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  1. I have this very small patch (half of a dime roughly) of black beard algae that's been growing in my tank. Theres also like 5 hairs on the Anubias next to it. I kind of like the look of it but I dont want it to spread all over the anubias and wood. I have a place and guppies that constantly pick at the surface of everything in the tank but they dont pick at this because they either dont like it or because its in a hard to reach area (under fishing wire to hold the plant down). So what are your thoughts? Should I get rid of it?
  2. Hey everyone, I just got a 40 breeder set up and it is my first tank. I set it up this Saturday 8/14 and I’m starting to see some red clumps of algae in my Java moss. This tank is not fully cycled, it’s a long story but I’m basically doing a fish in cycle by necessity (I’ll try to link my other post on that if I can figure it out). I started with a few plants and now have a ton. I added some easy green but I’m not sure that was the right thing to do right away, I was just worried about losing plants. Now I'm starting to see these red clumps all over my Java moss directly under the lights. I have a Finnex Stingray 2.0 and run it on a timer for 10 hours a day (I have scarlet temple and Monte Carlo so I wanted as much light as possible). My main concern is I’ve never seen or heard of this type of algae, and I'm hoping it’s not toxic. My otos either haven’t noticed it yet or won’t eat it. From my Google research I found it may be a form of black beard algae (Rhy something species) but I just want to make sure it’s not going to be a huge problem. Once my tank is established and cycled I’m getting some amano shrimp in addition to the otos so hopefully they can keep it in check.
  3. What is this stuff just above the ramshorn snail? It's just to the left of the bettas tail. I'm guessing that it is some kind of algae but it wasn't their a couple of days ago
  4. Does anyone know what this is it naturally occurred in my spare 10 gallon tank I kind of like the way it looks draping over the dragonstone. My best guess is some kind of algae but I do not know any help would be much appreciated thank you
  5. I haven't seen this algae well labeled online. it doesn't have the hair that I see with the black beard algae. any ideas of what it is and how to get rid of it? started just on the anubius shown here, and now I am seeing it on a few other plants in the tank like another anubius and some on an amazon sword. thanks in advance, David
  6. Is this hair algae? How much extra fertilizer should be added? Double? Quadruple? Or is this a different kind? Any recommendations for reduction?
  7. Have a look at the included image. I am thinking this is black beard algae or stag horn algae, but want to ask to be sure. Right now it is only growing on a small java fern plant in my 40 gallon tank, but I dont want it to take over. This is a newer planted tank that has a lot of smaller plants in it. I have some Amazon sword, java fern, java moss, hornwort, water sprite, monte carlo, scarlet temple, and a tall plant that I think is vallisneria. I dose a couple times a week with easy green all in one, and I use root tabs as well. Right now i have a fluval plant 3.0 light that I run at about 80% capacity for about 10 hours, and it is between 20-50% for an additional 3-4 hours. I realize this is longer than many say to run plant lights, but I love the look of my tank in my living room and I like the lights on while I am out there. So you guys tell me, do I need to reduce the amount of time or the brightness level of my light, do I need a co2 injector, or should I just try dosing with some liquid carbon like seachem flourish excel?
  8. So I just setup a new tank.. have had some in the past but just started getting into planted tanks.. I come home from work and this stuff is on my plant and idk what it is.. is it harmful?
  9. Help settle an algae argument between my wife and I. What is this?
  10. About a month into a new planted tank, noticed this growth on the bottom of a few Java fern leaves. Any help with IDing the algae type? Possible solutions for dealing with it, since it is stuck pretty firmly to the leaves.
  11. New 5g tank I've read around algae is good in some instances just curious what kind this is and why its coming in so heavy. Got a fluval nano light thats on a timer for about 7 hours a day..also put a tiny bit of aquarium co ops easy green in about once a week
  12. I have tried google to figure out what this is but so far they don't show to many picture of all the different types
  13. Hey Guys My tank broke out with brown algae spots. Want to know what algae it is and how to get rid of it. Thanks
  14. I did not know what group to put this in cause I do not know what it is. Long established tank this stuff has been there for eons since about 3 months into this tanks life . It grew then stopped has never changed nothing eats it it does not bother me I’m not looking to rid myself of it I have just always been curious and never seen anything like it possible algae possibly wood sap? It is hard and spiked in texture it doesn’t scratch off with fingernail...never tried to hard thought it looked interesting. Manzanita wood boiled 3 hours. Rested for a week or two I don’t remember exactly with daily scalding hot water changes. wanting to know is just an itch I’ve never been able to scratch. Thanks
  15. Anyone know what kind of algae this is? It has the structure of hair algae but is black like BBA. Thanks in advance
  16. Can someone tell me what kind of algae this is? also how to get rid of it. Maybe a fish that might eat it. Thanks!!!
  17. Does anybody know what this black stuff is? Initially I only saw it on the tips of my cyperus helferi and thought maybe it was just a normal process for the plant (like how Java ferns will make baby Java ferns on their leaves)... but yesterday I had a major die off of my cherry shrimp (after several months of smooth sailing with this planted/Walstad method shrimp jar.) I did a big water change and noticed some of the black things growing in the anubias and buce too. Now I’m concerned maybe it is some kind of parasite? I treated with Paraguard out of caution but can’t speak to whether or not it’s changed anything yet. Of note, I do NOT believe it to be black hair algae. I’ve had plenty of that in other tanks and it doesn’t look the same. Thanks in advance for any help!
  18. Recently got a 55 gallon set up and noticed some algae growth on the rocks. Is this anything to worry about? I recently picked up some snails, a clown pleco and Otos, but they haven't had a chance to start cleaning this up. Didn't know if this is normal algae growth or something to be worried about.
  19. Hello everyone. Iv gota algae problem...I think. This seems to appear in all my tanks and it may be due to some rock I collected but none the less I have not found anything that eats it. It is so tough that it take a lot of effort even with a razer blade. Any ideas what kind of algae it is?
  20. I don't like re-inventing the wheel so here goes. http://aquariumalgae.blogspot.com/
  21. Trying to figure out what kind of algea this is or something else. My magnet scraper doesnt remove it at all. Tank has been running for 9 months. 37g with a nicrew light running 8 hours a day
  22. Hi guys... I cleaned my tank yesterday and wiped the front glass with an algae scrubber, this morning I noticed a couple tiny spots with this... any thoughts on what it is? Almost looks like mold or fungus to me but how? I just wiped the glass! (I had to put my hand up to get the camera to focus on the glass.)
  23. Trying to determine if my crypts have algae on them or if they are trying to tell me they need more of something. Tank is brand new and they’ve been in it about a month. I’m a plant and fish rookie. Also, one has long black hair all around the leaves??
  24. This plant or algae (not sure which) is growing from my hang on back. It looks cool in my opinion just wondering what it is lol thanks for any input!
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