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39 minutes ago, Lizzie Block said:

Your bettas are beautiful! My betta is called Derek. Named after Derek Zoolander because his tail looks like the big Z on the dvd cover hehe. 🤓



Lizzie, he looks gorgeous! Great looking fish!

35 minutes ago, TheDukeAnumber1 said:

This was Brian, and he was awesome...


Brian looks awesome. Was (I take it he passed 😢) he a Dragon or Samurai?

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45 minutes ago, Fonske said:

I love that bettas always have cool names 🙂

Meet Sapphire, my chubby half-moon. He lives with a bunch of female guppies and they seem happy together. 


Great photo. I need to step up my game with fish photography. I've seen people accomplish some awesome shots on smartphones. 

Best I could get of mine today:


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I got the brown betta from Petco about a year and a half. Can you guess what kind he is? He is actually a Bumblebee. I don't know about you but I think he is pretty unique. Recently put the blue betta in a 75 gal with 4 tetras and he is LOVING it! After being born in a cup, this is a huge improvement.




2020-08-17 (15).png

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2 hours ago, Irene said:

Handsome man... my previous betta Soundwave looked like his brother from another mother. 🙂 Here's my current mustard gas betta fish named Sonic who is enjoying life as the tank boss of my planted community tank:


Platy 1: She's giving all her attention to the betta again. 

Platy 2: Quick, let's poop and ruin the picture. 

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