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  1. I ordered some black lame and silver lame ricefish eggs and the recommended procedure from the breeder was aged aquarium water, methylene blue and no recommendations for air. Wondered if the hive minds has any thoughts?
  2. Preface: These two platinum medaka are not from Aquarium Co-Op. Are they culls... or short bodied medaka? One has a bent spine... but the other is just short. Of the 10 that arrived... 3 were short. Thoughts / opinions?
  3. Curious, what would a red cap crossed with a platinum look like? Has anyone messed with different strains before? Is redcap recessive? Have about 4 red caps but a bunch of platinums
  4. I have had some rice fish for a week or so in a small established pond containing a single endler and 20 or so rice fish. Several of the females are producing eggs on a daily basis and distributing them or the mop and hyacinth etc. Last night I noticed “ hairs” growing off of several of the eggs and I removed them from the mop. Does any one have advice on reducing or eliminating this issue. below is a brief description of the tank. Are their issues with drift wood, dirted tanks, or found plants in this set up..? I have a dirted “tank” with a large stone maybe 15 lb on the bottom and some drift wood planted in substrate is some narrow leaf valasineria. Floating in water is hornwort. In a basket I have 2x lotus tubers and some misc pond plants form a local lake ( 1 is eastern water chestnut- 1 is a mystery..) floating loose is water hyacinth and some frog bits ( I think) .. hope this helps. I attached a link to an older video post of more of the pond.. pond is ceramic planter about 20” tall and a 20” diameter. Had a hole I plugged with Aquarium Safe Silicone and some plastic cutting board..
  5. Can I put ricefish and guppies in a 10 gallon tank and have them both breed?
  6. Hey all, I just hatched my first small batch of medaka rice fish. I am hatching bbs, but it will be a little bit before they can eat that. I also have the aquarium coop fry food. Will this work for them or do I need something different. I really can’t afford to mess up, I don’t have any more.
  7. Does anyone have Medaka rice fish for sale? I'm interested in starting an outdoor pond and would like some for it
  8. So today something wonderful happened. I got 100 rice fish for free. Yes, free!!!! I can’t believe my luck. One of the biology professors who studies zebrafish ended up getting a rice fish order by mistake. He was just looking to get rid of them without having to kill them. And now they’re mine!! I’m assuming these are what we would call the “wild type” in biology, but what does the hobby call this color of rice fish? White? Normal? Standard? 😄 Also, I’d love to breed them and sell them to my LFS. I think I’d like to select for the blueness of the eye, but other than that, what’s desirable in these fish? Less orange? (Some of them have a tint of orange, though I read that can be a mating color.) Plump body shape? Longer fins? I’ve already culled about 10 fish that had bent spines or some other deformity, and I’m sure I’ll have to cull a few more for the same reason once they grow up and I can get a better look at them. Sorry little fish. ❤️ They went peacefully with clove oil. I’m getting sadly good at clove oil euthanizations. I know they’re mop spawners, so I’ll have to work out where to grow out the fry. Any tips are greatly appreciated!
  9. Tons of Medaka fry, they really started laying eggs during the heatwave in WA and are producing a ton for me to this day. These are fry from the last 2-3 weeks. I probably have 300-400 now between this tank and my 100gallon "pond" One of my favorite fish so far. Still looking for red caps and oranges
  10. Hello all! I'm having a bit of trouble with a batch of Japanese rice fish/medaka/Oryzias latipes, and I was wondering if anyone out there who's more knowledgeable than myself could give me a hand. I took a break from fishkeeping after moving cross country, and this is a bit of a disheartening foray back into the hobby. Parameters: 20 gal tank, about a year old, other occupants are 15+ RCS and a handful of snails, pretty well planted pH 7.2, ammonia 0, nitrites 0, nitrates <5ppm Water temp is 76F The situation: Ordered a group of 8 "blue sparkle" medaka. Shipment arrived on time, but the bag was leaking and HOT when it arrived. The fish were shipped in a styrofoam container, but the interior was really warm. Still, all 8 fish were alive and active. One fish was missing an eye, but it didn't appear to be a new injury. Day 1: Drip acclimated the fish, kept them in a breeder net for 24hr to observe. They all seemed active, alert, and acclimating well. All of the fish were eating and swimming well through the end of Day 2. Tested water levels and did a small water change in the afternoon of Day 2. Day 3: One of the smallest fish seemed to be breathing quickly/swimming near the surface at the end of Day 2. It declined quickly overnight and was dead on the morning of Day 3. The next smallest fish followed a similar trajectory and was dead by the end of Day 3. Day 4: The largest fish, a female, got stuck in some algae near the back of the tank. I've had a bit of a hair algae problem in the past. Things have been much better, but I guess I missed a clump in the back. I gave the algae a bit of a nudge and she quickly swam free, but she's been hyperventilating ever since. She hasn't been eating, has been swimming near the surface, but also has bursts of energy where she swims around the tank. At the end of the day, I noticed a small red splotch on her back. The remaining 5 fish seem to be doing fine and are eating and swimming well. Tested water levels and did a small water change. Day 5: Today. Big girl seems to be struggling even more, the red splotch is bigger, and she's drifting nose-up. I gently scooped her into a breeder net (with some plants for cover) for closer observation. One of the other fish is still swimming normally, but he seems to have popeye in one of his eyes. Another fish is swimming near the top of the tank like the others were before they died. Three appear to be doing okay. What am I doing wrong here? Aside from ordering fish during the summer (which, really, I should've thought of beforehand), I can't pinpoint what's going wrong. Is it a delayed reaction to the shipping/acclimation? Am I missing something? Any input y'all have would be much appreciated, and I'm here to answer any questions. Thanks! --Plants, a frustrated fishkeeper
  11. I got some rice fish a while ago as "platinums" and looking at babies now I'm wondering what platinum means. Some babies are a slightly orangeish pink like you'd see in an albino fish. others are more white/silvery white. Should I cull the less white ones? Did I get a different variety? In general they look closer to pearl galaxy than platinum to me judging on google photos. Here's one with egg on it's face: I don't have good light and a fast shutter so everything comes out blurry for me.
