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  1. Also learning the baby shrimp, in both tanks but this tank especially, like frolicking in the roots of duck weed. It's like an upsidedown lawn for them. Nearly impossible to photo of course
  2. A gaggle of shrimplets in the rocks, near what I assume is their babysitter 😅
  3. Also somewhat updated my main 29 gallon shrimp tank.
  4. Update. Tank is looking good and I noticed cherry shrimplets. I'm hesitant to add fish now but I still might consider something nano and temperate like least killifish.
  5. My 25 gallon half cylinder. Been going about 2 months now. A "cull" tank for less colorful cherry shrimp, but there's shrimplets in there now so Idk whether I'll add fish or make it a rainbow shrimp tank with other colors of neo or what.
  6. First, pull out several hand/net fulls of duck weed. Next, dunk arm into tank between 6 and 24 times moving plants and trying to get them to stay rooted/in place. Repeat as necessary. When finished, simply replace all the water that's been splashed on the floor with fresh water. Finally, mop.
  7. Sorry for your loss. May she grow beautiful roses
  8. I have assassin snails and they do clean up "pest" snails, though I think I have Ramshorn and bladder snails. I assume they would eat any similar sized snail. Though individuals may have varying appetites based on my two. They need a mate to breed, and even then they're not known to get out of control. They breed relatively slowly creating small individual square shaped egg cases, usually low down on plants or rocks. I haven't actually kept track of any eggs I've witnessed, if they make it to hatch they will be tiny and disappear in the substrate, and they would have to find a suitable food source. Idk what baby assassins eat.
  9. AQ advisor will give suggestions and warnings about stocking compatibility.
  10. I have tended towards the thrown together side of things 😅 I started by collecting various sized rocks and some sticks for hardscape, visualizing how I wanted the tank to look. Then putting everything in and making it work as I went, adjusting as needed.
  11. I love them but I don't think I have quite the right parameters for them
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