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Gidday Mate !!


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Hello from sydney Australia, 

Dean, Alias: Runedune

Avid Fish keeper. 3rd generation fish hobbyists- its in the DNA now. 

I have been keeping my own fish for the last 30 years now.

Parents, Grandparents kept Fish prety much all their life as well. Still have my grandfathers aliminium rimmed glass aquarium back at the family home overseas. 

I just came across this Forum online after watching youtube videos of cory online. How Good is this company. 

About 5 tanks at this current house. will do pictures soon. 

when i was 21 - I moved to Australia in 2008 from India, where i grew up collecting fish from the ditches after the wet season. I wish we had camera phones back then to document the places we treked  just to catch fish- the lengths we went thru to collect some cool fish. 

just to name a few fish we collected- snakeheads, halfbeaks, sissor tails, endler guppies, gouramis, tilapia, puffers. all freshwater ofcourse. 


I am soon to be building a fish room in my garden shed to house about 24 tanks with dividers - the shed is about 2.5mts by 3.5mts and 2.5mts high. I dont know what it is in feet. will document it in detail here in a fish room build thread. 

im an electrician by trade and will be doing all the work on the fishroom by myself and will try to do some timelapses with the gopro. 

good to be part of this online community. We really needed a good online forum. Thanks Cory.. 





deanosfishyfriends  on instagram

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Welcome mate, I know I can’t hear the accent but I can feel it. I recently had to retire for reasons I couldn’t control but the owner of the company ( Kookaburra Construction on Instagram) is from Australia and man do I miss him, such a wonderful person and so fun to be around. Like you say aliminium we alumininum lol ohhh the laughs we would have at all the different phrases and slang y’all use.  Anyway thanks for brightening up my day.

and welcome to the forum this is a wonderful place that @Cory and his team have built.

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On 8/31/2021 at 4:05 AM, CalmedByFish said:

Interesting history you have there!

I actually have some N-class endlers, but this is the first time I've heard someone say they've seen them out in nature. That's very cool. (I thought all endlers were from Venezuela. No?)

Yea they probably were, and they were not Gambusia, we did not have gambusia. These were colored males and no colour on the females. 

the channas were gold and green. We could spot them only when they had fry with them. The parent would swim with them and they were monsters and would bite ya if you dint know they were in that particular area. 

dark almost black looking gouramis, heaps everywhere you looked. 

some snakes and long eel looking catfish. Don’t know what species they were really. 

we would spot puffers about 2inch long ones every now and then, no one want d those for some reason, don’t know why. 

Miss those times !!! 

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Knowledge is key. Cory and the crew do an awesome job with the videos. 

Still waiting for international Shipping !!! i bet aquarium coop will have a heap of orders from Australia, big fan base here. 

@Guppysnail most of the collecting was done in my teenage years. growing up with the love of fish in a tropical country. we dint have video games and cell phones. however now i would love to go back and do some collecting if i possibly could. 

I wish we had some camera phones back then, to document all the stuff we actually caught. 

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