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Found 4 results

  1. Hello. I've been wanting to set up a new tank and have fell in love with dwarf cichlids. I've been trying to do some research over the past few days and haven't quite found the answers I'm looking for. I have a tank setup in mind I'm just not sure it would work and would rather get opinions on what others think before committing to it. I was thinking of doing a 40 gallon breeder with 3 German Blue Rams (1M 2F) and 3 Apistogramma Cacatuoides (1M 2F). I would want to also add some shrimp and some snails. Would something like this not work due to species compatibilities or perhaps too many fish? Maybe the opposite and I could add in a small school of tetras or corys? Thanks!
  2. Hello! For weeks I have been reading countless blogs, searching forums, watching more hours of fishtube then I’d like to admit on the topic, etc. trying to decide how to solve a predicament I’ve found myself in. I have a 40 gallon breeder tank with a handful of super chill black mollies, 5 peppered corys, and one turquoise rainbow. I do weekly water changes consistently, run a Aquaclear 70 and a sponge filter as well. Now that I am a much more informed aquarist, I have discovered that the majority of the internet says the smallest tank size for turquoise rainbows is a 55 gallon. I’d like to get more same species rainbows so the one I have can thrive even better (as I inherited only one). It’s very active, younger and healthy - just want it to be in the best environment possible . Do I get a few more turquoise rainbows or try to rehome the one I currently have? Thanks in advance for any advice! I am super appreciative!!
  3. Hi all. Long time follower of aquarium coop, but haven’t had much to share. Over the past few months I have built a 40g breeder with a 20g long sump with a Sicce Syncra Silent 2.0 rated for 568 gph. I think I am getting around 360 gph on my return pump, I have it set up for two self-priming siphons drains, but am currently only running one 3/4” siphon at about 85%. I think. I built the cabinet from lumber but need to finish the trim figure out how to build a door. the tank is cycled, I have been running it for almost 8 weeks. It ran for 3 weeks with no rock or fish, only filter media and some organic matter to spike the ammonia. I drained the main tank and just ran the sump for about ten days while I constructed the drain boxes, rock feature and planters. I filled it all back up, let the everything settle, and waited for nitrates to show up. Once I was testing for nitrates I added Fluval stratum to the designated plant areas. I also added 2 guppies to see if I could sustain life. all has been good for two weeks, I changed 10 gal of water 5 days ago and am getting 0 ammonia, 3-5 ppm nitrates, 7.9 pH, and 77 f temp today. I have a a 24-36” fluval 3.0 plant that is running for 8 hours at about 40%. I think I am ready to start stocking. I initially wanted to have a pair of apisto’s, celestial pearl danios (or harlequin rasboras) and a sterbi Cory or loach group of 7-10. I cannot find apisto’s locally, and have taken a liking to the yo-yo loach over the sterbi Cory. I have added 2 valisnaria, one crypt of unknown specs, and several clumps Anubias nana petite hidden in cracks that are hard to take pictures of. I have one plant that I have no idea what it is, I think it was a hitchhiker, but looks like some sort of rhizome plant of unknown origin. I wanted to introduce myself first and show my project. I have been fish keeping since I was a kid, kept mbuna cichlids in a 90g that was poorly planned and hard to maintain, but had some really neat fish with lots of personality, but they didn’t allow any plants. Most recently I have run a low tech planted 20 long for the last 18 months with guppies and cherry shrimp that donated the starter plants for the upgrade. let me know what you think? Am I trying to do too much? Or is this a realistic project to continue?
  4. I have a 40 breeder cycling and need help with deciding on livestock. I was thinking 4-6 pearl and dwarf Gouramis 10-12 (small to medium sized) tetras, 3-4 Cory cats. What do you guys think of this stocking idea?
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