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  1. Thanks for suggestions. I'm giving the classic med trio a shot. Partially through it now. I'll update if the spot changes.
  2. Have had this betta in a 6 gallon planted tank for a few months. The mark on his head is noticeable and has me worried. Water parameters are great and it doesn't share the tank with anything except a couple snails. It seems to be behaving normally and eating immediately when fed. Still flares just fine at a mirror which I only use every few days for a minute. Fins all look good. It's a giant betta. Only weirdness in the tank is a consistent hair algae problem that I'm working on. Thoughts? Treatments? Thanks so much
  3. The moment of stream-death for your memeification.
  4. Flooded my dry-start yesterday. I didn't wait until everything spread extensively. I really just wanted to get the plants rooted and growing. This is going to be a betta tank. It's a Landen 7.1 gallon, seasoned filter, CO2, ADA soil, seryu stone. After one night, have no ammonia, 0.1 ppm nitrite, 10 ppm nitrate. Will change water every day for a week. Every other for a week, then weekly if all is good. The CO2 level is intentionally a little bit "too high" for a while to help the plants transition. Plants: Dwarf hair grass (Eleocharis belem) Mini Pellia / Coral moss (Riccardia chamedryfolia) Phoenix Moss (Fissidens fontanus) Alternanthera Reineckii Mini Downoi (Pogostemon Helferi) Shoreweed (Littorella Uniflora) Bucephalandra Red Mini
  5. No, they seem harmless to me. Haven't ever seen them attacking fish/snails/shrimp. They just hang out in the substrate and occasionally pop out for a swim. Creepy? Yes. Dangerous? No. I occasionally put a trap in the tank if I get tired of seeing them in the substrate. You can use those glass planaria traps if you don't mind catching some tiny snails too. I doubt that you'd end the infestation, but you can decrease the numbers if you want.
  6. Mine was also a 20L. Fluval 3. Had the lighting at 50%, but it was a lot of hours of lighting. I cut it down to about 6-8 total hours. 2 of those hours were ramps. I trimmed out the worst of the staghorn, and the rest receded very fast. I was surprised how fast it dropped to a minimal level... which is fine by me.
  7. New year, new tank. Today's project. Also put CO2 in both my tanks!! woot! Never tried CO2 soooo, here we go!
  8. This worked! Thank you. Dropped the lighting down and kept treating and the staghorn is very quickly receding. Less grass growth, but stem plants are thriving.
  9. Thank you both. Is less light each day generally better for getting rid of this stuff in planted tanks?
  10. I'm working on a new tank. I've got plants ready, but I'm going to move some cuttings from my other tank because it has so much java moss and hydrocotyle tripartita. That tank has a staghorn issue that I'm battling. How can I move the plants without the chance of transferring the staghorn with them? I can pick and choose easily, but tiny bits are all you need. Also if anyone has advice about dealing with staghorn... the tank is well planted. No CO2. I'm dosing easy green. No more iron in case that's making things worse. I've been trying to fight the staghorn with Easy Carbon (shooting it right on the algae, 1ml/10gal) and aggressive trimming. ...It's still growing and it's getting a bit frustrating. Advice appreciated. Can you up the dose of easy carbon? Should I stop the easy green? Thanks!
  11. You can use any brand of cyanoacrylate gel glue really. It cures very fast, so no real wait until it can go in the tank. Minutes. I have large gravel like that. It's not super easy to get some plants to stay sometimes, but it's really a minor inconvenience. They'll stay fine, like lefty said. Don't go yanking on them though. They'll come right out. You could weight the roots if it becomes an issue. And you can also glue the java moss to it if you want the cool effect that causes.
  12. First tank after 20 year hiatus. Really starting to like how it looks. Shrimp still won't mate, but meh. Fist plants, first fish: One months later, below... I gave the Zebras away (too feisty for my shrimp), lost the penguins to a really fast-acting disease, added some plants, new light, lots of tiny fish (embers, albino cardinals, celestial pearls), One more month... more plants, lots of growth. Shrimp have grown. Pond snails, scuds, and a couple leeches have moved in because noob ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. ...Going to trap the leeches. Snails and scuds are welcome. (Use some easy green, root tabs, no CO2)
  13. Autodesk Inventor. I'm not in love with it, but I have an Autodesk license and haven't really tried much else. (The screenshot is just from MeshLab, because it opens faster.)
  14. Working on a corner filter. The pics below are of the version 2 model and version 1's actual working print. Air stone powers the flow up the tube in the back and out the outlet. This pulls water in through the grid at the surface and down through the filter media. There's one inch of depth so it fits cut sponge, two layers of filter floss, and a bag of bio-media. It moves 22.5 gal/hr with the air stone on high using one of the pumps sold on this site... which is a little low even for a 10 gallon tank, but I might give it a go anyway. If I raise the waterline above the outlet, that might improve, but I won't have any way of knowing or measuring it. Have to print it in halves because it's just too tall for my printer. It's otherwise designed to print easily without support. you can use cyanoacrylate gel glue with baking soda to glue the two halves together air-tight (just don't screw up because it cures fast and permanently). I use t-glase filament because it's FDA approved non-toxic and doesn't absorb water or get brittle. Thinking of going with black for the second prototype since you can see through the clear t-glase... the sponge is too noticeable. If you want to give it a shot, I can send the files. It's not ready to go on Thingiverse. I'm super open to improvement ideas. This is really for fun and learning CAD a little better.
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