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  1. Thank you for education. It's stomach has a bump that moves sometimes and very skinny. Can neons find flakes in darkness to eat? I should keep feeding during black out?
  2. Hello everyone. I've been using ParaGuard from seachem for 7 days now. My 1 neon with stomach parasite seems to be getting worse. Any idea how long treatment should be? I'm dozing as directed on the bottle. 1 bottle cup per 10 gal.
  3. Thank you everyone for replies. Good to know new things about my new hobby. Here is my tank set up. 2nd 10 gal is just in case I need. Trying to grow plants in it.
  4. Hello everyone. I was doing maintenance today and found some living inside hang on back filter. Any idea if it's unsafe for my fish and plants? I fed my fish with frozen brine shrimp. Is there a chance frozen brine shrimp come back to life? I'm new to hobby and finding unexpected things alarm me. I think I saw some hydras in there as well. My phone couldn't pick it up.
  5. Thank you everyone for replies. I'm gonna start trying house plants in water 🙂and help keep nitrate out. Thank you for pictures and names.
  6. Hello. I saw some youtubers have some house plants sticking out water on the back of their tanks. Anyone know low light plant that can live with roots in water?
  7. Hello, thank you for looking I have just used Coop strips. My ammonia appears to be low, nitrate and nitrite are low, hardness very high, buffer and pH are high as well. Temperature is between 75-78. Everyone appears to be breathing normal. All neons hanging at bottom area. I haven't seen any red worms so far. I see some me brown looking poops on the floor. I haven't caught one in pooping action yet :(. Forgot to include pictures
  8. Hello everyone. About 1 months ago I bought 15 neon tetras. So far I found 2 dead overnight somehow and couple of them looking not normal. This one in picture has distinct round stomach. Could this be some digestive or parasite problem? Another neon does not seem to eat much and has very flat stomach. I'm afraid sickness outbreak in my tank. My other fishes include 1 betta, group of pygmy Cory, few shrimps.
  9. My tank is 20 gal long Gabdewulf. I see, I'm gonna buy different foods and feed different days. Thank you for good info.
  10. Thank you for advise Doktor Zhivago. I'll start working on different foods. Tubiworm food from Coop good on nutrition?
  11. Hello. I started feeling my 1 betta, neon tetras, and pygmy Cory with frozen brine shrimp. They all seem to eat it very happy but betta hangs around food and keep eating. Look at his stomach and he ate some more. Can fish eat until he is in some kind stomach problem? Already lost 2 neons out of 15 so far. I have no idea why they died.
  12. Many good advises. Thank you all.
  13. Thank you all for reply and answers. As a beginner I'm trying to start with neon tetras and corydora. And maybe betta. They will not die in hard water right? I used water conditioner from Petco. Used as directed. Coop said there is a leaf that softens water and darkens. I'm considering to use it if safer for fish.
  14. I took one more test. At 20 seconds And at 1 minutes (2nd pic) Instructions on the back said check at 1 minute.
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