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  1. I've had 6 Praecox (Dwarf Neon) Rainbows for quite a while now. Ended up with all males. Have this guy that is quite a bit larger than the others and always has a pronounced horizontal stripe. I assume this is just the dominant male (as opposed to a different species or hybrid), but this is my first time keeping them and I've never seen one quite so large or with that dark stripe. Looking at picking up some females and trying to spawn, so I wanted to make sure. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi! if you haven't read it, go read my introduction. This journal will attempt to continue where I left off there. I'm currently running four aquariums, all freshwater planted. These photos were all taken today on my Galaxy S7 ( my wife's iphone shots look so much better! ). First up is my living room 75 gallon. Substrate is Safe-T-Sorb. The aquascape in here was pretty much "drop in some cholla and let's see what happens when it sinks." I kind of like the haphazard nature of it. As the java ferns grow, I'll add some more to the back wall. Still dealing with an excess of organics in the water from the recent riparium conversion, which is a second reason the plants are mostly in the foreground. I recently added a heater as we noticed that we were only getting female guppy babies and internet research indicated that at 72 degrees that is the likely result. We're now running at 79 degrees, so hoping we'll see some cool mutts soon! I just saw one 1/2" fry that has an all black tail, so maybe a male?! The glass lids were a project from this past weekend. I salvaged a window on craigslist and disassembled it, then cut the glass for the lids. I should get quite a few lids for future tanks as it was double pane. The rock wall background was a DIY project in 2014. It is 2 inch foam painted with tinted drylock. At the time, I figured it would last a couple years maybe, and I didn't spend a ton of time on it. Well here it is 7 years later and its still in perfect condition! I'd really love for the cory cats to spawn in this tank. I'll probably try to breed them intentionally at some point, but I don't know if I am ready for fry that small yet. There are some snails in here, including a couple bladder snails and some fairly large malaysian trumpet snails in the 1 inch range.
  3. Hi everyone, I am in desperate need of help. I bought some Molly's to go with my guppies but ended up with a baby rainbow fish in the bag. Can anyone tell me what type it is? I've had a few kinds in the past but they were all very different and they didn't come as babies.
  4. Hey all! My Lfs sold me “running river rainbows” 2 of them are definitely rainbow fish and the other looks similar to a tetra but I’m new to rainbows so I have no clue. I haven’t seen anything on running rivers and was wondering if it is even possible and how can I tell they are in fact that species (and for the one that looks like a tetra how to tell if it even is a rainbow)
  5. A week ago I posted about some white lip stuff on 2 of my rainbowfish. I was told it was likely a fungal infection so I used maracyn and treated the tank. 6 treatments later nothing has changed really, besides some stringy stuff no longer being on the lip. One of the rainbows looks a little better possibly though. I finally got some clear pictures of the lip issue and now wanted to ask again if you think it’s still fungal or if it’s just an injury? Should I do another round of medication or just be done and watch carefully? What is my best course of action here? Thanks for any help you can offer me!
  6. Hi all! I was wondering if anybody has breed threadfin rainbowfisj. If so here are my questions... How to breed them How long until eggs hatch How to hatch eggs How long until she lays after being transferred to breeding tank?
  7. A local enthusiast/breeder gave my kids half a dozen Dwarf Neons and one of the males is not like the others. Looks like his spine is a little crooked or something and he swims with his head a little higher than all the others. It doesn’t seem to effect him much. Still very active and a good eater. What causes this? Gene pool too shallow, some sort of deficiency?? Thanks! PS pardon the dirty water. We’d just feed the tank.
  8. Hello all, I've got a batch of pseudomugil luminatus fry that I am currently raising up. I noticed very shortly after they hatched that some of them displayed the shining blue eyes and even a blue sheen to their bodies while others were the a normal dull brown. I have attached pics so you can see them. It isn't the way the light is hitting them or anything. I am wondering if it is just the males being more colorful even from birth or what? Anyone have any idea? Thanks!
