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  1. My top favorites are "pest" snails, pond and bladder ones. I just love my cleaning crew, they are useful, cute and have no issues like some other species. No gigantic poops, no unsightly eggs, no damaged plants - perfect for me... They don't look bad either.
  2. I used to love these chocolate-filled mints. They've only appeared in my country for a short while, long time ago, and I didn't even remember the name after all these years. Googled and found what they were, and now I'm on a mission to find them, with the perfect excuse of the incoming Halloween 😄
  3. I am pretty sure my angel eats baby snails. I drop big pond and bladder snails into his tank, and they lay huge clutches everywhere. I watch the eggs developing and hatching, but no baby snails survive. The tank is an algae farm, the adult snails are fine, but no babies. I don't know whether it's common for angelfish, as I only have a single one, but mine is (unfortunately) a very effective snail exterminator.
  4. I give my rabbit and other snails slices of blanched carrots and zucchinis. Fishes nibble the veggies a little bit but don't seem to like them too much, so the lion share goes to the snails.
  5. @xXInkedPhoenixX It wasn't the parrot's fault, really... impulse purchase and ignorance about the species were the real cause of the trouble. Now when she has the tank to herself, she is a very good wet pet for her owner. Big, smart, interactive, robust and super-low maintenance.
  6. I read on the internet that blood parrots can't do much damage because their teeth are so small...well, this particular parrot didn't know about that, apparently. Also, the Green Texas was much prettier and 6 times more expensive 😢.
  7. It's hard to say from the photos, but the relative sizes of your fishes seem similar to the ones I saw. I'd be concerned about the acara...
  8. Sounds very similar to what I've witnessed. Blood parrot female laid eggs, and started to lock lips with her Green Texas tank mate. It didn't end well for the Green cichlid... the blood parrot killed him a couple of day later.
  9. Went on a cleaning spree. Decided to dismantle and scrub one light...then the tank lid... then another light...woke up 6 hours later to 8 squeaky clean tanks and a huge hot water bill. 😄
  10. Are they normal guppies or albino? I have two albinos, a male and female (from a normal golden guppy mom and unknown father), and both of them are about 30% smaller compared to their non-albino brothers and sisters from the same drop. All grown in the same 5g tank.
  11. I kept BBS eggs (not from Aquarium Coop) in a freezer when I just started hatching them. It took me almost a year to use the package, and all was well and constant. Then I got lazy and put the new package (same brand, vendor, and container) next to the hatchery for easy access, at room temperature. After couple of months, the hatching rate started to decrease and the time to hatching started to increase. By the end of the package, I had to use twice the amount of eggs to get the same amount of live BBS, and it took ~48 hours instead of 18-24 to hatch. The eggs developed quite a bit of smell, too. Could be just my eggs and/or conditions, but my BBS eggs are back into the freezer and going to stay there, dry and cold.
  12. In my experience, albino guppies are definitely less robust. Not blind, but a lot more sensitive to poor conditions and changes in their environment. I had better success with albino strains when I bought heavily pregnant females as close to giving birth as possible and let them drop in the tank I wanted to keep them. The moms, sadly, often didn't make it, but the babies survived and did quite well. When I tried to do grow albinos in a fry grow-up tank and then transfer to their permanent tank, the results were a lot worse. So yes, albinos require more care and carry higher risks compared to normal strains.
  13. One of my spade-tail males builds continuously, his half of the tank always has a big nest in it. Another one did it just a couple of times (in ~8 months).
  14. Get black 6-8mm gravel for substrate, skip blue tank backgrounds and go black, and stay away from guppies.
  15. Or long-bodied fish... rope fish and bichiers seem to be on the rise in my neck of the woods.
  16. So sorry about your peacock.. my LFS had one in a ~5g tank and it was so cute and so interesting to watch. Looking forward to see your new mantis!
  17. Thanks! It did look nice with the fancy black trimmings, but later changed to gold and white. Prices also vary a lot depending on type of the goldfish, e.g. I've seen handsome 8" (body-only) commons for ~1.5$ (not on sale, regular price).
  18. I wish my marimo things had mussels in them, my poor bitterlings would finally have had a chance to spawn... but no such luck.
  19. Yes, normal betta poop is blob-like.
  20. I had a couple of marimo balls, they grew from 1/2" to 2" and then unrolled themselves into flat pancakes. Rolling them back didn't work. If I were smart enough to try stitching them, I would've definitely tried it.
  21. I'm no goldfish expert... I live in China though and my very superficial observations are a) goldfish are popular; b) they look good -- short bodies, perky fins, long tails, very shiny, supersaturated colors; c) those sold in pet shops are not expensive. The most expensive ones I saw were ~8" orandas/telescopes/other fancies for ~230$. (again, I'm not into high-end goldfish, this is what one can get from a local pet market). My 6" oranda (below) was ~20$, the smaller ones ~5$-7$.
  22. I hit the gym and grew more muscles than @Zenzo so heavy buckets of water are much easier to deal with now... just kidding, no muscles, but getting somewhat in shape definitely helped with my manual water changing (WC) routine. Also, a three-bucket process of WC. One bucket for dirty water, another for clean water plus a third bucket to hold the siphons, sponges, refill pump, gloves, and other stuff neatly together and close to the tank I work with. Made the whole process much easier for me.
  23. @Guppysnail I don't see any difference from other foods in my setups (which are mostly small tanks with high stocking levels, high temperatures, strong-ish filtration and large weekly water changes). I feed egg yolk first time in the morning (because it's a part of my own breakfast, so very convenient). For fry, I rub a tiny (really tiny) amount of yolk between my fingers and rinse in the tank. It makes a cloud of minuscule particles, ideal for fish babies. For adults, I crumble it just a bit. Start with very little and see how fish like it.
  24. I feed a lot of live and frozen foods, but many of my fishes* grew a lot faster and larger after I added hard-boiled egg yolk to their diet. The effect was so quick and noticeable, I now consider it a must-have food for them. *guppy fry and adults, congo tetras, pearl gourami, leopard bushfish, and angelfish juveniles/adults.
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