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  1. Pretty sure you're comparing apples to oranges. Look up TDS but I'm pretty sure it's everything (total after all). Not just gh which I think is just calcium and magnesium. Could be wrong.
  2. Cory says the more wattage, more failure. I just setup a new 88 gallon. It came with a cheap fluval m series 300. I decided to put my new in box 100 watt coop heater in. Ambient 70, filled at at 72. Within 5 hours I had it at setpoint 77 and I haven't seen the heater on in days. Granted my glass is 10mm and it has a tight lid. I'm of the school of more wattage only cooks fish faster school of thought. Also, I have an inkbird on it. Just in case.
  3. Weird that it would be after 4 years. Could the aquaclear motor be aging out? Maybe deep clean the hob and impeller. If it's ok I would pack the aquaclear with polyfill or coop polishing pads and kick everything into the water column for it to pick up. If it is the hob I'd probably change to an aquaclear 50. But if you've been happy for 4 years I would concentrate on what has changed recently.
  4. Taken with a video camera so not super clear. Plus this is a shrimp tank that's only 4 months old and I've been loathe to aggressively clean it until my colony is established but here are dozens of shrimplets of various sizes. It looks like different shrimp gave birth every week for a month judging by size ranges.
  5. The bigger issue is shards of glass. Hopefully it disappears into the substrate and it doesn't bite you in years to come. You could try vacuuming to see if any small loose stuff comes up.
  6. If recommend a metal valve as well
  7. Some guppies just like hanging at the surface. Playing in currents. Chasing bubbles. Also it may just need to adjust
  8. It's very easy to have too much light and grow algae. Cory only has 2 for filming. Pretty sure he has them off otherwise.
  9. The box stores always have the most self righteous employees. Pretty ballsy for a store that pumps diseases to every tank with their filtration. They also have an archaic corporate policy of an inch of fish per gallon. That said they deal with inexperienced people every day. Some of the conversations I overhear just make me shudder.
  10. Im going with the vivosun 800. Seems like it should be plenty. Thanks. But check out this product photo. She's just so happy to be pumping 800gph in her 5 gallon tank.
  11. Pump. I have a hygger version of a python but it's not practical to connect. So I plan on taking the tubing and connecting to an electric pump For refill I'll just fill the bucket with the sink sprayer
  12. Stepping up to a 90 gallon tank so I need a better way to change water. Looking for recommendation for a pump to use to drain and refill. I see a ton of pumps on Amazon, just looking for a decent one.
  13. Poor shrimplets. Good luck on rebuilding.
  14. Unless the minerals in his water exclude enough calcium. I would add a wondershell. Also you really only need to get one female to live to reproduce. You'll replace all your shrimp in one go, and they'll have been raised in your water. Started my tank at the beginning of the year. I have 7ph, off the scale GH, and around 100 KH. I run no heater, and it probably swings between 68 and 74 from day to day. Everyone is happy and I have dozens of shrimplets running around. I probably lost about 5 or 6 of the 15 I started with for whatever reason. If anything leave your tank alone. It's a planted tank, and I let algae grow so there is always grazing and I feed them a few pellets every few days. In 3 months, I've done 1 water change for 1 gallon in a 10 gallon tank. If you just have shrimp their bioload is going to be ridiculously small and they'll probably be more stressed out by a water change than if you leave them alone.
  15. For the record, gouramis are labyrinth fish. They breathe from the surface.
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