  12. This morning I noticed a small white growth (pin head size, on back flank/side) and a single spot (pin point, top base of tail fin) on the sole Medaka rice fish in my 5.5 gallon quarantine tank. (Sorry no pictures as she is dead) [similar to one of the growths on Bettas in this thread.] I thought it might be ick as I had previously treated the tank (three cardinal tetras had a few pin point spots) after shipping three weeks ago. But they were treated and have been fine since. (The rice fish also arrived in that shipment, but we’re placed in their own indoor pond.) Possibly related details: I received four rice fish (3 female, 1 male) in my indoor pond three weeks ago and they were happy and healthy and immediately started breeding. I, unfortunately, went on vacation one week after receiving them for two weeks. They had automatic feeders and an air stone (no filter), and someone checked on all my fish (20 gallon, 12 gallon indoor pond, and two other 5 gallons) every few days and everyone was doing great. I did 30% water changes immediately before leaving and as soon as I got back. However, the sitter did not notice that three of the rice fish were missing, presumably dead. I did not find their bodies in the tank anywhere in or around the tank (or in my roomba) so I assumed the lone surviving female (or the numerous rams horn snails) must have eaten them. However, there were approximately 75-100 happy little fry. The lone female was chasing them and nipping at them, so I decided to move her with the other quarantine fish while I set up a second pond. She was initially being chased and nipped at for a few hours after transfer by a quarantining female betta who had been treated with levamisole for internal worms three weeks prior in the quarantine tank. So I decided to move that female betta back out to the community tank, as she is doing well and getting her white color back. It has been about 5 days and she was a little shy, but seemed fine, along with the other four new cardinal tetras (treated for ick previously) and three new French blue star endler tetras, when this morning I noticed the growth. She is a platinum rice fish, so it could have possibly been there a few days and I had not noticed, but unlikely as I was checking in on her everyday to make sure she was adjusting. Possible error in treatment: In order to cure what I thought must be ick, still in the tank from the previous fish, I treated this morning with Super ick cure (API), only 2.5 ml (recommended 5 ml/5 gal), and then after questioning if the white growth may be a bacterial infection I decided to treat with 1 ml (recommended 1 ml/ 10 gal, admittedly, this was a little high) of Melafix (melaleuca oil 5%, API). There was no activated carbon in the tank, and the tank parameters when checked this evening were: pH 7.5 (normal), ammonia: 0 ppm, nitrite: 0.25 ppm, nitrate: ~7.5 ppm, KH: 40, GH: 30. There is not temp gauge in the tank, but the others read ~80 F, and the high today was only 84 F (outside). However, my three nerite snails were all on the bottom of the tank looking in bad shape (I transferred them to the new pond to see if they would recover), but none of the other fish (3 endlers and 2 tetras) were having issues nor any of the many rams horn snails (adult and new hatchlings). I have done a 50% water change just to be sure it is not going to harm the other fish, but I am uncertain of the possible cause. Are Super Ick Cure and Melafix incompatible medications to be administered together? Or do you think this is likely the same thing that killed off the three other rice fish previously? Any thoughts on possible causes, and things to look out for in the other fish in that tank? And/or thoughts on possible conditions that may arise in the rice fish fry as they grow up from the previous pond? Thanks for reading this murder mystery…
  13. Bought 7x of these Ricefish several weeks ago. 5x survived. They’re in this little densely planted, zero water change 5.5 gal. loaded with duckweed, Java moss, rotala indica, pothos, etc. It’s a classic “out of sight, out of mind” tank that I toss extra flakes, BBS, etc. into 2x per day. Well, just having a look... and 2x females are carrying their eggs visibly behind their abdomen. Its not easy to get a decent photo in the lighting setup. Here’s a video. Look for the two females carrying a load of golden berries... I honestly think they propagate a fair bit like my Fundulopanchax killifish. I’ll probably just let them go, and see if I can manage to preserve some fry in here. I love their blue eyes!