  9. Hi there everyone! I had my first Australian rainbow fry hatch yesterday and have a few questions about feeding them, and fry grow out in general. I have the fry floating on ziplock containers in my 55 to keep the temp, and was wondering what everyone has the best luck feeding them? I have sera micron that I have been feeding 3 times daily (that's what works with my work schedule, I know more would be great) but I can't tell if they are actually eating it or not. Also I took a bit of java moss out of a platy breeding tank, and upon putting it in the container with the fry, a bunch of small black things which I assume are insects came rushing out of it. They are about the size of the head part of the rainbow fry, and from a bit of research online, I think they may be seed shrimp? I just was shocked that with the stocking level and number of fry in that tank that a small creature like that would be able to survive and not be eaten! I'll try to upload a photo tonight, my photos I have are apparently too large of file size. I was wondering if these will eat or hurt my fry, and if they won't, are they a decent food source for the fry? Update: here is a link to the video of my fry and the small insects, any help would be appreciated! https://photos.app.goo.gl/mnfEiSucvTzYoA7ZA Thank you in advance! Ben
  10. Hi! Does anybody on here breed the praecox rainbow fish, I think they may be called dwarf neon rainbows??? Anyways, how do you breed them? Thanks
  11. I have a planted, 55, with a Betta,2 Siamese algae eaters, 6 albino corys, 2 bamboo shrimp and 1 Giant blue wood shrimp. I don't want to do more than 1 water change a week. I already have 8 DRF but I would like more. Can my tank and change schedule handle more if so how many?
  12. Hey everyone. I would like to pass on a couple cents or too. Currently I am running a tank with rainbows. I have been ordering from Ac for a while. It figure I could do a formal intro. I was a big Oscar owner but aquarium coop helped open the doors.
  13. Sold to me as Australian Rainbows. The yellow was super vivid when I picked up. In Quarantine right now but just curious if these are actually rainbows?
  14. What is a good ratio for breeding Boesemani Rainbows? I have 2 males and 10 females.
  15. Do Pseudomugil Furcatus eat their own fry?
  16. Should I be worried about this wound-looking spot on my Boesemani Rainbowfish? Background info: I bought some Celebes Rainbowfish and added them to my 60-gallon DT without quarantining them — lost 4 of the 5 Celebes and my last remaining Boesemani got sick (he’s over 7 years old now). Now that I found Aquarium Co-op’s videos, I know how to do a quarantine tank for the future. I just finished a course of Maracyn and ParaCleanse last week, primarily for this fish who I thought was a goner for sure. He’s feeling feisty again (he bit me several times while I was trying to plant new cryptocorynes tonight) and is back to eating well so I thought he was in the clear, until I noticed this weird spot on his side. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you in advance!
  17. Hi All, I have 7 threadfin rainbows - had them about a month and a half. When purchased from Aqua Huna they were so tiny I put them in a grow out tank. Had no problems there. I've since moved them to my 72 G tank and i've noticed several males with bitten off tail fins. Not ragged - the tips are bitten clean off. Did the dominant male do this or maybe it was another fish. Other culprits could be female betta who appears to ignore them or some active Cochu tetra which also appear to ignore them, although they do school together sometimes. I'm just wondering if this is normal behavior for threadfin rainbow fish. Thanks so much!
