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  1. I second the siphon suggestion. Every time I change water, some shrimps take a journey down the hose and into the bucket and they seem totally fine with it. To make the siphoning process more gentle, I would fill the destination container with a little bit of water and place it so that the difference in the water levels between the tank and the container is not too big. Alternatively, maybe lowering down the water level in the tank and catching with a big net.
  2. In my survival kit, the most important item would be a water testing kit. Then a good siphon, and some sponge(s) and/or algae scraper. The rest (filter, heater, air-stone, light, food, substrate, decor, net(s), dechlorinator, etc.) would depend on the fish species and the water parameters.
  3. The small jasmine plant on my windowsill got flowers :) The fragrance is so strong that the entire place smells like a perfume shop :) More flowers are on the way :)
  4. Danios? Zebra, leopard, or other varieties? Darker with a bit of color, schooling, non-aggressive, pH and hardness tolerant, unheated, very low maintenance.
  5. Dealt with consequences of a mini-flood. One of my internal filters had an existential crisis, self-amputated its waterfall attachment and turned itself into a bigger-than-this-tank fountain. At 3 a.m., so no one would notice. Luckily, the fish (and I hope the downstairs neighbors too) are fine and my floors are now extra-clean.
  6. Always fun to look at tiny things. Are these paramecium? Would love to know more details, e.g. what the magnification is.
  7. My community tanks are fed twice a day. The first feeding is after the tank lights turn on at 11 a.m., with dry foods (rotating flakes, algae tabs, and sinking pellets). The second feeding is around 6 p.m., with live BBS and/or frozen food (bloodworms, daphnia, cyclops, brine shrimp). Couple of times a week I toss in a piece of blanched carrot or zucchini, at night, for snails and shrimp.
  8. I learned the hard way that bettas don't thrive in my hard, higher-pH water. Especially bettas with ball gowns for fins and those of most "unnatural" colors, like white. Reds and blues seem hardier in my experience. These days I make sure the water in betta tanks is soft and full of tannins from catappa leaves. I would also make sure there are no sharp objects in the tank as well as tight places the fish can get stuck in (which bettas love to do). My recommendation for a first-time community-tank betta would be a short-finned one, a plakat or maybe a spade tail. But it's hard to resist other types, they all are so gorgeous!
  9. Congratulations with your first babies :) Same thing happened to me too. Ordered my first guppies, got several females with fry in their bags. I hurriedly set up a small fry-only tank, just 2.5 gallons, with a tiny filter, heater and light. It was much easier to make sure the babies get all the food and none of the parental predation there. I fed five to six times a day, live baby brine shrimp, egg yolk, powdered flakes, frozen cyclops, etc. Light on for at least 12 hours a day. Daily water changes. My tiny tank ended up to hold 200+ babies after a couple of months. It was a lot of fun to watch them grow and color up. :)
  10. I don't think it matters, really. Start with knowing your water, then choose a fish that you like from the species that are known to thrive in similar water parameters.
  11. Unless there is an intake sponge on the HOB which they consider to be Shrimptopia :)
  12. Very pretty colors, love the blue and black combination.
  13. That's so cool! But...does it mean some swords have flowers and some not? My dark sword grew a stalk that totally looked like a bunch of flower buds, but there were no flowers, the buds just developed into new mini-swords with leaves and roots. Maybe yours is like a spider plant? Flowers first and then they become new small spiders? I would just wait and see :)
  14. I would start with testing the water and considering "easy to keep" species. Is your water soft/low pH or hard/high pH? Do you plan to use a heater or the temperature is going to be on the lower side? Some fish can tolerate a wide range of water parameters, (e.g. zebra danios) and some might not do very well if the water is not to their liking. Also, in a peaceful community setup, you don't have to populate all the levels in the tank at once, so it might be wise to begin with just one species and add others as you get more experience and confidence.
  15. Oh my gosh, they are beautiful! Such an amazing blue color. Thank you for sharing. Now I will forever dream of getting those to mix with my (I believe) sunset variatus.
  16. This. My balloon pearl gourami is named Biped, kinda deservingly. My rosy bitterlings are Thugs, which is completely undeserved. One tiny longfin angel is Little Troll because that's what he does to his tankmates. And the biggest oranda goldfish is "3D (impolite-synonym-of-behind)" because it's basically what (s)he consists of.
  17. More fun than art here... fishy photos run through an auto-painter.
  18. Likely never going to keep these, so only admiring from a distance. Long-fin short-body platinum koi.
  19. Went to a park today and found a mysterious spot of several square meters covered in snow. Mysterious, because for at least a month there was no snow or any other kind of precipitation in here.
  20. It just decided to flower one day, I did not do anything special. Then the guppies in the tank discovered the flower, decided that it is delicious and ate it :)
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