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  1. Thanks for sharing. There is so much beauty in the detail isn’t there?😊
  2. So we upgraded from a 55 to a 125 during the move to another house. We combined a few new members to the originally cool water no heater tank which we felt needed to have a heater. So we added one 100 watt heater for starters. My six male longfinned Rosy Barbs usually are all over the tank—but stayed in this proximity to the heater for a long time after placing it in the tank. Any ideas as to why they were doing that? Oh and feel free to add your odd behavior or interesting curiosities to this topic heading because it’s fun to try to figure these creatures out.😁
  3. The silver “heart-shaped” heart of a young Hillstream loach ❤️
  4. Received my first order from Dan’s Fish today. Added a school of Dwarf Neon Rainbow Fish to the 125 gallon. I have never had rainbow fish before. They are lovely to watch. Has anyone found a trick to lighting the tank to help show their side iridescence off a little more than the bare bones LED lighting that comes stock on hoods? I feel your pain Maggie—having spent the last couple of months under too many deadlines and not having enough bodies to get everything done. It is exhausting!! I hope you can take a deep breath now and settle in your new home. Kind of a new adventure with undiscovered possiblities, isn’t it?
  5. I don’t know if this will help you or not. We just moved and I moved the fish into a bigger tank. I kept the “dirty” sponges from the filters in the five gallon buckets of water with the rocks and driftwood and plants to keep as much of the bacteria alive. And I transferred all this and the dirty substrate into the new tank too—putting it on top of the additional new substrate because the tank is bigger. It was foggy for a couple of days but is all cleared up now. So far the water has stayed healthy for them and nobody has died. Lost some Denison barbs in transit though. Didn’t realize how sensitive they are to oxygen levels. Happened real fast too. So I feel your pain about the Congos. We are always learning in this hobby. I am grateful for this community to learn with too.
  6. I have been wanting to have some bamboo shrimp too. Do you know if they get along with Amano shrimp and whether or not you need to target feed them? My tank has a fair bit of current and I feed mostly frozen brine shrimp, blood worms some flake food and sinking pellets. From what you have learned, would I need to change how I feed?
  7. Finally planted plants and added rocks a second piece of driftwood and a black background to the new 125 after the move to the new house. Everybody seems happier with the security of rocks and plants on the substrate. The baby hillstream loaches were trying out the frozen bloodworms.
  8. Thanks for this insight. This is probably exactly what happened. I just wanted to gain understanding and learn from what happened so I am grateful that you shared it. And the grueling final days that we had to move the fish it was over 90 degrees. At least I had success at moving the Hillstream loaches with all of their tiny offspring. They can be difficult to ship due to oxygen levels as well, but no losses with them. Everybody appears to be enjoying the bigger tank.😊
  9. So you think it might have happened because I had all six in one container? I know that they are a skittish breed too. Maybe they don’t transport well as adults because they freak out so bad—like they have heart attacks or something. I guess I am wondering if someone knows about them. When I purchased them a few years back-they were tiny.
  10. So broken hearted today! Five of my six five inch Denison barbs died in a move when they were in a five gallon bucket with an air stone for just 3 hours. Rosy barbs and Hillstream loaches we’re in gallon bags and did fine. I started out with the Denisons in gallon bags with there own tank water but when they looked stressed after very little time, I put them in a five gallon bucket with the water from their tank with an air stone right away. I had no idea that they would be so sensitive to being caught and put in a bucket. Has anyone else had this problem or what should I have done differently?
  11. So many things to consider! We are moving in the next couple of weeks to a new home. This would be a great time to upgrade the Rosaline Barbs and the Rosy Barbs to a bigger tank. (The 55 is looking to small). I hate spending money on the combo from the box store with the press board stand. The acrylic is a stretch for cost but would be lighter and perhaps stronger. But then the stand would break the budget for sure unless we can diy it and have it look nice in the living room. Any ideas or advice anyone can give? I would appreciate it so much.
  12. I have two adult females in a 40 gallon breeder tank in Michigan. I have them on the bottom shelf of a rack made out of 2x4s and keep them in the coolest part of my house. I made a top out of appropriate sized powder coated wire shelving material so I can use a fan on the surface, and keep the cats from meddling with them.😅 Unexpectedly someone made a good offer for our house so we will be moving. The house we found has a basement living space so the Axolotl tank and the fancy goldfish we keep on the top level of the rack will go to the cooler basement space in the new house. Placement in a house can make a difference. I also considered a cold water drip system to keep temps cooler but so far they have been fine with cool water top offs (evaporation is a thing!)
  13. Hard water has been fine for my plants. In fact they absorb the calcium out of it and I have to add Wondershells to keep it mineralized. Are you finding it hard to reduce the nitrates with water conditioner? I am searching for a 125 tank right now too so thank you for sharing your process!😊
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