  18. Hi, I have a rainbowfish that is sick. I bought 12 rainbowfish from a local breeder and one had a weird bulge on his chin (I think he had it when I got him, but I don't know. I know that he did have it within a week or two after I got him.) I ended up euthanizing him because I wasn't sure if it was genetic or what, and didn't want to have baby DNRs with that same issue (or have him spreading it if it was a disease). No one on Fishlore had any idea what it was, and the breeder thought it might be lymphocystis (it was too uniform for that, I think, but who knows). That was a male by the way. Now, I have another rainbowfish, a female this time, that has a similar looking spot on her side. It doesn't look 3d like the male's was, but it is hard to get a decent photo as the rainbows are kind of skittish. The other issue is that my angelfish ALSO has (I think) something going on with his lower lip. His lip looks bigger than it should be, and kind of lumpy. He is black, so getting a photo of a blackish looking lip against a black fish is hard. Here are some photos I took, hopefully they will help. I have had the tank set up for about 4 months or so, and other than the rainbow, an apisto died (I think) from stress from the angels (or maybe one of the other two apistos) fin nipping him. And the blue angelfish I had in there also died, I don't know what from. These are the two currently sick fish, the angel and the rainbow.
  19. Aloha all! My 40-ish gallon tank is coming along well. The plants are really filling in and the parameters are stable. I’m rather happy with it. The quarantine process has been a bit rough, though. The first round was 5 dwarf neon rainbows and 9 male guppies. All of the rainbows survived but only 2 of the guppies made it through. Next round was 5 dwarf neon rainbows and 15 rummy nose tetras. Again, the rainbows are doing fine but only 1 rummy nose is still alive. In hindsight I think the rummies weren’t healthy to start with, so I’m glad to have any survive. So, now I’m wondering if I should just re-home the 2 guppies and 1 rummy nose and go forward with a huge school of dwarf neon rainbows? Or on the next round of quarantine should I fill in the schools of the other two?
  20. I am breeding rainbow fish, is a 20 gal standard to small to keep a trio in long term? If so what would be the better option to hold multiple breeds of rainbows.
  21. I recently bought some Boesemani Rainbows. I have xtreme krill flakes, vibra bites, frozen brine shrimp and then ordered some hikiari micro pellets for food. What does everyone feed their rainbows and is this food ok for them ?
  22. Hello all, For the past week or so, I’ve noticed that my Boesmani Lake Aytinjo Rainbows and the Odessa Barbs are schooling together. At times, it’s more like shoaling, yet there is absolute schooling behavior being observed. Anyone ever notice something like this. My guess is everyone is happy and getting along. For reference, there are 18 Boesmani and 10 Odessa’s in a heavily planted 75 gallon. Thank you kindly, stay safe and healthy
  23. Hello everyone, I am in the midst of planning my next aquarium. I already have 12 Chilatherina Alleni ‘Wapoga’ grow outs in a 40 breeder. I also have 11 Rhadinocentrus Ornatus ‘Searys Creek’ grow outs in a separate 40. I’m planning on purchasing a 75 within 30-60 days for the Alleni. Question is, can I mix in the Rhad’s or is there a hybridization risk? Thank you kindly, any and all feedback is greatly appreciated. Manny
  24. So I have a 75 gallon heavier planted tank with cardinal tetras, ember tetras, and some rasboras. Want to add to it and had some suggestions of rainbows and Bolivian rams. Would Bolivian rams and rainbows work with my current fish? I know anything is possible I’m just nervous of getting them and waking up and all my tetras and rasboras gone with the rams and rainbows with full bellies . I guess I’m looking for possible reassurance that this combination is doable 😂
  25. Hello! For weeks I have been reading countless blogs, searching forums, watching more hours of fishtube then I’d like to admit on the topic, etc. trying to decide how to solve a predicament I’ve found myself in. I have a 40 gallon breeder tank with a handful of super chill black mollies, 5 peppered corys, and one turquoise rainbow. I do weekly water changes consistently, run a Aquaclear 70 and a sponge filter as well. Now that I am a much more informed aquarist, I have discovered that the majority of the internet says the smallest tank size for turquoise rainbows is a 55 gallon. I’d like to get more same species rainbows so the one I have can thrive even better (as I inherited only one). It’s very active, younger and healthy - just want it to be in the best environment possible . Do I get a few more turquoise rainbows or try to rehome the one I currently have? Thanks in advance for any advice! I am super appreciative!!
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