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  1. So beautiful! Ive been trying to find a Betta like that for a while! But I always seem to miss the yellow ones
  2. She looks just like my boy did! But... Then he turned blue. Totally Catfished me
  3. I was wondering if anyone knew some good shrimp foods that my porky Betta won't choke himself on? I like to supplement my cherry's diets with shrimp cuisine, which the shrimp love, but unfortunately the Betta will eat those whole. I'm very scared he might rupture his stomach or choke on them. Really, the Betta only likes pellet/wafer type foods and ignores repashy and softer foods. Does anyone know of a food that won't tempt him but is just as good for shells?
  4. I've had my Betta for around 8 months and have noticed a funny little pattern. When I wake up in the morning, or when i get home from work, he always swims right up to the front of the glass to come investigate. When I'm sitting near the tank, he likes to swim by the front glass. Otherwise, he seems to hang out in the floating roots or java Fern forest. If I can't find my little buddy, all I have to do is walk up to the tank and wait a moment and suddenly: Betta! I never expected him to be so personable! Especially compared to the other species of fish I've had.
  5. You know, I really didn't expect them to breed like this. Especially since they've got a betta in the tank, but clearly hw either can't or doesn't want to catch them. I've considered posting around about selling shrimp, but considering the horrors of fb market place and the like, I worry about the well being of the shrimp beyond my care!
  6. As far as I can tell, the nearest local fish store is actually aquarium co op. And since they're so popular, I imagine they already have a lot of people bringing in babies haha.
  7. I don't consider myself a dedicated breeder, since really I just like keeping aquariums. But breeding is a given with cherry shrimp, and 10 has become more like hundreds. I don't know what to do with them! I would like to get some money back, since of course it does cost time and money to keep them all happy and healthy. How do you send out your babies?
  8. Does anyone have some advice for cleaning the outer glass of your fishtank? I have some hard water stains on the outside from a few messy water changes, but I'm too scared to take any glass cleaner to the tank itself. How do you get them off?
  9. They were originally my first choice, but I heard rumors that they were also quite shy. Would you agree with that?
  10. Ooh, yes. Have you by chance kept them with shrimp before? I know fish tend to be a gamble but so far I've been lucky
  11. I've got a group of ember tetras that are very shy. They did well with dither fish in the past, although due to some aggression issues, they are no longer with the guppies. I spoke to someone at the aquarium co op store that recommended a species of danio. What would be a good choice for a 20 gallon long with a betta and ember tetras.
  12. They grow like weeds! I saw one of the tiny new borns a week ago and now they're fairly sized and eating well! I went from like 6 to 60 real quick...
  13. Oh wow! Do you keep your male with an angel? I never would have thought theyd tolerate each other
  14. Did your fish happen to have the fungus as heavily as mine did? Like the big puffy patch? I'd like to use melafix and pimafix in the tank to help out everyone and keep them from getting sick. But I saw that there was some disagreement over whether it could treat certain illnesses. API Fungal cure wouldn't be too kind to the shrimp, so I'd definitely need to quarantine the cories.
  15. Substrate. The rest is sand. Would you recommend treating the entire community tank?
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