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Found 7 results

  1. Today I attended Aquashella Daytona 2023! It was epic! I learned a lot of things from a lot of cool people. It is 10pm and I just finished acclimating my new kids to their respective tanks and tidying up the fish room because with all the merch and previous maintenance I failed to clean up, it looked like a bomb hit. For now, I will leave you with a few photos and a video of the entrance. I have a lot of photos and videos, so we will have to do this in parts. What would you like to see next? 1. Interesting items I found, or 2. Shrimp contest
  2. Im planning to attend my first Aquashella in Chicago this year. Has anyone seen an event schedule posted anywhere?
  3. Is anyone planning on attending any of the Aquashella events? It seems a bit more gimmicky as opposed to catering to the hobbyists, but it would be a good excuse to finally get out of town.
  4. I've never been to Aquashella but watching YouTube videos makes me want to go next year. Any tips or tricks or a favorite story from Aquashella? Are they always Orlando, Chicago and Dallas? Thanks in advance for information!
  5. Hi @Cory! Attending Aquahella this weekend and stumbled upon a new Xtreme product at their booth — 1.5 slow-sinking pellet with color enhancer! Can’t wait to get home and give it a try. Xtreme folks would love for the co-op to pick up the new product. Hoping so too if it works as well as their other products. Also, @Zenzodid a fantastic job representing the co-op during his first public speaking assignment on the fish hobby. Excellent addition to the co-op team! BTW, I am not certain if the forum rules permit us to share products like this. If it does not, please remove and accept my apology. Regards!
  6. Hey guys! Going to be going to aquashella with my family this year! I cant wait. Anyway for anyone who has been in the past, i have a few questions.. what should we expect? Im looking to just check stuff out.. fish wise specifically looking for cory cats. Are thier booths that sell specific fish? Im just so excited!
  7. Hi everyone, As society begins to open up a bit more, I hope to attend some aquarium events this year. I have never been to an aquarium event before. Does anybody have any recommendations? For example, I see that Aquashella is taking place in Chicago, Dallas, and Orlando this year. Would Aquashella be a good event to attend, and if so, in which city? If possible, I would like to attend an event at which some Aquarium Coop folks are present. I'm a huge fan and customer and it would be cool to meet some of them. Thanks!
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