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Found 8 results

  1. My garden is still getting started but here’s what’s blooming today.
  2. Happy Saturday Nerms! After waiting a year to let my tank settle in, I finally have my first bunch of Neos and couldn't be more thrilled so I thought I'd share some photos of these weirdos. They are culls from a local seller -- I decided to start off with culls in case I did something wrong and they didn't make it. They are all oddly colored, but I adore them. Out of the eight, I have three berried females so I'm curious to see what colors come from them, if any. The originals were Orange Sakura, Cherry Red and Blue Dream. @Guppysnail I think I remember that you have had some interesting colors come from your skittle colony? Anyone have any experience and know if I'll get any highly colored babies in my future? Thank you to those of you who talked me off my ledge when I forgot to get a drip acclimation kit when I got them. You were very helpful and they seem you be doing well! 😊 @ange @CT_ @Odd Duck @JettsPapa @Gumbo99 @H.K.Luterman @Choogie @Patrick_G
  3. Bug report: occassionally on upload a photo will be flipped upside down (180 degrees) or on rare occasion 90 degrees Appears to be more common on landscape oriented photos possible fixes: - crop the photo in phone or on computer slightly using the crop tool - flip photo on phone or computer 180 degrees, when uploaded it will flip again to correct orientation. I never had issues with this until about February of this year where ~60% of my photos would flip. I have been correcting using the crop method. I have noticed this occurring on my current phone (iphone X pro), old phone (LG V30 ThinQ plus), and camera (Fuji XP 140). If you have issues with this occurring please let me know your device and possible fixes. I can update my post with different fixes, so members do not have to go searching. And the technologically inclined let me know if this info is good or if you need other information for why it’s happening on upload so that a fix may be rolled out.
  4. I have a small addiction to bettas. Whole currently I only own one tank, I have three others on standby that are "someday betta tanks". My parents, however, are not keen ok fish tanks. So, show off your favorite bettas so I can live vicariously through you! Heres mine!
  5. I checked the tank last night and found my beautiful midnight black Guppy on the bottom with only a little gill movement that stopped completely after a few minutes. An hour later he was up and swimming like nothing happened! Boy is it hard to get a pic of a spastic black guppy!
  6. He has 4 pellets in his mouth and he can't close it. But he won't eat them one at a time.
  7. Hi all! I started fish keeping in the middle of the pandemic. Now I’m obsessed...with the biology, chemistry, and beauty of this hobby. I’ve learned SO MUCH in the last year...thanks to many of you in the forum. I’d like to show you how it all started with this tank that I put together for my daughter, and is now in my home office/fishroom. It’s a year old, the only fish in there now from its inception are habrosus corydoras which were my first successful spawn. It’s a 10 gallon and now dedicated to them, as well as “Goggles” the hard-working Nerite who was the first creature to move into this little community and going strong. Plants are a mess. Still a novice there, but am learning month by month... SO I thought I’d share a post ONE YEAR IN (my 1-year aquariumiversary?) pics. I’d love to see what other keepers have done in the last year. Before and after shots welcome! Let’s celebrate making it through this unprecedented year. In last year, I learned to LOVE sponge filters, and floating plants. Also learning that I Strongly Dislike duckweed, but will live with it for now... Also learned that I’ll eventually need to transplant the sword to a different tank, but I’m not ready yet because my corys are so happy...see below for a picture of my very happy habrosus corydoras and pictures from when I first set up this tank May 2020, in my daughter’s room. I think I can safely say it’s seasoned and I couldn’t be happier!
  8. hey everybody I've been making posts here & there on the general forum about this new aquarium I've put together. I thought I'd start a thread dedicated to this aquarium and it's progress. I'll be updating photos, keeping journals, among other things here. Here's a breakdown of my setup: -20 gallon plastic planter pot from Home Depot -construction site clear-crush 1/8" gravel (seems to be keeping the water nice & hard) -20 gallon air pump hooked into an upside-down glass beer bottle with 2 small holes at the top filled with filter media & an intake sponge, effectively filtering ammonias, oxygenating the water, and circulating the water -20 gallon submersed water pump mounted on top a small clay ornament, also buried in the gravel (to reduce death by suction); the out-take of this pump travels through a pipe which exits the waters surface and falls back into the aquarium from ~2.5 inches -100W TopFin heater; I also have a 100W EHEIM heater but the TopFin 100w takes up a bit less space / less noticeable -DIY co2 rig using 2 soda bottles, baking soda & citric acid -A 3 piece LED light with 5 different light settings; timers that I've not bothered to mess with yet -A big hunk of driftwood, anubias plants, a couple egeria densa, and a few pieces of floating green cabomba, or maybe hornwort -Plant growth additive, 5-in-1 test strips (pH,KH,GH, NO-2, NO-3), an ammonia test kit, and some de-chlorinator in case I need to quickly balance the aquarium with fresh water due to an ammonia spike or something -3 guppies currently while in cycle; one male and two fry who are yet to be gendered; I'll be adding 2 more males and 5 females, and I'll also add two otocinclus to help clean up I plan on bringin' this baby outside in the springtime to the front veranda or the deck in the backyard; I'll put wire mesh overtop and place a weight on it to keep out the riff-raff at night time
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