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Found 22 results

  1. I got 5 guppies a few weeks ago, 3 females 2 males and added them to my 20 gallon planted aquarium. I think a couple of my female guppies are pregnant and I was wondering if I should move the females to a holding tank to give birth? if so should I have some sort of separation in that tank? Is there a certain time I should move the females? Are there any visual resources that show like the stages of guppy pregnancy? Is hikari first bites enough to raise guppy fry or do I need to order brine shrimp eggs from the Co-op? Thank you for all you help! Included photos of the possibly pregnant females together and then the males and other female in the tank.
  2. This is the best pic I could get as this is the first time I have seen it, but I have Panda Cories and Emerald Cories breeding freely in my tank and there is a fry that does not look like either species. I just seen this Cory with brown markings and IDK if there is a possibility that it could have come as an egg on a plant leaf or root or if it could be a hybrid of the 2 fish?? And if it is a hybrid could it breed with it's siblings it would it be infertile?? I would love to hear about hybridization of any other Cory species as well as I have just now found out that they can interbreed sometimes.
  3. I think I'm dealing with columnaris. As i live in Canada meds aren't an option. I have put 1Tbsp per 3 gallons of salt so far. I have only had it for 3 days so far but it seems to be spreading. another platy has white patch and seen guppies and a Synodontis Lucipinnis( some one really has to come up with a easier name for these) rubbing them self's against the substrate, this isn't happening very often maybe notice it once a day. All fish are active and eating well. I was wondering how long should i let it go before increasing the salt and is it even safe to do so with the Synodontis Lucipinnis, albino corys and snails to go to 2 Tbsp per fish. and if i do increase the salt could i move my plants to a different tank with out spreading it. I have Hornwort javafern and moneywort for plants. priorities are the Synodontis Lucipinnis since they cost about as much as the rest of my fish, then the rest of the fish and plants are dead last as they where only like 15 dollars so if its not 100% safe to move they are easy to replace.($10 to you guys) I am limited to Melafix, Pimafix , API® Liquid Super Ick Cure which from googling is not effective if its columnaris so salt seems to be the only option almost forgot water condition. I probably did have a ammonia spike as i removed half of my substrate then spread out the remainder this caused a lot of clouding once it settled i added a fine gravel substrate on top about 2 in thick. any ways when testing my water today Ph ~ 6.8 matching my tap water. ammonia > .2ppm Nitrite 0ppm and Nitrates ~ 40 ppm and tomorrow is my water change day was going to do 50% since missed last week and the nitrate lvl. any suggestions welcome and if the worst happens and i lose them all how should i clean the tank before restoking.
  4. Hi all and happy new year. Can anyone help identifying this plant? I just got it as a freebie with my susswastertang order and have no clue what it is 🙂.
  5. Hi I'm new to this forum and to aquariums. I have a 15 gallon high tank. It's been running for about 2 years. Lately my Cory catfish has been gulping air at the surface. So I figure I need to add an air stone. I just ordered a sponge filter and stone that should arrive in a few days. The tank has a hang on filter now. My question is should I run both filters or just the sponge filter? There's only 5 fish in the tank , swordfish, molly, tetra, peco and the cory. You're help is appreciated
  6. Water Parameters: pH -6.5 Nitrite - 0ppm Nitrate - 40ppm Hardness (GH) - 120ppm KH/Buffer - 0ppm Water Temperature - 76 F Ammonia - 0ppm My Dojo Loach has this strange red spot on his face. It has been there for a bit and just recently appears to have gotten larger. This morning I noticed that he starts to have small bumps on his body and small white dots. Sorry about the images, I know it is hard to see, but please can someone help me? I am new to fish keeping and really want to help him. Someone mentioned that it might be ich developing so I am going to go get some ich meds today after work. Is this what is happening?? How about the red spot on his face? Is the gravel scratching his face? Can it be heater burn? Please help me, I am so afraid for him T_T. Behavior wise, he is eating like normal and very active swimming all around the tank. Please let me know if you need any other information or images or anything. Also, sorry all the images are sideways, not sure how to get them to be the right orientation >_<
  7. When replying to a post, in the bottom left hand corner is a "Add Files" button. When I click it nothing happens. I use an android device, is anyone else having this issue? I see many photos being uploaded so I know its working for some... PS This button was working last week.
