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  1. An update, sadly spooky has died, he hadn’t been doing well for the past couple weeks so it is not a surprise all of the other fish are acting normal so it may be age related, as he was very big and most likely quite old when I got him Farewell old friend o7
  2. 110% Bolivian rams are CHEESE money to sex, as long as you see the vent
  3. Yea gonna have the marine science class do it, probably every day/ every other day the teacher is probably going to come in during the summer to feed
  4. If I do pea puffers i doubt I’ll get to breed them I don’t think gbr’s would be good, to difficult, anyway Bolivians are better Hmmm maybe them with a cichlid
  5. idk, honestly never looked for them, I just think I remember hearing people saying how hard they were to find
  6. Idk maybe gouaramis, but I want it to be interesting (class aid) and easy to find (aren’t honey gourmies notoriously difficult to find?)
  7. How about filling it up with a plant that grows like a weed and putting peapuffers?
  8. I don’t think we are going to be able to do shellies, the problem is that we can’t pay shipping (idk government reasons) and they don’t want to use eBay, aquabid doesn’t really have anything anyother interesting fish that are easy and common and preferably can be breed effortlessly Idk could we do angelfish? Or convicts?
  9. The main issue is shipping being so expensive No, but there are plenty, and the room is pretty warm We don’t really have any clubs nearby, the closest one is the next state over
  10. We have run into a possibly minor problem. I called today and they do have multis, BUT they are $19.98, I was banking on them being around $10 as that is what they typically go for online. This is a major issue because the science department only wants to spend around $50 on fish (understandably) would getting 2 be a possibility? I have seen they are social fish, so idk
  11. I am going to call an lfs today to see if they can order in some multis and then if everything goes well we should get them next Thursday
  12. Yup, I’ve run ideas past her, and she is basically, do what ever you want as long as it won’t break the bank and is easy
  13. 29gal, and the endlers are kinda just the acid test, to see if the water is good
  14. So I’m setting up a school aquarium again, with actual funding from the science department! He’s what I got so far, kinda not expecting to much immediate success because it’s Kerry tiger to next week. do far 4 endlers, thinking of shellies because they look cool dingus is chasing a dot on the back of the aquarium 😂
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