always had tanks in my life ever since I was a young kid. As an adult I have always had tanks until a few years ago when we had to give up our 55 gallon because of a move. We purchased a new home last year and now we can fit tanks again, but we have been busy with the home. Then earlier this year my son really wanted a small tank for his birthday, and then I put together a slightly larger tank for the corner in our living room. Then the other day I was able to score a 60 gallon, so I have been tackling that project.
  23. Hello everyone! How's your day going? I just joined and I'm ecstatic to find a good forum. I hate everything about Facebook so this place is a perfect fit. I'm looking forward to learning, sharing, and having fish fueled conversations with all of you! I'm pretty new to the hobby. My Girlfriend moved in a few months back with a 10 gallon tank and I feel in love with her fish. The tank is quite overstocked in my opinion.. 1 Angel, 2 Glofish Tetras, & 1 African Dwarf Frog. So we bought a used 60 gallon tall tank to give them plenty of room. Sadly the stand that came with it isn't true to the tank so we're getting some cinder blocks and 2x4's to set it up for leak testing. If we have enough patience, we're going to build the classic "Youtube Stand". If not, we'll do the basic cinder block/2x4 stand. If anyone has any tips for aquarium stands feel free to contact me. I'm always down to learn more. Thanks for reading! Have a great rest of your day, night, evening, or whatever it is where you're at! (PS: I was going to upload more pictures of the 10 & 60 gallon but I'm restricted by file size)
  24. Hey everyone! Have a 60 gallon planted aquarium. About 3 months old. Going for a community/live bearer tank. Have some endlers with a handful of fry, green neon tetras, ember tetras, long fin white clouds, a few otocinclus and a couple Amano shrimp. Really excited to see these endlers keep breeding and see what I get! id love to be able to keep some cherry shrimp in this bunch also. Think I need more hiding places first. Feel free to reach out!
  25. 🙋‍♂️ Hello from Edmond Oklahoma. Like a lot of people, it seems, I am getting back in aquariums and fish keeping. I started a long time ago in the old metal frame tank days("frameless" tanks were too new and fancy for us poor students) when I was in college and dropped out of the hobby in the 90's when two teenagers and a heavy work load took precedence. My main interests are bass fishing and boating and Sooner football and Thunder basketball...and now this. This past January, I inherited my daughter's 60 gallon tanks and whole 9 yards when she got too much going on. I decided to retire in March when the pandemic struck. The aquarium has been a good source of activity ever since. While quarantined, I cycled the tank and kept it cycled with Dr. Tims, with Amazon being my main source of supplies. Along the way I acquired some Vallisneria and some snails to help with the new tank Diatom bloom. Still no fish until late August when, after watching every fish profile on You Tube, I decided on starting a N. Brichardi colony. I ordered 8 juvies from a LFS in Norman and all but one or maybe two are doing great. I have also started a Winlove Java Fern that I got from the Co Op here and have another order of Java Fern and other stuff on it's way now. I look forward to getting to know everyone, I have many questions that I am anxious to post..................So YEAH. 😃
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