  14. After 2 weeks in my 18 gallon pond, I moved one of my water hyacinth to a 3 gallon bucket with aged green water. I just saw medaka fry! They are around eyelash size. I've started feeding them with Hikari First bites. How often should I be feeding them and how often should I change water? I'm not running any filtration on the bucket. It just has water hyacinth and some other plants (java moss, salvinia). It's kept in the shade to help minimize temp swings. Any other tips experienced medaka breeders have?
  15. My pond has ricefish and white clouds. I recently found a bunch of fry, but don't really know which fish they're from though I suspect its the white clouds since the ricefish have had a rough start in the tub pond. The fry are all the size of mature mosquito larvae right now but some of them are surface dwelling and whiter and some are swimming lower and darker, though the dark ones do come to the surface sometimes. Do youall think this is an age difference thing or do I have both species of fry? I didn't manage to photograph any of the darker fry since they're deeper and dark on a dark background.
  16. So... I have this 5.5 gal tank, full of green goodness, but without any fish. And I went to my LFS looking for something new (to me) and small to try to breed in it. I found these... What are they you ask? Me too... Turns out they’re commonly called “Daisy’s Ricefish.” Scientific (Latin binomial) name... Oryzias woworae. Searching Fishbase... I guess the females hang onto the eggs awhile, outside their bodies, like this... We shall see! I got 7x. Maybe some will survive... maybe they’ll have babies... and that means BAP... {NERM breeder}
  17. I lost a medaka today out of my tub pond. and one is unaccounted for. I added them in maybe 4-6 weeks ago, and they started out unhappy. a water change later they same fine but didn't want to eat flake from the surface. now two of them are eating one is missing, one is a runt but still fine, and this one is dead. Two weeks ago I added white cloud MMs into my tub as well. two days ago i found a ton of fry. Does anyone have any theories about why this guy died? below are some photos of my parameters. I don't believe the pH because the co-op strips already read between 6.4 and 6.8 for me even when other methods all say high 7s. I'm also really skeptical there's chlorine in there because I haven't added water in weeks, and when I did I used prime.
  18. Man oh man its been a good week. Finally got Fry for my Platinum Medaka/Betta/Shrimp (Orange/Snowball/Cherrys) and Plecos!!!! Thought it would never happen but im getting steady results! Thanks to the forum and Co-Op for all the info! 1. Combtail Betta 2.Betta mahachaiensis 3.Red Cherry / Medaka Platinums in Egg tumbler 4.Bristlenose Plecos
  19. I put mymedaka in a tub 5-6 days ago and they haven't eaten sense. The flake I give them just stays on top for hours. They mostly just stay still at the surface until I startle them and they swim down. Any idea why this is? Paramiters are 72f, 300 gh, 80kh, 7.4-7.8ph, 0/0/0nitrogens (5 new fish in 30gh. They were living at room temp (68-75) in a 5g before the tub was ready and we're always excited about food.
  20. Hi all, I have a 5 gallon aquarium lying around that I have been wanting to use. I recently read about rice fish and am wondering if I could do them in a 5 gallon? If so how many? Thanks
  21. So I have Platinum Medaks and Golden White Cloud Mountain Minnows and a spawning mop in a 100 gallon outdoor Rubbermaid tub. And there are eggs visible in the spawning mop. Any way to tell which eggs they are? How about if I separate them out and they hatch into fry? Can I tell them apart as fry? How old until they get big enough to tell apart? At what point will I be able to differentiate the species? Thank you for your input!
  22. It's been a while since I've talked haha, but to expand on the question, It's starting to warm up significantly here in western Washington so I'm beginning to setup my patio pond back up (40ish Gallons) and I believe while both the Medaka and Shiners are compatible together, would the shiners possibly go after the eggs? I know the Rainbow Shiners are prolific in eating their own eggs, but what about other fish eggs? I heard Cory say that the shiners didn't seem to go after things like guppy fry and things like that, but i don't hear of anyone mentioning them eating eggs, I do have a separate container for the eggs, so if I see some on a piece of Azolla or Water Lettuce I could just move them, but just in case if I miss some, what's the likely hood of this happening?
  23. When I was young, I briefly lived in Japan. I once saw plastic bags of small white fish being sold, and of course, bought a bag. I had no idea what they were, but they made me happy. With all the recent mentions of medaka rice fish, I just realized that must be what they were! It's been decades of not knowing. I'm so intrigued! ... and maybe, of course, I can get some. 🙂
  24. Do white clouds eat mosquito larvae? Also will they play nice with rice fish? My tub has got larvae faster than Iexpected.
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