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  1. I have been thinking of doing a shell dweller tank. I am still in the thinking about it stage so I haven’t narrowed it down to a specific breed yet. Also have to get a tank for them as well.
  2. Perfect thank you. I will have to try and find some locally.
  3. I made a makeshift quarantine tank/eventual grow out tank Out of a storage bin. I had an extra sponge Filter in an established tank. Added some extra gravel that I had laying around. I know it wont be a long term solution but if i ever need to quarantine some fish or allow fry to grow out its nice to have around. I had all the materials on hand so thats an added plus. Once my usb air pump arrives I won't have excess airline tubing running to it. I also set up the beginning stages for my 20 long planted tank. Once my plants arrive on Friday with the USB air pump I will be good to go.
  4. So I recently decided to go down the road of attempting my first planted tank. I ordered Anubias Nana, Water Sprite, and Amazon Sword from Co-OP that should be arriving Friday.. My goal for this tank is for it to be a guppy tank. I have a small amount of guppy grass that I had floating in my grow out tank. Apparently guppy grass is hard to come by in Florida. What are some other good floating plants to add? I should mention this will be a low tech tank. I am going to try reaching out at my local fish club to see if anyone has any floating plants available since my LFS does not. Also what would be a good amount of guppies for a 20L? I picked up 6 females and 3 males today and they are in my makeshift quarantine tank.
  5. Convicts breed like crazy. I purchased two tanks used from someone and each had a convict in it. Without thinking I put them in the same tank. Within a week I had hundreds of convicts swimming around.
  6. @IreneI really like the look of your tank. I am contemplating trying my first planted tank in a 10g. Thank you for sharing and listing the plants used.
  7. I think I might give one a try if I get another tank.
  8. @Bill SmithThe ponds look great. The plants are filling in really quickly 👍
  9. I prefer my 20 long over my 75 and 29. I just wish I had set it up in a different location so it would be easier to enjoy.
  10. I haven't used one but kgtropicals did a video on it. KGTROPICALS Shark ADV Filter
  11. I add it right before the water goes in. I have seen others do the same thats why I do it that way.
  12. I add the "water treatment" to the tank for the total volume of the tank. I pour it in right where my python is in the tank prior to turning on the water. Once the treatment is in the tank I make sure my water is the proper temperature and turn it on. My thought is that the water flow from the python will help mix it into the tank. I also keep my sponge filter running to help circulate the water as well.
  13. My quarantine tank currently has a fish that’s in time out. He likes to bully some of the others.
  14. I see a lot of people looking for them on various Facebook groups. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find any around my area either. Hopefully importing and shipping improves in the coming weeks/months
  15. That is sort of where I’m struggling since I don’t particularly like the look of it but I know it’s good biologically.
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