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Found 11 results

  1. Have had this betta in a 6 gallon planted tank for a few months. The mark on his head is noticeable and has me worried. Water parameters are great and it doesn't share the tank with anything except a couple snails. It seems to be behaving normally and eating immediately when fed. Still flares just fine at a mirror which I only use every few days for a minute. Fins all look good. It's a giant betta. Only weirdness in the tank is a consistent hair algae problem that I'm working on. Thoughts? Treatments? Thanks so much
  2. I just spotted divots today on my angelfish. They are only on one side of it's head, right behind it's eye. Is this Hole in the Head disease? It is eating and behaving normally.
  3. I literally just finished the first round of treatment with ParaCleanse, because that dish was hitting against surfaces when I just got her. This morning I wake up and it looks like she got the disease, and now I'm both confused and wondering what I should do. Do I still wait 2 weeks before I treat with ParaCleanse again, or do I treat again immediately? Water parameters: pH: 7-7.2 Ammonia, Nitrite: 0 Nitrate 10 Temp: 25C (78F) The last few days she was eating less pellets than I usually give her, but she is still eating the same amount of flakes I feed her without losing interest. I don't have a hospital tank, so I'd much rather treat with things that won't destroy my plants and shrimps. What should I do?
  4. Jaxsin

    Sick cichlid

    A neighbor stuck me with a cichlid because he knows that I have fish (I have goldfish) not knowing what would happen with her if I refused, I took her. She had been abused by her tank mates and was in pretty bad shape. I put her in a tank by herself and started my search for a permanent home for her. Got her set up in a 55 gallon. A couple weeks ago I notice a pimple like spot on her head. I researched and found it is hole in the head disease. I treated with paracleanse and after treatment did a 25% change. This morning she is bent at the bottom of the tank. I’m at a loss on what to do next. There is too much information on forums that it’s becoming confusing for me.
  5. So, one of my angelfish haven't been their normal selves recentley. I didn't really think much of it till today.... Today he refused to eat, all the other fish were going crazy for the food, but he just left it. He likes to hide in the Swords, but he isn't really that active. As metnioned today he didn't eat and he and long stringy white poop, sound like parasites... At first I thought to leave and if it got worse find some treatment. But... after doing a photo shoot with the other angel, I saw somerthing... UH-OH! It looks like MAYBEEE hole in the head, but I need someones confrimation. I live in Canada so I don't acess to meds like Paraclense. But I did see some Fritz Mardel Parasheild behind the counter at my LFS, maybe give that a try? als the Supertech 100% Natural Fish Health Remedy MIGHT be able to treat minor parasite infections. What are your thoughts? Let me know if the pictures loaded, I've been having trouble with that recentley. Anything helps guys, even encourgement.
  6. LiorM

    Zit ?

    My Geopagus has been getting for lack of a better word "Zits". it's not ich, there's always just one. I dont see any lesions and these come and go away. hole in the head ? when these zits go away they barely leave mark. it's an established tank, no bullying, no recent fish addition, in the past all fish were dewormed, I run plenty of filteration+ purigen. Any ideas on what these are and how to help these go away?
  7. What do you guys think, Hole in the head? Or maybe an injury from getting spooked. Because that has happened before
  8. Acoy797

    Oscar HITH

    I have had my Oscar for about 6 months now. He started off in a 20 gal as a baby with a severum but they started fighting and came down with a bad case of ICH. I separated them and treated and they were fine. I finally got my hands on a 55 gal but it also came with a 12 inch pleco. I put my Oscar in and he is now about 8 inches. I know I need to upgrade to bare minimum of 75 gal, but saving up money for that. In the meantime, my Oscar had a small hole in his head so I immediately started treating with maracyn and paracleanse and did 50% weekly water changes. He isn't getting better, in fact it has gotten worse in the last two months since I first noticed it. I think he and my pleco do not get along, as sometimes I will hear splashing from the other room. I have Fatty (my oscars name) now quarantined in a 10 gal so I can start a more targeted treatment, but I'm not sure what specific medicine I should be giving him. I am also looking and possibly rehoming his as I dont think I can put him back with the pleco without this reoccurring. Please help!!!
  9. I keep losing cichlids. The only groups I have doing well are wild caught or offspring born into my water from parents that spawned and died soon after. The latest issue to arise is my last angelfish has started showing what I believe to be beginnings of hole in the head disease. I have lost two angels already to severe tissue erosion on their heads and treatment with General Cure, salt and frequent water changes only seemed to drag out the inevitable. This angelfish had been through the rounds of GC previously because of its exposure to the other angels. It has been living in a 38 gallon tank with cardinal tetras. The tank was moved to a new location and rescaped recently but other than that things have been consistent. Temp 77 Nitrate 10-20ppm Nitrite 0 Ammonia 0 Gh/Kh 3/3 Weekly 25% water changes I'm wondering if my source for cichlids is the issue. Angles, Kribs from the same place have all had fell apart and passed within a year. Offspring of those fish are going strong, as are wild fish bought from same place. What to do? Is there a medicated food to try for hole in the head anyone suggests? Does this even look like hole in the head? thanks
  10. Kind of long but any help is greatly appreciated....🙏🏼 55 gallon Ammonia was .25-.5 and still is .25 Nitrite 0 Nitrate 5.0 Ph 7.4 I had an ammonia spike. (I’m doing water changes and have added prime) A couple weeks ago my canister filter started leaking. I had to use my hang on back filter until I received the part to fix my canister. Once the part came I hooked my canister back up but I think I lost some beneficial bacteria in the process even though I put my sponges in the hang on back filter and the rest of the media inside the aquarium. The hang on back filter was a topfin 60. It didn’t move my water as well and my water started to develop an odor which it never had before. I have added charcoal and I've done a water change yesterday and today. Today I used some stress coat and prime. Yesterday after the water change they all shed their slime coats. They were twitching and shaking their heads(today too after water change). Today I noticed the red streaks, shown in the pics with arrows, which weren’t visible before. The red streaks are in dorsal and anal fins of the 2 koi’s too. The angel in pics #4-6 is looking white on top it’s head. I circled those areas. The 2 koi’s fins have also started to look cloudy/milky when they were completely clear a couple days ago. They are still eating. Is this just ammonia causing all the issues or is there more I need to be treating?? Septicemia, Columnaris, HITH? What do I do to save my fish? 🥺 white areas circled- not fuzzy or cottony, doesn’t look dented or like a crater either...
  11. My female betta has what has become a massive growth. She had a small spot when I got her, but over the last month it has ballooned. Now that I'm closely watching her, I see small pits in her head that I can't tell if they are sensory pits or hole in the head. Then finally today I also noticed her eyes are and staring to be covered, I'm guessing from being a dragon scale? She is still eating, but isn't as active as she usually is. Should I move her out of her community tank? Any luck and treating her? No other in the tank fish seem sick, but I have a couple of juvenile plecos (2" or less) in there that are particularly special to me. FYI she isn't yellowing like the first picture may suggest! Thanks for your help! I'm afraid to post about sickness on other pages because no doubt I would be ripped apart 😞
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