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Found 6 results

  1. Anyone have recommendations to optimize the Nano sponge filter? I've tried the Ziss air stone as well as a normal air stone to get bubbles to stop escaping from the sides with no luck. I haven't tried to put a piece of tube down around the air stone, mostly because the uplift tube on the nano doesn't fit down there. The uplift tube is also not wide enough to even fit the ziss inside of. I've also tried lowering the air, really not running that high as is, and that doesn't seem to help either. Honestly the only way I've found to stop this is by running no air stone at all, but that pretty loud.
  2. Thanks in advance for any advice. 😃 I run 1 or 2 sponge filters w/ my HOB in my 20g. I presently have a bn, 8 ember tetras, and some cherry shrimp culls. I am planning on adding a betta that's presently in quarantine. (He's sharing quarantine w/ neon tetras for another tank to see if he is aggressive 😇) Will removing the HOB and just leaving the sponge filter ruin my cycle ? The HOB is a 20g Aqueon w/intake sponge and using ceramic + sponge Is there anything I should do special to avoid that possibility? Or should I just use the HOB ? Trying to control flow for the betta. 🤔
  3. Every time I used a sponge filter, it gets this awful squeak. How do I prevent this?
  4. I have two tanks running with sponge filters. Both have stable parameters with pH around 7.8, Nitrites at 0, and nitrates around 30 ppm (hopefully these go down as my plants settle in). Every time I take a reading, ammonia is under 0.25 ppm, barely detectable, but still there. I've begun to wonder if I might be able to get them all the way to zero, and I have two ideas/questions about it. My first theory is about the sponge filters. The sponge filters I have are extremely fine with teeny tiny pores, and I've heard people say this can decrease their efficiency. I've watched the co-op videos and Cory's objection to fine-grade sponges is that they need to be cleaned more because they clog more easily, but he doesn't comment on whether they're less efficient than coarse sponges, even when properly cleaned (I squeeze mine out in tank water every other week). Does anyone know if switching to coarser sponge filters will help get that last stubborn bit of ammonia down? My second theory is about plants. I've filled each tank with as many plants as I can, do I just need to wait for them to settle into the tank and let them take up that ammonia?
  5. I have recently gotten some Large ACO sponge filters and decided to switch my bigger tanks to straight sponge filters. Under the category of that which can happen will happen... I very nearly lost an otocinclus this morning. One of my littlest must have been munching along the airline, and went into the uplift tube. I found him stuck in there. I expected him to be dead but he was very much alive. I tried taking off the uplift tube but he was still stuck. I tried gently pulling on his body, but nope. I ended up disassembling the filter, and finding that he had wedged his head in the grate at the top. I pushed gently on his nose with forceps and got him free, none the worse for wear. I assume large filters, being designed for large tanks, assume you will have large fish...Or possibly smarter fish. 🙄 I will be adding a disk of plastic needlepoint mesh to the airline above the uplift to prevent further casualties.
  6. Hello, I'm new to forums and have a few questions. First some background info. I'm getting back into the hobby again from about 10 years ago, but new to having a planted tank and feel like a total newbie again. Prior I only had a 26 Hex column and 10 gallon. I've purchased a new 29H, 150W Heater with Hygger HG-918 20W LED light. Setup on Dec 19th, added multiple plants, floating frogbit & baby water lettuce, Taiwan moss and couple of moss balls, with soil & fine sand substrate on top, added 3 lbs of crushed coral between the soil and fine sand (some on surface). I've been researching the past month and watching all the Aquarium Co-op videos, as well as received 2 new orders from them. Medium Sponge filter, using Prime, Easy Green and easy root tabs. Purchased Zyme 7 but have not added to the tank yet. I've not done any water changes and my water parameters as of last night: PH 8, Amm 1.0, Nitrite 1.0, Nitrate 20 with API master kit, API test strips: KH 120, GH 120. My plan is to have guppies and cherry shrimp with maybe some cory's. I had 2 snail hitch a ride from the plants, and now have 3 new tiny ones. FYI, I've been running the bubbler all week without the filter, cause I was stupid and didn't add the filter on first order, hence the second order. I went ahead and purchased a medium and small sponge filter. Tank has been clear all week, can see some fuzzy build up on some of the plastic decorations, Rocks & sand, plants seem to be doing well, I see some new growth on a few of them, some have some browning. I just received my sponge filter yesterday & setup the medium sponge last night. I've watched the video on setup & optimizing, however I still have small bubbles out to the side. It doesn't seem to be filtering, even the tiny molecules just float right by it. How do I know it's getting the correct filter flow or flow at all? The filter looks brand new, no new build up on it all that I can see, running for 16 hours. Should I be able to see things get sucked into & onto the filter, especially when I disturb the substrate and lots of plant debris floats up? Should I add the small filter along with the medium? I was going to use it for 10G quarantine tank (not purchased yet). I'm trying to cycle the tank without fish, but after watching some additional videos yesterday, I'm considering adding a couple of fish. What are your thoughts? I am a little confused on cycling, as how do I know when the tank is ready since I'm adding fertilizer? I started tracking my testing on 21st. Which was PH 7.8, Amm 1.0, Nitrite 0, Nitrate 5, GH 120, KH 80. (the strip read Nitrate at 20). So I am seeing a change happen on the parameters. Also, my new heater is set at 79 but the temp is reading about 82, I'm trying to lower the temp today and figure out how to calibrate the heater correctly. Goal temp is 78-80. I've moved the thermometer around the tank testing the temp. Thanks for any help and advice.
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