  8. I'm working on a new tank. I've got plants ready, but I'm going to move some cuttings from my other tank because it has so much java moss and hydrocotyle tripartita. That tank has a staghorn issue that I'm battling. How can I move the plants without the chance of transferring the staghorn with them? I can pick and choose easily, but tiny bits are all you need. Also if anyone has advice about dealing with staghorn... the tank is well planted. No CO2. I'm dosing easy green. No more iron in case that's making things worse. I've been trying to fight the staghorn with Easy Carbon (shooting it right on the algae, 1ml/10gal) and aggressive trimming. ...It's still growing and it's getting a bit frustrating. Advice appreciated. Can you up the dose of easy carbon? Should I stop the easy green? Thanks!
  9. I’m in the process of it, and I’m currently soaking my 24 hour bleached Purigen in 4 tablespoons of Prime and water. The instructions say to then soak it in a pH regulator for 4 hours before adding it back into the tank. I have one, but my pH is stable and slightly higher than 7. I’m worried that adding it back into the filter will cause my pH to crash. Has anyone had any experience with this?
  10. My water comes out of the tap at 7.2. The only thing I add to it before it goes in my tank is dechlorinator. Just regular bagged gravel from Lowe's as the substrate. I rinsed that extremely well before it went in the tank though. Why then in the tank is my water showing 8.8? This is a 10 gallon tank that has been set up for about 4 weeks now. There are some moss balls, a couple dwarf chain swords, 2 java ferns, and 2 dwarf Lilly bulbs. No fish. I do use seachem flourish in the recommended dosage once a week. Im not convinced the tank is cycled though. Ammonia 0 nitrite 0 nitrate 5. I want to eventually add cherry shrimp but at a ph of 8.8 plus I don't think I'll be able to do that. EDIT: I also use aquarium co op root tabs.
  11. So I received a mystery stem plant a few months back, it was suggested to be Limnophila sessiflora, but I think it's probably a Myriophyllum of some sort. Could be hornwort, but I think it's more frilly than hornwort I've seen. Anyone know what it is exactly? It grows super well.
  12. Hello fish nerds, I recently started a planted 20 long that I'm hoping to start a new breeding project in. I ordered plants online, they came in looking healthy and covered in snails. I saw this as a free gift, since I really believe snails to be beneficial in maintaining a healthy ecosystem. I did not treat the plants to rid them of any other hitch hikers. After a week or so of initial planting, I noticed a few interesting developments. The snails had begun to lay eggs I have at least one isopod (he has since been named Jitters) There are some sort of mystery free swimming green organisms hovering about in the water column I've attached a link to a video of one of the buggers, pardon the sound of me breathing lol.
  13. A couple of days ago I got my 55 gallon setup with Fluval Stratum and also got some "Natural Creek Stone" I got from Home Depot, thought it would be a money saver, look neat against the black background and substrate. I did rinse and clean the rocks. However, after 2 days have gone by I am noticing a sulfur smell. I've never used Fluval Stratum before but I also don't think that's where the smell is coming from. I have a feeling it is coming from the rocks. Someone had suggested I boil/bake the rocks but I do have a concern about explosions and not sure that would necessarily fix the problem--but then again I don't know. The tank is not stocked with any fish and won't be until likely after the holidays. Other concerns about the rocks, because hindsight is 20/20, is whether or not the rocks will alter the water chemistry, hardness, etc over time. I plan on doing a large school of neon tetras and possibly other fish that prefer similar water parameters. Haven't completely decided on everything. My gut instinct is to remove the rocks and find a new purpose for them, after all once plants are taking over the tank I probably won't see much of the bottom anyway. I don't know what type of rock these are other than they're natural creek stone and not cement. I guess the first question is to rule out the possibility that the Fluval Stratum would be the cause of the smell? Second is the likelihood of these rocks being an issue. I'm not opposed to removing the rocks but wouldn't mind not having to remove them either. edit: The water parameters after 24 hours after filling were: pH 6.6, GH 72 ppm, KG 36 ppm, Ammonia 1 ppm, Nitrite 0 ppm and Nitrate >0 but less than 5 ppm. I rechecked the water and nothing has changed (that I can measure).
  14. I got these flat, spiral shelled snails in an order of azolla. From the side they look like rams horn but they are flat like a plate.
  15. Hi all, I asked to my LFS 1 month ago to give me a male and female Ramirezi Gold, but to be honest it's so hard to see. What do you think? Sometimes they're chasing eachother so I do want to buy another female tomorrow.
