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Found 14 results

  1. Greetings everyone, I’m finally at the stage of hatching the clutches that were created on May 10th. I pulled the clutches from the incubator and carefully crumbled it into a specimen container using tank water. I’m concerned that perhaps I crumbled the clutches too soon. Looking at the results I am not seeing any snails. This is my first attempt to breed mystery snails, I’m concerned that this may a failure. Looking at the photo is it still possible there are viable snail babies?
  2. Ok soooo I don't want to breed stuff. Anyone here that might be aware of me might be aware of my accidental breeding of Otocinclus. I chose Mystery snails because I could just remove their egg sacks- no more Mystery snails right??? Then how the heck did I get this little one?! I mean, I'm already in love but....how do I keep breeding stuff..... 😂
  3. I have a few mystery snails and shrimp. I purchased my first golden mystery snail at local pet store on May 08, 2021. I put it in a 36 gal planted tank. The snail was very active for a few weeks and then began to just not move at the bottom of the tank and come out a little bit, but never moved again. A few weeks later, I purchased 2 more snails at a different local pet store: a blue mystery snail and an ivory snail, and the same thing has happened were both snails were very active and then now they are not moving at all. I put a wonder shell in the tank last night, just in case I don't have enough calcium in the tank. I do have some brown/green algae growing in my tank as well. I can't seem to keep Ghost Shrimp alive in my tank either. What am I doing wrong? My tank tests were taken last night. Results: GH:13 KH:6 Copper:0 PH:8 Ammonia:0 Nitrite:0 Nitrate:0 TDS:1357 Temp:77 Thanks in advance.
  4. Guppies everywhere. I use a Betta bow 2.5 to grow my male guppy fry for a few extra weeks before taking to LFS. I separate as soon as I can tell with a magnifying glass usually 4 weeks to prevent further breeding. Both of my sorority tanks are full. Local LFS has recently had a complete employee turnover. Their tanks went from pristine to frightening diseased mass dead fish, snail and shrimp graveyards. I cannot in good conscience take my babies there...good excuse for yet another tank...ROFL I bought a cheap 10 gal and glass lid. Used 2 of my extra AQueon clip on plant grow lights. All the gravel decor plants etc and nano ACO coarse sponge from the 2.5. I pulled an extra medium from a tank I keep for pulling in case of hospital need. I supplemented with gravel plants and such from other well established tanks. I decided to be brave based on all @Cory videos and only run ONLY sponges which I have never done. Always only supplement cans or hobs with sponges. So far zero issues stable never an off reading I’m a daily tester...retired bored love my tanks. Current stock males guppy fry 5 weeks and my breeding pair of clear gold iridescent honey Carmel spire bladder snails...they will produce quickly in a fry tank always do. The question after painfully long unnecessary explanation I would like to rehouse 2 magenta mystery snails both males to this new setup. Can the sponge filters medium and nano handle the load. I’m not experienced with not exporting the waste into hob or cans. Do I need to use larger I have another new unseasoned medium and a large ACO coarse i have multiple extra hobs I could add if needed but I’m really interested to learn the sponge only thing.
  5. Our mystery snail, Turbo, is a favorite in the office. We've noticed his shell is changing - I'm assuming it's the growth that has happened since we have had him. I'm guessing some mineral is missing from the water? Also, it looks like algae is growing on his shell?? Current set up - 10 gallon planted tank w/driftwood. Tank mates - betta, 2 black skirt tetras and a nerite snail. Parameters: 10 Nitrates; 0 Nitrates & ammonia; hardness 75; alkalinity 40; ph 6.8 What can I add to the water to make it a better environment for him? Also any ideas in tank mates? It's only a 10 gallon, but I am thinking of getting some algae eaters.
  6. I have a love/hate relationship witth duckweed...I want it in some tanks but it gets everywhere, and is sometimes fairly impossible to eradicate without resorting to a near scorched earth policy. I envied Cory his goldfish solution, but my tanks are too small. A few months ago I bought 3 mystery snails. I had heard they were not as great at eating algae, and I have tons of other kinds of snails, so I thought why bother paying for them? But then I saw @Kirsten's magenta snails, and I needed them. They were small when I got them, but they grew really fast. I was worried my tank didn't have enough algae, as it has nerites, pest snails, and otocinclus. But boy, did they grow... And then I realized suddenly my duckweed kept disappearing...weird. I thought it couldn't be...I put a cup full of duckweed in from another tank in order to get this pic. The snails made a beeline to the surface as soon as the duckweed hit the water. Who knew?!
  7. Looking for some advice and understanding to make sure I'm taking care of them correctly. Two days ago my clutch started to hatch so I helped it along and made a make shift breeder box out of a tupperware container. I am gong today to purchase a real breeder box. I have been putting crushed flake food in in the morning and a pleco wafer in in the evening after changing the water out in the little container. This morning I noticed all the snails were clinging on to the top of the lid or on the side out of the water. Is that normal or should I be concerned. I know the make shift breeder box isn't ideal that's why I'm getting one or two today. Any help with what I can do to give the best chance of survival would be great. TIA
  8. Can anyone tell me if these two gold mystery snails are a male and female mating. I have read that sometimes two males will also “connect” just out of instinct or is that just misinformation?
  9. Okay y'all my tap water is pH 7 gh 300+ kh 40 A 0 ni 0 na 0, I'm raising guppies, Pilates and Molly's along with mystery snails. I've been wanting to raise my KH and crushed coral isn't available and I'm not comfortable using like alkaline buffers so I put some aragonite in a filter media bag and put it in some filters, it's raised one tank, my 55g to pH 7.8 -8 gh 300+ kh 120ish which is running a standard canister filter with 1 bag inside instead of carbon pellets, will the aragonite eventually stop or is it just going to keep on raising the pH on up and up
  10. Hello! I have been keeping fish for several years now, but I am just opening up to the idea of snails. I was wondering if I need to quarintine Nerite or Mistery snails before adding them to my community tank? I alwayys quarintine new fish, but I am not sure if snails are able to bring anything into my aquarium that could make my fish sick. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much!!
  11. Hello all! My Delta tail betta had been nipping his fins and tail. He's looking ragged. I have added a Cattawpa leaf, have limited his light to about 2 hrs a day, and exercise him with a mirror. I was thinking of being proactive and adding Maracyn to prevent any possibility of fin rot, but there are two Mystery snails in his tank as well. Will they be okay?
  12. Hey everyone, Can mystery snails live in cold water, like 40-90 degrees?
  13. Well within the past 5 days my mystery snail has now laid five clutches of eggs two large and two small. So I decided with my fiance since we will be having snails coming out of our ears. That we are going to find some small fish bowls for cheap and give them out to our nieces nephews and little cousins for Easter presidents. I can only fit 3 in the photo the other one is a little way off on the front glass
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