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  1. Do you have any hornwort?. It’s great at sucking up nitrates.
  2. The one on the top is brazillian penny worth. The one on the bottom is mayaca fluviatillis.
  3. I recently dosed my tank with a few meds and some salt. I used API super ich cure, API erithromycin, API Melafix, and salt. Literally a few hours later my stag horn algae problem had already started to turn red and is dying. I would love to know if it was the salt or the meds. I dosed them all regularly by the instructions accept for the salt for which I used 1 tablespoon to 2 gallons of water.
  4. I have literally met my limit with my tanks. Anyone know of good ways to keep busy in the hobby besides buying new tanks and fish for said tanks?
  5. My bristlenose pleco has been eating a lot of algae lately and it’s since it’s albino I can see it’s stomach and it’s entirely black across the entire midsection. Like he is impacted or something. Please help. I’ve only had him for about two and a half years and I’m worried.
  6. That’s awesome!!! Hopefully you can get them good and fat for the pet store. Also what do you feed the adult frogs. Live foods or frozen or prepared?
  7. One pump of easy green contains 20ppm nitrates per ten gallons.
  8. I’ve been having trouble with my crypt wenti red. It’s grows for a few days and then the leaves die off and it does it again. Not sure what to do. I’m currently running a nicrew led on this tank for 10 hours a day in a 20 gallon with all easy green and root tabs. Needs help to figure out what to do.
  9. That’s amazing! I really want to do this myself one day. Have you tried feeding the hikari first bites or aquarium coop fry food?
  10. Charcoal takes the nutrients out of the water column. So in my opinion charcoal is useless for the most part.
  11. @Tanked the root tabs arent the same nutrients as the liquid. They have more minerals and topsoil for heavy root feeders.
  12. Really interesting. Wonder if you could get another like it to breed them and see if it passes down the gene pool.
  13. Has anyone else seen this odd feeding contraption dean created. Its a string with a cone on the end that he feeds freeze dried cubes. I really want to know how to make one. I cant figure out what he used for the bottom cone. Its smaller than a worm cone. Anyone who knows anything about this please let me know. Also if dean sees this. You're a genius.
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