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  1. My new project that I started a couple of weeks ago. I try to stream M-R 8-10p CST I realize that for many of you. You could just watch your own tank with your favorite tunes on but maybe your friend can't and would really enjoy it. https://youtu.be/0WCTZlp6y2s
  2. I'm a mental health therapist working with kids in state custody. Hobbying on that non profit budget, yo.
  3. So I want to take a couple of females from a colony situation to match them up with a specific male. I know that female guppies can store sperm. So how long should I keep the females separate from the colony to ensure the fry I get are in fact the fry from the male I put them with? Thanks in advance.
  4. No. I’ve only done it to one tank though. I set it up about 6 months ago. So far so good. I would/did do several coats. I could see it happening after years of use but I love the look and wouldn’t change it for anything.
  5. @Grizzly I got my MTS from a local pet store chain. I bought a couple of fish from the tank and said hey can you throw a couple of those little snails in there too. After the worker to find the sku and being told those are just in there he can have them by the manager. Boom I got my snails. Local fish club/FB fish group best place to get them. You will probably be able to get some cool colored one.
  6. I love everything about this thread. I don’t think the pictures are too bad. Your comment reminded me of a video of Jimmy that I remember watching about taking pictures of your fish. I’m pretty sure he talks about taking them with a cell phone. enjoy!
  7. I used the stuff @Corytalks about. The spray can stuff from Walmart. Plasti Dip. Worked great on my 5g betta palace.
  8. @Ryo Watanabe wouldn’t be able to just send some eggs in the mail like Killifish as @Dean’s Fishroom said?
  9. I came here to say this. Foo the Flowerhorn has some great tanks and some amazing custom tops.
  10. Lizzie, he looks gorgeous! Great looking fish! Brian looks awesome. Was (I take it he passed 😢) he a Dragon or Samurai?
  11. My sons betta was called Max for the same reason! 😂
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