  16. My rasboras aren’t looking too good - can I get help diagnosing if this is ich or velvet? And if velvet, how to treat? First noticed they looked bad Nov. 24, and did a water test. Parameters were as follows: ph 7, 0/0/20, temp 75. The spots look much smaller, more dust than salt-like than what I've seen as Ich on my neon tetras (different tank) in the past, but as the fish are smaller I decided to try it anyway. That same day I started dosing IchX once per 24 hours with a 30% WC. I raised them temp to 80 as well, and blacked out the tank for 72 hours in case it was velvet and that could help. There doesn’t seem to have been a huge improvement in that time period (This evening I will be doing dose #6). No deaths have yet occured, but the rasboras seem to be slowing down and looking more worn out, though they are still chasing each other and the tetras. Only my rasboras seem to be affected. Can anyone help? Tank inhabitants: 18 neon green rasboras, 8 adult ember tetras, 3 baby ember tetras (born in the tank a few weeks ago), 6 sterbai corydoras, 3 gold laser corydoras. Recent tank history: I added a school of 10 rasboras and 3 gold laser cories (that I road tripped to the coop to get!) to the tank about 3 weeks ago. They had been in qt in a densely planted 20 gallon for 3-4 weeks with qt meds and no signs of illness. The tank's temp had previously been set to 80, and I reduced it to 75 when adding the rasboras and laser cories. Since adding them, they have been sparring non-stop and have kept the ember tetras hiding in the plants around the edges of the tank. I went to remove the obviously unhappy tetras and noticed the rasboras are in rough shape and I hadn’t noticed before. For now, the tetras are staying in, but I will remove them and try to reduce the angst in the tank amongst the rasboras if possible, especially if this stress was part of what led to the disease. If this level of chasing is normal, that would be good info to have too. In the past, when I got my first school of 8 rasboras, they started as a much larger number and I lost a lot then too. Are these fish just super crazy delicate and get sick every time another school is added? I love their color, but the sickness is stressful! More Tank info: 40 gallons, sponge filter, heater, live plants, petrified wood rock, play sand and eco complete, driftwood and fake decor hobbit hole. Set up mid summer - the ember tetras have been in it for most of that time, and have been spawning and the babies doing fine throughout all of this. *Tank looks slightly cloudy in pic, this is just the bright light. Thanks for reading to the end, and for any help!
  17. My first assumption was hair algea, but it doesn't seem like it. This algea is very brittle and brown - very difficult to clean as it just breaks off.
  18. I recently had a Corydoras Paleatus offspring show up in my albino breeding tank. Are albino Corydoras an albino Paleatus? I always thought they were Aeneus.
  19. 4" nile puffer in 75G tank gets natural light she, we have decided she is a she, has recently started to spook occasionally maybe once or twice a week and slams the HOB aquaclear 110 the top etc before stopping and hiding for the rest of the day. feed her cherry shrimp, MTS, ramshorn, krill with vitachem, parameters all standard. would you put pogostemon etc on the ends to define that and the dither fish to chill her out a bit more ? any idea if that is normal for the nile puffers? not really an issue with the unique personalities of the hairy puffer colony members thanks
  20. I noticed something white on some of my new plants today. whenever I disturb it, it seems to retract to the plant and then come back out. I got some video with a microscope. Any ideas? Is this something I should be worried about. It is in a invert only tank with shrimp and snails. Dwarf hair grass growth - YouTube
  21. My Nitrates were always through the roof no matter the water changes. It would drop to normal levels than after a day or two it would jump right back up to 80 to 100 ppm. I posted here on the forum and a Gentleman suggested a Pothos so I did what I always do and bought the biggest one I could find lol. Well after about a month it started grow its water roots and started utilizing the nutrients in the water column. Now my Nitrates are 20 to 40ppm while using Easy Green and root tabs. I just thought I post a victory story cause they are always nice to hear. Hope everyone is having a safe and happy Saturday. Keep it fishy Friends and most importantly keep Nermin it up!!
  22. So, long story short, I had a bacterial infection in a fish, treated with maracyn product from the co-op. About a week after treatment I noticed the fish looking poor. Checked levels and my ammoina had been through the roof ever since. It'll top 8ppm and I'll do 50% water changes, daily with little to no change. The tank is planted and was thriving before this happened. At this point I'm not sure what could be causing it. There's no dead fish, no real rotting plants.. some have been doing poorly because of the water conditions I think, as well as the water changes. I have a lexan cover I made for my light, it has metal hinges in the middle to open.. this was for my light to be able to shine through for my plants, and idk if maybe it's a coincidence and the lexan or hinge rust could be all of a sudden tainting my water? There's tiny amounts of rust I see around the hinges that I suppose could be dropping into the water. However I gain about 2-4ppm over night. Thoughts on this theory? At this point should I unplant the tank, gravel vac big time, and re-plant? I'll attach some photos of my setup for visuals of what I'm talking about. These were all pictures before hand.. all the plants are looking pretty terrible now, browning, the stem plant in middle has holes throughout the leaves, losing leaves.. and very small leaves growing out top. Any help would be appreciated.
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