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  1. I am sure you know plants help with the cycle. I put in used sponge squeezings and lots of hornwort. I think they feel more secure with it floating overhead. Looking forward to seeing how big he/she is.
  2. It looks like everything that has needed to be said was said. My Axolotls were old enough to be sexed (about a year) before I put them in a tank together. They seem to get a little smarter about not biting each other when they “grow up”. Similar size is important. Hornwort and anubias work well. You probably could get away with white clouds or zebra danios if your 40 gallon is filled with water to capacity. Would your show a picture of your set up so far? I would love to see it.😊
  3. I was the person who took a field microscope camping. It is amazing what you can find living in the water. Thanks for the videos and the new and humorous resource to learn from!😁
  4. What did you decide to do with your cichlids? Lovely tank by the way!
  5. I have been a Track & Field mom for a number of weeks. Today found some great pictures of my sons in the online news sites. The fish have been getting fed and some have gotten water changes and no one is sick or dying.😅. Just lost most of the hornwort in my spiny eel tank. I have missed talking to everyone but my boys are seniors and they missed a season due to COVID shutdown. It has been great to watch them enjoying their sport! Can I share some proud mama pictures?
  6. I also have three fancy goldfish. No plecos, but some ramshorn snails. I filled the HOB with sponge media and had a small bag of Purigen on top. I recently took the Purigen off when I treated them with Prazipro. So it’s been out for a couple of weeks. I will test the water and put the Purigen back in for a week and test it again and will tell you what differences I find.
  7. I am experimenting with Purigen in my Axolotl tank (which is bare bottom) with one large anubias and floating hornwort. Axolotls produce significant waste. And I am also trying it in a goldfish tank because it is not heavily planted like my regular community tanks (just some potted crypts, anubias and floating hornwort).
  8. I put mine after the biological media—kind of like a “final polish.” It’s easier to pick it off the top and rinse out too, since the bag is fine mesh. (Which I got cheap at Petsmart.)
  9. Thanks for the update pics James! I was hoping to see his fins growing back out. 😊
  10. Not trying to be nosy—and maybe this is not something you want to do for esthetic reasons, but what does your dresser look like and what is it made of? I believe that a filled 10 gallon weighs approximately 100lbs depending on the amount of rock you have in it. The weight is spread across the base of the aquarium so it is not like putting a hundred pounds in a small spot which would put more stress on whatever material your dresser top is made of. If the top is made of pressed board you can put an additional piece of wood under the tank that extends over the vertical supports of your dresser. You can paint that wood black to match the frame of your tank or you can cover it with some kind of vinyl contact paper to make it resist water. This method can strengthen the structure of your dresser to support a ten gallon tank or even a larger one if it fits. The main thing is you want the weight of the tank to be transferred to the vertical supports of your dresser. Most dressers that are not wobbly can handle a filled ten gallon tank this way easily. Just want to help you get the set up you need without too much money or work so that your fishy friends will be happy and so you will be happy!😊
  11. I think I just saw Hobbit post something in another thread about this problem. She said to do a small bit of editing on the picture (like change its size slightly) and then try to repost it. See if that helps?
  12. I love my Rosy Barbs. It looks like all six of mine turned out to be males, so I won’t see much in the way of breeding behavior—but they sure are interesting and fun to have in my 55. They are always playing tag or something. The other day I had to take a close look because I thought one had bashed his mouth on the glass or something. It looked like he had a white lump on his mouth. But he had a small snail shell he was carrying around. Was it stuck? Nope! He dropped it and another one grabbed it and swam away with the prize. The one that dropped it chased after. I know, maybe that’s dumb, but I enjoy seeing things like that!🥴 Couldn’t get a video but here is a picture of some of the guys:
  13. That was absolutely great!! Totally enjoyed that!😁
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