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  1. Yeah I have that big time. Started with 1 gallons for my daughters now have 5 tanks.
  2. They are cumberland sliders (yellow eared sliders) red eared are illegal where I'm at.
  3. Using a 40 gal breeder for this one. First foray into mbuna.
  4. Currently cycling a tank for Mbunas and was wanting to get opinions on what (if any) cleaner fish you've had success with mbunas. Water parameters Ph 8.2-8.4 Hardness 300
  5. They are cumberland slider hatchlings
  6. Got a nice 60 gallon tank planted up with some good ol aquarium co-op plants all ready to grow... Until my wife DEMANDED turtles... They have uprooted my Scarlett temple, eaten one Valisnaria and toppled a rock on the other, uprooted a sprig of Pogostemon and ate my dwarf baby tears. They nipped a piece of my water sprite as well but didn't eat it and have left the amazon sword, crypt, and Anubias alone. Sprite and Anubias are in easy planters. Are there any other good plants I can put in with these aho... I mean turtles. Something fast growing that will stay ahead of their appetite (they won't eat when we try feeding them) that will thrive in high ph 8.2-8.4 hard water 300ppm.
  7. Working on that. You can barely see the Visnaria poking up behind the rocks. The pogostemon on the opposite side is doing much better
  8. Hey folks, show me some of the ways you guys hide sponge filters in your tanks. I love the natural look of my aquarium with the exception of the massive sponge in the back corner.
  9. Yep I found the problem. Sending it back.
  10. I figured, thank you. Shortly after I posted it stopped working. I'll send it back.
  11. I'm new to this hobby still and I notice when I turned the heater on in my 60 water started to fill it after its been submerged and off for hours. Is this normal? I did not notice this with my 30. The level goes up and down and bubbles occasionally come from the bottom. Thanks.
  12. First planted aquarium. I clearly didn't buy enough plants for the 60. Got some rocks I found along the road for decor. (tested safe) Hoping they all survive. Got some dwarf baby tears and water sprite coming soon. Anubias will be planted in an easy planter.
  13. I still hadn't decided what to put in the 60 gal until today with cichlids which led to that purchase. It was a crazy deal! Can't wait but it may be garaged for a while.
  14. I'm the worst for this.... bought my daughters each a 1 gallon tank for Easter. Started researching fish, found out 1 gallons suck, so found a 30 gal used online, cleaned it up. My wife wanted it so we upgraded the girls to a 30 gal as well so they had more option. Did more research (the key problem) started to really gain interest in the hobby myself, so bought a 60 gal. Why get a 30 for the bedroom when a 60 is only $100 more. Went looking for fish on a local FB group found a guy rehoming cichlids I was looking for so contacted him. Turns out he is getting away from the hobby and wants to get rid of his whole setup... I asked how much (big mistake). $400 FOR AN ENTIRE 150 GALLON SETUP!!! So now before my 60 gallon is even finished being set up I now own a 150 as well. Went from 2 gallons of fish real estate to 272 gallons in less than 2 weeks. Research (and co-op videos) crested a monster.
  15. I just got plants still waiting to plant them in my 60. Once they propagate I'll have more to plant in a 150.
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