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  1. Don't mind really, as long as the package comes in great (as usual), I'm a happy camper.
  2. I've kept a few types of mosses, and that picture looks a lot like flame moss.
  3. Welcome to the forum Nick! The dry start tank's looking good, and you will soon begin to appreciate your patience!
  4. Funnily enough my eye went there too, but now I see the seran wrap!
  5. That will be fine, as long as it's not getting too much direct light, you'll see it will do great!
  6. I honestly 'jumped' to this thread to see if there was a plant that had somehow come to life from all the chemicals we feed them LOL, but this was even funnier! Yeah I've had that happen, especially with the older cats. Or sometimes when trimming I accidentally toss trimmings too far!
  7. Hi Nick, I don't see anything that would struggle in the setup you have given, especially if you will be using an aquasoil (of any kind really), and liquid fertilization. Your Monte Carlo will not 'struggle', but it might grow upwards towards the light if it doesn't receive high enough PAR. The only thing I will recommend is that you put the anubias in a shaded part of the tank, for example underneath the large leaves of the Madagascar Lace Plant, or somewhat under the shade of any hardscape/water lettuce. What fish do you plan on having in the tank, if any? That being said your tank should look terrific, and I'd love to see some photo updates! Hope that helps, and feel free to ask any questions!
  8. Let's get to work people!
  9. I can make a few guesses as to what you might need to fix: Seeing that the floaters turn white and die, it's probably need of more nitrates, or light. You mentioned that you have ~20-40 ppm Nitrates, so that should be fine, unless there isn't enough light to allow for the plants to grab them up from the water column. I'd also remove the cover, and to work around your hard water, try adding either RO water as a top off, or if there's not too much evaporation, let it be. Reducing flow can also help, as they like to be still at the top. Hope that helps.
  10. Very delicate topic. I had a garage fishroom of 63+ tanks, and 9 of them at the time were dedicated to a guppy line I was developing. I started seeing mass numbers of deformed fish, and was very uncomfortable with culling them by killing them myself. I looked around for better ways to cull, and found three options that I still use today, or advise others to do. 1: set up a spare tank to put the culls in (I called it the retirement home). This was good for me because culls of any fish that were compatible all went in there. 2: (this is better for culling fish that have major deformities that would make the fish's life a misery, or a hassle) I kept three tanks, one with a large Angel, one with a few turtles, and one with an Oscar. Those were my cullers, and whichever fish survived in that tank I left there. 3: Similar to 2, but more geared towards using the culls as feeder fish. My LFS has a feeder tank, and they take culls. That's were some of my culls went as well.
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