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  1. You could make a few spawning mops to float or a bunch of plant cover and do Gardneri Killifish. I started with a pair in a ten gallon and just watched the colony grow. Lfs was more than happy to thin the herd when needed.
  2. I used to have a higher stress job and spent alot of time away. I never had time or the place for a hobby. After making some lifestyle changes getting into fishkeeping has been a big help in giving me something to focus on and dial down.
  3. I would drain the water save for a inch or so and take out the larger rocks. I was moving my 10g frameless with only the substrate and a little water and I really wasn't feeling good about it so I took out a (flat!) bookcase shelf and put the tank on that to support the bottom while moving it. Being smaller tanks it's probably all overkill anyway but erring on the side of caution doesn't hurt. @Streetwisesorry for tagging you in this, I initially had you tagged but changed my response. However I can't delete your name. So.🤷‍♂️
  4. There was about a half dozen others but they scattered when I walked up on them
  5. Carinotetraodon irrubesco is a smaller puffer you could consider. I have had a pair for about a year now and they have been awesome. Also I have a green spotted puffer in my first brackish setup. It has been much more straightforward and easy to maintain than I had thought. And that GSP is super personable. It's a real water puppy that loves to interact. Definitely a fun fish.
  6. @Fish Folk these fish do seem to have alot of different looks with the female in breeding dress is especially impressive. I think my female is guarding eggs again and has the male restricted to one side of the 29gallon. His colors are a bit muted at the moment and isnt sticking around long for a picture. But normally his blue is almost electric and has some yellow/orange in the dorsal and tail. I too had read online they could be kept in groups and initially started with a m/ff trio in a 20 long. Maybe a trio was too few because one female didn't last long at all and the male took a beating as well from the remaining female. They have been totally peaceful towards tetras, danios, and sucker mouth catfish but hard on each other, in my experience.
  7. I'm excited to see how the mudfish do. Intriguing fish. Looks like a crazy experiment between a wild type Betta mixing with a loach.
  8. Something I found interesting happened the other day in my Nannacara anomala tank. A pair had attempted to spawn in the 20long set up a few times without producing any fry. The female would brutalize the male to the point where I would remove him afraid she might kill him. This time I left the male in after adding some more hiding places and soon found the female leading around a group of fry around the middle to end of June. Things were going well for a few weeks but eventually I decided to move out the male. After about a month and a half I looked in to see the female guarding another group of eggs on a piece of driftwood. Surprisingly, the fry of the previous spawn seemed to sit over and guard the eggs as well. I had never heard of such a thing. They all stuck together around the eggs for a few days until I figured I was pressing my luck with the female and the fry together. Pulled the eggs and removed the 20 or so fry to a proper grow out tank. Obviously with no mature male in the tank the eggs turned out to be no good and I have since reintroduced the pair back together to try another spawn. Just thought it was interesting seeing mother and fry together over eggs. Nannacara anomala are great little South American dwarf cichlids if you ever get the chance to give em a try.
  9. I like these little mysteries. Here's my take Hyphessobrycon bentosi
  10. Pethia Gelius maybe? Golden dwarf barb.
  11. Don't count your guppy fry until they hatch.
  12. Found some visitors above the patio pond today.
  13. Sounds like what you're looking for is shrimp.
  14. I'll forgive you for not including LRB Aquatics and Dan'sFish in your poll.
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