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  1. I do 3 times per day for livebearer fry. It's easier with a bare bottom tank, just so you can see whether you're putting in too much. I'm pretty sure that in a video of @Zenzo's that I watched the other day, he said he does 3 times per day for his youngest fry. Can't swear to it. Similar question: Anybody know how long livebearer fry can go between feedings and survive? At some point soon, I'll be moving cross-country with gravid females.
  2. The black on the front one makes me think of a "black bar" endler. Maybe google for images of black bar endlers... but yeah, they've definitely got endler of some kind in them.
  3. If it's to help you see the shrimp, rather than to impress the neighborhood, you could tape paper to the back of the tank. The trick is to get it flush against the tank wall, and use many tiny pieces of clear tape on the edges so the tape doesn't show. Looking from the front, it looks like a legit background.
  4. I love it! It does look like an eel, and seems like a perfect level of creepy for an 8 year old. 😂
  5. I thought that by carrying their eggs, livebearers were just providing shelter. They provide more than that?
  6. Unfortunately, yeah, a lot of us have been there. I wish we could be superhuman in our abilities, but we're all kinda stuck in this Humanity Boat together, so we might as well be empathetic. You're not alone. For what it's worth, my ramshorns started dying off as soon as they ate all the live algae in the tank. I started giving them pieces of Chlorella tablets (the kind intended for human consumption). It worked! If you try that, read the ingredients carefully to make sure the ones you buy include nothing besides the algae.
  7. That makes me wonder how long the eggs can stay alive after the female dies. The topic is kinda disturbing, but from a medical angle, intriguing.
  8. I think the idea of just keeping it running with plants is good. Maybe you could even cycle it and keep it cycled with your snails - if you want. I'm guessing that time will give clarity about what to do next. It's okay to focus on feelings right now, instead of actions. ❤️
  9. Just a maybe, but I assume it would take a long time before the new swords start sending out babies. So I guess you could replace the mother plant with the babies.
  10. What a delightful thread! I love my angelfish's attitude. Particularly when I get my face close to the tank, and he lunges at it like he's trying to be the Alpha. I burst into laughter every time! Like c'mon, man. You don't even have teef. Gimme a break. And fry! Those disproportionately huge eyeballs on a tiny fish are ridiculously cute, besides the fact that fish "appearing out of nowhere" is practically magical. They thrill me every time. I netted 35 new fry into a baby net yesterday, but when I found 1 more today, I still gasped with excitement. 😂
  11. I can't quite tell if you're asking, but yeah. The Japan blue endlers are K class, meaning an endler/guppy hybrid. Straight from Venezuela, with papers to prove it, are N class. (I remember it as Ve-N-ezuela.) I think their direct offspring are also N. P is for Probably N. I think that also includes when different N classes breed with each other. Quote me on none of that.
  12. That 3 day gap is particularly interesting. It also occurred to me that perhaps some of the half-grown females are having drops of just a couple babies. That could be what I'm seeing... though I don't think so.
  13. I recently got platies. Two have given birth so far. Guppies and endlers seem to have their whole drop in as long as 12 hours, start to finish. But I'm pretty sure my platies will have a single one. Then a day or so later, give birth to the majority. Then another day or two later, push out a straggler. I've heard that least killifish will have babies in slo-mo, but platies?
  14. I don't know about the goop. Someone on here warned me, when one of my tanks turned green, to add an air stone. They said the algae uses the oxygen when it's dark, so the fish would need extra aeration. So maybe add some water movement.
  15. This has the potential to be an interesting thread of its own, or the topic for a club speaker or such.
  16. I also agree with waiting longer. I'll throw another thought out there though. I've often wondered if fish, like us, can sometimes simply be infertile. If, by chance, the female can't have babies, then perhaps the males can somehow tell, and that's why they don't chase her around. (Which sounds sad actually, but I have to remind myself these aren't humans we're talking about.)
  17. I've been wanting to do this! Can you give me any detail about how the basket is made, or where you found it? (I want it for a tank, but your experience might point me in the right direction.)
  18. For what it's worth, octopus is doing much better in my water than sprite did. Sprite has thin flimsy leaves - and all plants with flimsy leaves dissolve in my water like they're made of toilet tissue. So you might actually be better off with the octopus anyway.
  19. I haven't had mine long, so I'm no expert. That said, I only float them. (I intend to move soon, and that will make it easier to transport them.) I think the leaves of mine are a bit pale, but I have no idea if that's connected to them floating.
  20. At first glance, I thought the title was "Shell Dwellers in Bathroom?" 😂 If anybody ever needs the answer: Yes.
  21. Mine is in a 29 gallon. In the 29, and in the wide open 55 he used to live in, he just finds a small spot and parks. He does slowly mosey around the tank a few times per day, but then just goes back to his parking spot.
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