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Found 9 results

  1. So a little bit ago I made a post about how my easy green pump didn't go very far down. Well it bothered me enough to the point where I took it apart. Turns out easy green solidifies at room temp and exposed to air. It was really cool to see solid fertilizer crystals. Solution: Unscrew pump head Take pump head and hold it upsidedown over the bottle/ bowl/ or your tank Pull off top part of pump (the part where fertilizer leaves) Take off the black piece that screws onto the bottle There is a white ring under black piece that screws onto the bottle, remove and dont lose Admire the crystals (pointed with red arrow) Take a cup of HOT water and dissolve crystals, I tried to remove manually but it isnt as effective. Agitate the pump by tapping it on bottom of cup Put back together aligned with the slits Works like new and is back to being satisfying to push down. Downside is my tank may be over fertilized now
  2. I was on vacation last week and came home to find out my canister filter stopped working. I have cleaned it hoping that would fix the issue, but apparently not. Now I'm going out of town again, leaving tomorrow and will be gone for a week. I have today to find a quick solution. I have access to both Petsmart and Petco, which carry FX4 and FX6. My tank is 85 gallons and heavily planted with limited stock (neo's and 7 dwarf rainbows.). I inject CO2 which is the reason I need a canister. Part of my hold up is that I had planned to add a sump to this aquarium and had been planning for that (as well as an auto water change system). Ugh.
  3. I picked up a 75g used tank with stand. The stand has a trim piece that covers the plastic tank trim so I didn't realize the plastic trim on the bottom of the tank is cracked in three places until it was moved to its new location. The tank holds water fine and looks pretty new. Do I need to worry about the broken trim? The braces are not broken.
  4. Got this approx 80 Gallon for free, and I'll show you why in the pictures (plus my boss gave it to me). Is it a keeper or is it trash? Wondering if the trim or chipped edges are repairable/replaceable too. It has been holding watertight for 2 weeks now. Would like it to be suitable for the living room or maybe just my office, but i wonder if its doomed to the garage or the backyard. Thank you for your thoughtss. If nothing else, its an example of "this is a bad idea" or "go for it". Have a good weekend!
  5. I have a 10 gallon I want to use temporarily for a betta I just rescued but the bottom rim fell off is there a way I could actually use this TEMPORARILY
  6. I purchased a secondhand 40 Breeder for a really good deal. It had a taped on background so I didn't notice until I got home that it had a corner crack. I talked to the seller and got my money back but I still want to salvage the tank somehow. I have a rectangle of glass that is wider than the crack and as high as the back panel that I was planning to silicone over it and then run a bead of silicone along the crack on the outside of the aquarium. When I water tested it was barely weeping through the crack but would still rather be safe than sorry. I know in an ideal world I would replace the whole back panel or just use it for a terrarium. Is this a fool's errand or should it work? I have used squares of glass and silicone to cover bulkhead holes to great success but just want to do this right.
  7. We all have aquariums; some more than others. They come in different styles, designs and fabricated materials. But did you ever have a tank outright bust open? Or perhaps even a slow leak? Always wondered what the percentage of tank failures were, compared to aquariums in operation, for many years.
  8. Hello, so we had a power outage today. Not sure for how long as I was outside gardening. When I came back I noticed that my HOB in my 20 gallon was running but with no water. I quickly filled it up with water and it began working. That was 6-7 hours ago. 20 minutes ago I did a 25% water change to my tank because it's the 5th day using Paracleanse. Well I go and connect everything back up and my HOB Filter is not working. Was it the power outage and it running without water? I'm pretty bummed out if so. I can't afford another HOB filter at the moment. =\ It's a Aquaclear one. Thanks.
  9. Came home to a dead light, -finnex planted plus 24/7cc New as of this year (would hopefully be under warranty) tried swapping it to a different outlet tried swapping the battery’s in the remote to no avail the tank has a glass cover (it couldn’t have gotten wet) it was plugged into a surge protector and the power never went out so I’m not sure everything appears to be normal other than the light not turning on my guess Is maybe something in the power bank died i don’t really know, so I went and found the box and for some reason the receipt wasn’t in it (usually where I keep them) so now I’m thinking I’m out of luck so I searched the box and the instructions for a support number only to find out they don’t have one so I went on there website and messaged/emailed them through there (waiting on a response) luckily I bought another one used for a not yet setup tank so I took that one for the meantime but I’m a bit frustrated that I spent $120 on this light and it hasn’t even lasted a year, has anyone else had these issues with there’s? Am I the odd one out and ok to get another one or should i eat the difference and get a fluval? (Plants are crypt lucens, Java fern, pogostemon stellatus octopus and a mix of duckweed and water lettuce, 29gal tank) so I wouldn’t imagine the 3.0 is necessary but the reliability and customer service is probably worth it
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