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Found 10 results

  1. Hi all! I recently found a 2-3 inch asian leech in my 20g tank. I moved all of my shrimp into a different tank as soon as I saw it. Remaining inhabitants of the tank are 6 (tho I can only find 4) otos, 10 pygmy corys, and 3 honey gourami. They all seem very healthy/happy, with the gouramis breeding. I've done a LOT of googling and it sounds like asian leeches don't hurt fish? Wondering if anyone has experience to validate/invalidate this? If I keep the tank set up, do I need to have tools that I just use on that tank? AND, if I get too repulsed (I have a leech phobia) and tear down the tank, will there be eggs on the tank surface or do they just lay in substrate/roots? I would rather save for a new tank than risk bleach not fully annihilating any potential eggs. I am sooooo appreciative of any advice/help y'all can provide!!
  2. I purchased some new plants, and they arrived a couple of days ago. Yesterday I found a 2" long, undulating swimmer in the tank, which shrinks down to about 3/4" when stationary. The tank is brand new, with only water, substrate and the plants I purchased. Customer service looked at the picture and said it is probably a leech or some type of worm, and is most likely harmless. I removed the critter. This tank is going to be exclusively for my Bloody Mary shrimp. My question is, does anyone have experience with leeches in a shrimp tank? Although I removed the adult, are there eggs or cysts on my other plants or in the substrate now? I'd appreciate it if anyone can share their experiences.
  3. I have had these in my tank, even after a cleanout, sanitisation (flushing through empty tank using chlorinated water, and then hydrogen peroxide), and a tank rebuild - they are still making their way in there. Video JPG The new build of the tank primarily uses dechlorinated tap water, but I have also used rainwater (from a newish rainwater tank). I assumed that these were originating from the rainwater, as such, I had been cycling my premix water using a UV steriliser filter* before adding to the main tank. * I should note that this is not foolproof, it is a filter sitting inside my pre-mix tank, not capturing every bit of water as it arrives in, or departs out of the pre-mix tank. Any suggestion of what they are? and if I should be concerned? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated - Thank you.
  4. Hello all! I found some leeches in my 270g, no idea where they came from, but i have noticed them just this week (tank has been running for 18 months in an ecosystem style) My questions are, are they harmful to adult snails? Are they harmful to young fish? Will my adult fancy goldfish slurp them all up? Are they dangerous to asian clams? Are they detrivors? Do they have benefits? Are they worth trying to eliminate? Thanks all for your help and time!
  5. Moulderman


    I was given a 40 gallon aquarium with 100’s of cherry shrimp, 10-15 rabbit snails, 20-30 rams horn snails, 2 bristle nose plecos, and 2 dwarf blue crayfish. To my horror, I have discovered that there are leeches in there too! What can I use to kill them or should I just accept them as part of the ecosystem?
  6. I have a 55 gal with plants, mystery snails, panda corys, plecos and neon tetras. When I was cleaning today I found leeches in my bucket. Anything I can do. Are they harmful? Just freaking out a little
  7. Hello, Does anyone know what these are? I've started seeing them in my planted tank. Thank you!
  8. Today, I got plants and plants were wrapped in newspaper and tied with plants weight with rubber band and all the plants were in heat sealed plastic bag. This one is from well known plant place and never had anything other than hitchhiker snail but today, leech was in the bag. I dipped in bleach ;1 gallon water mixed with 5 ml bleach as paper direction says for short 5-1 seconds and then I washed under running water and then now I have plants floating in plastic tote/bin in the water mixed with prime. Can I quarantine these plants to make sure all are leech free in the plastic tub/tote? Aquarium co-op Face book page people said I can, with tank light and squeeze the filter for beneficial bacteria (but I do not want leech egg or anything get to the good filter sponge when squeezing, I maybe can do squeeze filter in the tank water and add tank water. My questions are, airstone is necessary to keep plants not going to melt and grow? For quarantine plants in the buckets or whatever, cycled environment needed? I need to add stability too? Also, how often do I need to do the water change? Would you tell me what you would do if you find leech in your plant order step by step? I just do not want leech egg stuck to plants and put those into the tank I was going to re-scaping... Thank you.
  9. Hello everyone, I have a 10g planted / shrimp tank that I started about 4 months back. At that time I was under the impression that I could feed them micro pallets, that I feed my tetras in the bigger tank. Turns out I grew a bunch of hair algae, snails, hydra, and this worm I can't figure out. I have taken care of the hair algae by water changes, and changing the food to dedicated shrimp food. Took care of Hydra by using a Azoo Hydra/snail treatment. This worm is a mystery to me, as I can't figure out how to get rid of it. I started taking them out using a tissue paper first, but then I would not see them in the day, now they mostly come out at night. The reason I want them gone is that I think they are eating shrimplets, as I haven't seen any, though there have been a few shrimps with eggs. When they move they move by elongating their body, sticking, and then pulling the body back. They have a hard skin when I have touched them. I am not sure how to attach a small clip, as the forum would not allow me. Thanks a bunch, love from Lahore, Pakistan.
  10. last saturday i redid a tank that had leaches that came in on some plants. ive had 2 of them sitting in a tub of water straight from the tap (no dechlorinator). our water is very hard and mineral rich here so i wanted to see what effects this would have on the leaches. its now thursday and they are still going strong. not sure what this proves besides them being unnecessarily hardy but i’ll see how long it takes for them to finally kick the dust. there are some pond snails in the tub that are still going strong too which is interesting.
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