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  1. Hello from sydney Australia, Dean, Alias: Runedune Avid Fish keeper. 3rd generation fish hobbyists- its in the DNA now. I have been keeping my own fish for the last 30 years now. Parents, Grandparents kept Fish prety much all their life as well. Still have my grandfathers aliminium rimmed glass aquarium back at the family home overseas. I just came across this Forum online after watching youtube videos of cory online. How Good is this company. About 5 tanks at this current house. will do pictures soon. when i was 21 - I moved to Australia in 2008 from India, where i grew up collecting fish from the ditches after the wet season. I wish we had camera phones back then to document the places we treked just to catch fish- the lengths we went thru to collect some cool fish. just to name a few fish we collected- snakeheads, halfbeaks, sissor tails, endler guppies, gouramis, tilapia, puffers. all freshwater ofcourse. I am soon to be building a fish room in my garden shed to house about 24 tanks with dividers - the shed is about 2.5mts by 3.5mts and 2.5mts high. I dont know what it is in feet. will document it in detail here in a fish room build thread. im an electrician by trade and will be doing all the work on the fishroom by myself and will try to do some timelapses with the gopro. good to be part of this online community. We really needed a good online forum. Thanks Cory.. Cheers Dean deanosfishyfriends on instagram
  2. So I’m rather curious - I live in Australia (Victoria), and I found a pretty cool looking plant in a little natural pond near my house. I’d love to try it in an aquascape, but I don’t know whether this is something people do? From what I can tell, it survives year-round, but I don’t think it usually gets up to temperatures like what I would keep it at in my aquarium (22-24° Celsius). Also, how would I attempt to disinfect a plant so I can ensure I don’t bring in any bad critters? Cheers!
  3. I first had fish as a teenager and looking back with the information online now i am amazed that the fish survived. I only got back into aquariums just over a year ago when the wife purchased a four footer with a couple of angels and now am up to five tanks and have been a member of the youtube channel for almost a year.
  4. Hey all! I’m Crabby! I’m an aquarium hobbyist from Australia. I’ve been obsessed for the last 2 years, since I fell in love with some brackish shrimp in an estuary in NSW, and dove headfirst into research about the wonderful world of aquatics. I’m hoping to someday have a tank of those particular shrimp that brought me into what is now a massive part of my life. Just a preface to the rest of my intro- I’m a huge plant guy, I love my plants, and I’m pretty good with them too, thanks to my great tap water. But when it comes to fish, I have ones that I’m great at keeping (not totally what you’d expect), but most fish seem to lie in a category of semi-success for me. I’ve unfortunately lost quite a few fish and shrimp throughout the time I’ve been keeping them, and despite the massive amounts of research I do and content I consume, I still have odd losses. I no longer have multi-fish die-offs, but now I just have the occasional loss, and nowadays I’m just clueless because everything seems like it should be right. So that’s one of the main reasons I joined the forum; I’m hoping I can get advice from multiple people when I start to notice a fish going downhill so I can fix the problem before it’s too late. Currently I keep 4 aquariums, but that’s purely because I haven’t had time to set up my 5th tank since moving houses. My main tank is a well-planted 29 gallon tank that I’ve had for 2 years now (stocked with BNs, a pair of Apistogramma Nijsseni and their fry, my last female pseudomugil luminatus, a SAE, and a squadron of ember tetras). I also have a rack of three 5 gallon tanks that I’m trying to finish setting up. The top tank houses some emerald Moscow guppy fry and a male betta that I just purchased, the middle tank is a work-in-progress iwagumi scape that will hopefully be home to a colony of caridina shrimp and a breeding group of rocket killies, and the bottom tank has my female betta and my last blue dream shrimp. Historically I’ve had some shrimp issues due to fluctuating parameters, but I’ve finally got it figured out. Rack: Anyways, I’m already part of a wonderful forum called SKFA, based in Australia, but I figured for my upcoming betta breeding project it might be wise to get a larger spread of opinions and tips! I’m a big fan of the aquarium co-op YouTube channel, and Randy’s Aquarist podcast, so I figured this would be a pretty cool place to come hang out. I think forums are one of the best ways to share the hobby, and I’m excited to see what comes of this. Sorry for the essay ahaha, I tend to ramble. Here are some more pictures of my tanks and my fish! Note - some images of the 29 gallon tank are very outdated, but it’s a total mess right now, so just imagine everything has grown in a lot, there’s Java moss everywhere along the bottom, and all the fish have grown.
  5. I am very new to the fish keeping hobby and have been trying to filter out all the noise from online research. I found the Youtube channel and liked the down-to-earth attitude, so thought I'd join the forum and get what I can out of it. I have a small tank (30 litres), with some live plants, a betta, two bronze cories (sold to me by a pet store owner who claimed they didn't need to be in schools) and some tetras. At the moment I'm just focusing on keeping my new friends healthy and happy.
  6. Well, an American by way of Australia. Before I was interested in keeping fish I lived 30 minutes away from the Aquarium Co-op store, and now that I'm into it I live on the other side of the world... So far I've had a rough start to the hobby. Bought a bunch of guppies (and a pleco) from a sketchy local shop and watched them all get picked off one by one as I desperately tried to find the right medication to save them. After quite a few losses (and trying to translate medications from the US for here) I think the tank has become stable. Quite a demoralizing beginning. But now I'm setting up a quarantine tank so I'll be better prepared for the next arrivals. If there are any Aussies on here I'd love to chat about how to find supplies down here.
  7. Hi. Absolutely enjoy your your content on YouTube. I would love to get my hands on a few of your sponge filters and air stones. However. As I am in Australia. Do you ship Internationally?
  8. Hey all, Just chasing some advice from seasoned summer Tubbing experts I am from Australia and it's spring so I'm kicking of my summer tubs now it's warmed up. I was planning to attempt to breed 3 species. Paratya australiensis (glass shrimp) Tateurndina ocellicauda (peacock gudgeons) Pseudomugil luminatus (red neon blue eyes) So as you can see all quite small species and I realise each breeds a little different and I'm going to happily cater to that but I wanted to ask and see that would be everyone's advice for the smallest they would go for the ponds. Either as a rule for any breeding or for those species if you have experience/know They will importantly all have their own pond. I'm going to aim for the largest possible trust me just wanting to know my limits incase I can't afford/obtain larger sizes. I am experienced in keeping above ground ornamental ponds and tanks just not setup outdoor breeding ponds before so want some others advise who are experienced in it. Thank you all for your input ahead of time!
  9. Hello all! Excited to be involved in the forum despite the time differences and all. 😀 I currently have a 40g consisting of a pair of Blue rams, a school of beckford pencilfish & emerald eye rasboras as well as some bronze cories and L1 pleco growing out. My 15g has a trio of honey gouramies and some rummynose. Look forward to all the future conversations to be had and continue learning. 🤘
  10. Hey All Names Jonathan ! I'm an Australian born and raised fish nerd with a university background in aquatic ecology (both marine and fresh) I also work for a local pet shop also specialising in the aquarium section. My current aquatic pets are a Fahaka puffer, Freshwater stingray, Ranchu/orandas and Moor goldfish and a small planted tank with peppermint bristlenose and Siamese algae eaters Feel free to use this for fellow Aussie aquarium keepers to chat about problems, questions or share about yourself and anyone else from around the world wanting to chat talk or ask about anything or about the beautiful Australia and our fish community Aquarium nerds forever!!
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