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  1. OK. Well done. Im doing the Metroplex/Focus/Garlic guard food combo for my main tank. Basically all of my Cardinals have some level of internal parasite. They sure like the food... I do have one very emaciated cardinal, but he does eat. We'll see how he does. Im also feeding it to my QT tank in the mean time. preparing the food and freezing it is a cinch. Cheers
  2. did you ever figure this out? I have Cardinal tetras that definitely have a parasite internally. Well, thats what I assume when I see a very bloated Cardinal that has an undulating belly, like a fetus moving around inside it's mothers womb... All my fish eat well, including that cardinal. Ive treated with paracleanse in the column and it didnt work.
  3. How/should I move them to my main tank? Was thinking of swapping the sponge filters. I wanted to attach a short video. Its hard to make them out by a still image.
  4. Thanks. Im 50/50 on where to put it. The garage gets both cold and hot, so that weighs in my consideration. Nice Cruiser thumbnail.
  5. Got this approx 80 Gallon for free, and I'll show you why in the pictures (plus my boss gave it to me). Is it a keeper or is it trash? Wondering if the trim or chipped edges are repairable/replaceable too. It has been holding watertight for 2 weeks now. Would like it to be suitable for the living room or maybe just my office, but i wonder if its doomed to the garage or the backyard. Thank you for your thoughtss. If nothing else, its an example of "this is a bad idea" or "go for it". Have a good weekend!
  6. I should mention that I got my cardinals, rummys, and second batch of guppies from LFS, with similar water parameters to my own water source. Though that doesnt necessarily mean the waters perfect for them. Embers, Platys, couple guppies and betta came from big box. Now that we mention it, one of the rummys died shortly after going into DT from the LFS which was about 20 min away. I noticed it was not doing well in the bag. I chalked it up to him being pinched somehow in the corner. I guess it was an omen. Sounds like I got a sensitive lot of rummys and then probably stressed them with water temps that they may not have been accustomed to. Its just crazy that only the tetras got ick and only the rummy nose suffered casualties; which is why it sorta makes sense that the tetras all got ick since they were all subjected to the same stress of the temp increase.🤷‍♂️ Boy, that was a mistake. This is day 3 in the QT for the tetras, random guppies and male platys. Plan is to QT them for a week after I notice the ick is gone, and then possibly treat for internal parasites and maybe bacterial infections, and then wait another week to move back to DT. Does that sound reasonable? Once im done with this we're diving back in for rummy nose. To the QT they will go. I will consider buying online and having them shipped to me directly. That would be a first. Thanks for the advice.
  7. pH 8.3 Nitrates 10-20 Hardness 150- 300 Nitrite 0 Ammonia 0 KH/Buffer 120-180 Water Temperature above 78 "new" 65 gallon tank. Got this 65 gallon and established canister from offerup. I dont try to change my water parameters. Before we got the rummys and cardinals, the tank was occupied by a dozen ember tetras, 8 platys, 1 betta, and a couple guppies, and had gotten over a battle with ick where 1 platy was lost. after building a new stand, I moved the tank, and ditched all the old substrate and added most of the plants in the picture. The tank was then set up the way you see here. Cardinals and rummy nose added, a dozen-ish of each, and a handful-ish of new guppies. Since the tank is very new, I did not quarantine the new 2 dozen cardinals and rummys. The rummy nose were voracious eaters and the cardinals were also putting on weight for a week or 2. All the while, I am needlessly turning up the temp shooting for 80 degrees, unbeknownst to me my IR temp gun is reading about 4-5 degrees lower than the actual temp of the tank. ALL of the tetras (rummy, cardinal, and embers) got ick. Only the tetras. Eventually I got a cheap sinking thermometer. The rummys were really suffering from the ick. A few of them would keel over when they stop swimming and then right themselves as they began moving again. Highest temp I read with the cheap thermometer was 84. I sent the temps back down toward 78. Treated with super ich cure in the DT for a few days and no improvements, only decline in the rummy nose. Did I give my tetras ick by stressing them with a temperature increase over the course of a few days? Is it possible my betta is stressing the fish? I do not notice aggression towards the tetras during the day, only the guppies and platys, but I am now concerned about night time activities. Lost nearly all rummys, embers are still trucking and begging for food, the cardinals are doing decent. All tetras and male platys and random guppies are in the 10 gal QT now. Treating with ick x and salt (1 Tbsp per 2 gal). Thanks for the tips.
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