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  1. I would feed more or add more fish that should increase nitrates
  2. Like I said it was my first tank I didnt do my research and heard somewhere all gourami's were peaceful
  3. I had a Dwarf flame gourami a long time ago in my first tank. He was fine for about a week and then went on a ravenous rampage I woke up to a half dead male guppy with no tail on the bottom. He was fine with the platys only because they could escape he ate the fry though. My experience with honey gourami's on the other hand has been wonderful ive kept them with otto cats corydoras and rummy nose tetras with no problem.
  4. I keep pink Ramshorn and Malaysian trumpet snails in my QT tank and keep cranking them out all the time for the puffer. feed them everyday with the other tanks. The duckweed and other fast growing plants helps as well.
  5. I dont think a pea puffer would be able to eat even a newborn guppy. They have really small mouths they may beat on them and slowly kill them but I dont think it would eat it. And in my experience they dont need hard things to file down teeth. Mine always loved snails but they dont bite the shell they suck em out.
  6. I love snails in my fry tanks. They allow me to overfeed without risking water quality make great puffer food and keep my tanks algae free its a win win win.
  7. @Koi @ChemBob Thanks that's really helpful.
  8. I have high nitrates out of the tap and dont want to push them too high by adding too much easy green. Ive found that 1 pump adds about 10ppm per 10 gal. is that everyone else's experience?
  9. I would get 2 or 3 more platys first before you get guppies.
  10. I hope so I figured he would eat them. Im just gonna feed heavy and hope for the best from what I here they should spawn about once a week.
  11. woke up today to no eggs and a big fat male, oh well hope we get better luck next time.
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