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  1. I second @Fish Folk's suggestions of Ted Judy and Rusty Wessel(who is local to me). I would also suggest Tunç Ali Kütükçüoğlu of https://www.tuncalik.com/
  2. I have bred P. gertrudae, and I am currently breeding P. luminatus. It sounds like you want to colony breed based on your original post. I definitely agree with @Brandy in regard to cherry shrimp compatibility. I do not keep shrimp currently, but there is a tour of LRBAquatics fishroom where he mentions observing Neocaridina shrimp clean rainbowfish eggs.
  3. I agree with @Daniel. I recently picked some up from my local club auction. If you have a local or nearby club, you might have luck with someone selling them in your area too.
  4. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.reddit.com/r/PlantedTank/comments/5i93jn/eco_complete_inert/
  5. I have used a stocking full of sphagnum moss in my sump before help to lower pH. Less tannins than sphagnum peat moss or leaves but still a natural solution. However, the affect it will have depends on amount of moss compared to system size.
  6. @Isaac M originally saw this in Introductions, but greatly enjoy seeing your progress through the build thread. Have you ever seen 1/2” electrical conduit? If you end up having to raise your lights might be a great option. Similar to PVC with couplers and various pre-made parts just metal. Albeit, those PVC mounts are impressive as well as your DIY riparium planters. Those had me fooled. I would be interested in seeing how you put those together.
  7. Red Wag Swordtails sing me their siren song every time I visit a particular LFS. Very hard to resist. I am looking at a few different options to temporarily occupy my tub until I can move out some Pseudomugils.
  8. What size is your quarantine? It is strange that the guppies had a hard time, but it seems you may have found the issue with the rummynose.
  9. I agree with @Brandy being that the face toward the stress is sound and the seal looks unaffected. However, I would also keep in mind the panel thickness compared to the area that is chipped; a zone of lesser thickness may become the weakest link. You also may not know the nature of the "chippage". Could have been impacted from perpendicular or parallel to that panel. The latter could create cracks/stresses that you may not see. Always a great opportunity to break out the polariscope, or flexseal....
  10. I agree with Fish Folk’s suggestions from your original post. Aquariums are ecosystems, and ecosystems are incredibly complex. I have often found that the less “perfect” an aquarium is the more the fish enjoy it, as long as parameters are appropriately met. I don’t have much to add specifically in regard to South American puffers. I have only ever kept pea puffers, myself, but my small puffers did enjoy frequent re-scapes. I did keep a group of young Geophagus surinamensis in a 55 gallon starting with fine sand, smooth river rock, and driftwood, and they would also tend to glass surf. After allowing the tannins to build up, adding leaf litter, and greatly subduing the lighting they did become more subdued. Less glass surfing and more swimming in the current directed the length of the tank. I think your tank looks great, and that the plans you have of opening up some space, changing the wood, etc. could re-interest them in their habitat. I do find that footprint can also greatly change the dynamics of a tank’s inhabitants. I might suggest a 40 breeder or 75 for more usable back to front space, but that might just be a personal preference.
  11. Fish Folk, thank you for this! I have read and re-read that article from Rainbowfish which I found greatly informative. At the least, it provides some info regarding the delineation of P. paskai and P. luminatus and that both may be sold under the common name "Red Neon Blue Eye". When I used the same resource to compare the difference between the above listed and P. iriani the photo was a very different looking fish compared to that of a general internet search. I will definitely reach out to Maria as well regarding the mystery at hand.
  12. Hello, all, I am curious about a certain Pseudomugil luminatus that I have recently seen available online and in shops. Although I have tried to clear up via online resources, I am still a bit unclear on wether P. paskai, P. iriani, and P. luminatus are all being sold under the common name "Red Neon Blue Eye". Has the general consensus shifted to one being sold under this common name? Back when I was maintaining a breeding group of P. gertrudae, I had only heard of P. paskai and iriani. A search for P. iriani produces P. luminatus results, while P. paskai still appears to be differentiated from P. luminatus. Would greatly appreciate any thoughts. Also, is it too obvious I have an interest in these small rainbows?
  13. Agreed. I stick to 10s, 20 longs, 40 breeders, and 75s. Great footprints.
  14. CorydorasEthan, thank you for your reply. Mikrogeophagus ramirezi were actually the first fish I had spawn, while there was a group of altispinosus in the aquarium right next to them. I usually build my own vivariums. Those in the photo measure 18" wide x 12" deep x 36" tall The aquarium was a 75 gallon with a 20 gallon sump. At the time of that photo, I believe it held a group of Hyphessobrycon amandae, a large school of Corydoras panda, and Poecilia wingei in the sump. That was either before or after I had a small group of Thorichthys meeki in there.
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