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  1. Hello everyone, I’m currently attempting to raise my first batch of angelfish fry. They spawned on a piece of slate and have wigglers. They have been sitting (wiggling) on the bottom for the third day today. How long does it take them to free swim? I read not to feed them till they start free swimming and was curious if anyone has experience in it
  2. Let me clarify apparently, this happened a year ago with two of my 11 tanks and my fish are most definitely good and was only asking about opinions on putting a timer on air pumps . I appreciate your opinions though👍
  3. @JimOpI have been running my filterless fish room for a year so I disagree on your view with filters. I run my tanks similar to LRB Aquatics except I use air. My fish and plants are thriving that being said thanks for your input 👍
  4. Question, I run a fish room with no filters but I use air after noticing a couple tanks with fish struggling from oxygen deprivation issues. I was curious for opinions on if air needs to be run 24/7? All my tanks are heavily planted and thought of putting my air pump on a timer to only run part of the day or night but I’m not sure one, if this is a good idea and two, if so when is the best time to turn it off?
  5. Question, I have some dirted tanks and they are doing good but have considered adding more of a cap. I have about 1-1.5 inch cap currently some with sand and some with gravel. I was considering putting sand over the gravel caps . Is this doable to make the dirt level anoxic to get anaerobic bacteria? I obviously don’t want to remove gravel over dirt to put sand. These tanks have been up and running for a year and a half and are doing great just want them to last long term and feel this might be necessary for that to happen.
  6. Anyone know if these are Aphids? Got them in multiple tanks. Any solutions to get rid of them? Have been knocking them off the plant’s daily hoping the fish will eat them but doesn’t look like the numbers have gone down.
  7. So I’m thinking about rescaping my 75 gallon tank and was thinking about finding a piece of wood that would fit the length of the tank. My question is what type of wood can I use? I’m assuming a hardwood over softwood but what about wood I already find in a lake or River? Is there anything that needs to be done before adding to my tank so the fish don’t die from it?
  8. So I have a random question, a work buddy is into reptiles and asked if I could squeeze my sponge filters into jar so he can use it to jump start the beneficial bacteria for his bearded dragons bioactive (I have no idea what this is 😂) . My question is if I do this how long is the beneficial bacteria going to stay alive? Hours? Days? Just don’t know if I squeeze them before work it would still be good throughout the day or if he should come get it? Lol I know really random question
  9. @Theplatymaster @Beardedbillygoat1975 so I have a tank full of these and if I were to unload some of them what would label them as? Mutt guppy?, standard guppy? just curious cause I don’t want to advertise them as the wrong thing
  10. I have a Fahaka in a 75 gallon currently. It’s almost a year old and 10 inches. My hope is it won’t get monstrous otherwise I will get a bigger tank. Tank mates are hit or miss with mine. I have swordtails, guppies, Endler, Sae , cardinal tetras and ember tetras in the tank. It eats my adult guppies and swordtails typically so I haven’t put anymore in only they fry that are growing in the tank. I have a 306 fluval cannister filter and only do water changes a bout once a month. I struggle to get my nitrates to 40. I love the fish but if there is a certain puffer or fish you want over the other I would get that and the tank to fit if needed other than settling . I always wanted a fahaka so I decided to go for it last year and if I need a bigger tank then so be it and will get one .
  11. Need some help IDing this guppy if possible. Bought it from a lfs and was sold as an orange/red guppy. I’m assuming it’s a hybrid of some kind but not 100 percent sure any help would be great.
  12. Ok, a bit of a vent here and I could be completely wrong and I’m sure they are following the rules but here I go. I went to my local Petsmart ( only fish store in my town. Have to drive 45 minutes to an hour north or south to get to a LFS) and seen they had red clawed crabs. I have a growing fahaka puffer and thought I would get a few to try for him to eat. They make me fill out a form for purchase and I asked is this normal? And she said yes just not for the fish cause they are just fish! And I was jaw dropped that fish aren’t considered a pet to them but considering the dozens of dead fish in all there tanks I shouldn’t be surprised. I don’t shop there normally except for frozen fish food. The worker then asks me what size tank I have and I tell her they are going to be fed to my puffer so it really doesn’t matter. She says I will sell them to you but we’re not supposed to sell these as food. So I say next time I won’t say they are food then. I go to check out and the store manager stops me on the way out and says you know they sell frozen food to help wear down puffers teeth. I’m like yes I’m aware I have some . Mind you they don’t carry it there I have to drive 45 minutes to get it. Then the manager tells me they won’t be able to sell me the crabs any longer. Here is my position, why are feeder fish, feeder shrimp, crickets, and worms all ok to sell for feeding but crabs are not. If there is some law prohibiting them from doing it fine but it still makes No sense. Vent over but if I attempt to buy them again I won’t wear my co op sweatshirt with Murphy on it next time. Maybe they won’t remember me lol
  13. Thank you, I guess I didn’t realize that goldfish would eat them. Then I definitely will stop sacrificing my male guppies to the goldfish and that would also explain where all my shrimp went I put in there as well . Live and learn I guess
  14. So I’m at a loss, this summer I set up a 100 gallon Rubbermaid tub outside with plants 3 goldfish about 4 inches and a koi about 3 inches. I put in 3 pairs of red dragon guppies. Within days all but one female guppy was all I could find. Periodically through the summer I would add another male and they would keep disappearing. Thought it was weird but figured a bird or something kept getting them. Well I live in Wisconsin so I brought the tub into my basement for the winter and transferred the fish to it. I added another male guppy in hopes of breeding over the winter and the male is nowhere to be seen. I looked all over the tub and there was no body. I added a bunch of young Endler and different guppies at this point (all small) and they are still alive and thriving so I added another adult male red dragon guppy and the next day it is missing again. I’m at a loss for what is happening to them. I have a big female red dragon guppy, 3 goldfish 4in , 1 koi 4inch , 4 coryies , a few albino bristlenose plecos and a bunch of young Endler and guppies stocked in the tub. I wouldn’t think any of them would eat an adult guppy. Anyone have any ideas where they are disappearing from?
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