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  1. I have 3 large fancies in a 75g with crypts, crinium and java fern. They do not bother the plants at all. They do have space to scavenge around as they almost constantly do. I have to agree that they are very underrated. Always constant activity!!!
  2. Right now mine is a toss up between the honey gouramis and long finned gold danios. Honeys with their feelers for exploring and the non stop action of the danios. Have them in a 40 breeder with pristella and von rio tetras...fun tank
  3. I have a pair of kribenses in a 20 long and they will not tolerate any other fish with them...they even pestered the snails so I had to remove them. Love their colors but I want more than 2 fish in this tank so I am considering rehoming and getting apistos. Any takers on a proven pair of kribs?😋
  4. I went to the Chicago event....totally worth it!!! Saw several fish you tubers, awesome aquascapes and fish. If you are into saltwater, there is an abundance of coral.
  5. Could be the impeller is clogged. Take it apart and clean the impeller an inside the motor where impeller goes. I have AC filters that this happens to. Hope this helps!
  6. I have different varieties of crypt in all my tanks, just an all round nice plant.
  7. I started with 6 sparkling gouramis in a 20 long, now only have what I think is a pair. I did see alot of chasing but never saw out right aggression. It is densely planted with snails and at that time a small bristlenose plec so I never saw the deceased bodies. Im not sure if they were weak or if in fact the aggressor got them.
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