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  1. Evening all, I have a 193 gallon heavily planted tank which is currently extremely lightly stocked with 25 juvenile green tiger barbs and 12 cherry barbs. Those will go up as time goes on but I'm just stocking it slowly. I'm considering moving my rainbow shark over from a different tank to do the algae eating work. Anyone have any experience of rainbow sharks and cherry barbs? The tiger barbs I'm sure can handle themselves if the rainbow gets a bit rough. The cherries are always going to be on the smaller side though. Thanks.
  2. Are spawning mops ideal for cherry barbs or do they prefer something else? I’ve been trying to get them to spawn in our mini pond but no luck.
  3. Hello Everyone, I have two questions. I went to my LFS yesterday and bought five more cherry barbs to add to the five I already have as I've heard they like to be in a group, bigger the better apparently. So, I have three males, seven females to keep the ratio balance. I told the guy in LFS I had a 100L tank, I think that's 26 US gallons. He told me my tank was big enough for them, now I'm not so sure, I also have five Zebra Danios in the tank. What do you guys think about this? I have lots of real plants and hiding spots in the tank. I'm not planning on adding anymore fish, apart from a bottom feeding fish to help with food deposits and algae. Any suggestions there on what type? Also, I think my tank must be cycled even though it's only been running for 23 days now. I used the Fritz Zyme 7 BB, lots of live plants, I have gradually added my fish, my last cherry barbs went in two weeks ago, as my water tests have consistently tested 0 Ammonia, 0 Nitrite and about 10 to 20 ppm Nitrate. I've tested almost daily. I have nice algae now growing in my tank which I've heard is a good sign. I know my tank isn't seasoned or anything that takes way longer 6 months I've heard. I'm just wondering why I've never seen an Ammonia or Nitrite spike, I guess the BB and plants have done their job. Obviously, now I've added my new fish yesterday I will closely monitor the water, and the fish, I can't quarantine my fish I just don't have a spare tank or the room for one, my smaller 25L still has my shrimp in it and three kitty tetras. But I go to LFS who's tank's are very clean and no dead fish, so fingers crossed my all my fish stay healthy. I'd be very interested to hear your thoughts about the Cherry barbs or tank Cycle. Thank you.
  4. Hello, I'm entirely new to forums so I hope I am posting this in the correct thread. I'm a new fishkeeper (its been a bit less than 2 weeks) and I started with longtail cherry barbs. I read that they are very hardy so I chose to keep them after having my aquarium cycle for 3 days after using one of the Cycle products. I have read the posts about beneficial bacteria and the nitrogen cycle but I figured the 3 day and them being a hardy species means they will be able to handle it... but I was wrong. I test water parameters constantly and have only ever noticed ammonia spike up to 0.25 and nitrates up to 20 I think but I've been doing water changes every few days and sometimes daily. So as far as water parameters they are in check. The problem is that one of my fish had been lethargic for a couple days: would stay in the same spot and seem to open its mouth and close it a lot and didn't seem to want to eat. I read online that keeping the water a little bit warmer and adding aquarium salt would help but it didn't really. I tried to fish her out to care for her separately and she died. A day or two later, two more of my fish started exhibiting similar patterns so I was very worried. I read up and saw that the problem might have been with insufficient water movement. I went out and bought an air pump connected to an air stone and another mini pump connected to a smaller stone. The fish have been pretty active and seem to be doing okay since then. They don't seem particularly lethargic anymore but sometimes their appetite is variable. All of my fish seem to have low appetite but I think they just may be nibbling on leftover food that sinks or gets trapped in the plants. The problem remains that they seem to still have that very rapid open and closing of the mouth thing still going on. So far I'm sure that the water parameters are ok and the tank is sufficiently oxygenated. I'm feeding them 2-3 times a day as well. I wonder if it is just a matter of time before they get better?? I forgot to mention that for one of the fish i tried giving them a 10 second dip in a methylene blue bath, it didn't seem to do anything. I've also been using Stress Guard for a couple days. Sorry for the long post. If anyone can offer their 2 cents about the topic I'd be very grateful. Below are screenshots of the fish that seem to be sick. I have a video of them but I don't know how to post it in here. Thank you!
  5. Sarah


    Help!! Cherry barb female was plump (like the other 4) when arrived, however now has a swelling on one side which has gone red, presumably due to stretched skin. Looks like a hard pea sized lump under the skin. Am treating with pimafix and melafix and have had some ammonia issues, currently being treated by a round of seachem prime and stability. Will do 25% water change this week due to melafix/pimafix. Eating and swimming fine. Question is do I remove and euthanize as have no hospital tank available or do I just hope it's not parasites which may burst out and spread? Had barbs now for about three weeks. Ammonia 1.0 (captured by prime) pmm Nitrates 0 Nitrites 20 ppm Temp 26' C Planted tank with juveniles only 6 cherry barbs 11 neon tetras 2 rainbow fish 3 guppies 1 pleco Picture of cherry barb to follow.
  6. After transferring my Cherry Barbs to bigger tank they decided it was mating season. I was watching the tank and was surprised to see a little fry swimming around in the shelter of some wood. Wow, it’s so cool! I’ve had baby guppies before and even some Cichlids, but these are my first egg scatterers. The fam is having such a good time playing spot the fry!
  7. Hello all, I have a colony of cherry barbs that I'm looking to breed. I am starting an infusoria culture in preparation for potential fry. My LFS said cherry barbs can be conditioned with just dry foods - can anyone confirm that? Can anyone offer advice on frozen foods? I'm looking for one type of frozen food that would be appropriate for both conditioning and for raising fry as well. I've read about how great live baby brine shrimp are but I'm not in a position to invest the time and equipment to hatch them on a regular basis. Thanks in advance!
  8. Though I would see what your favourite barbs are Here are my favourites barbs Oreichthys crenuchoides and dawkinsia rohani and red panda barbs
  9. New fish arrived today. The Honey Gourami and the Sparkling Gourami made the trip from Washington State to Florida with no problem at all. Unfortunately, the Cherry Barbs were not as successful. Only one arrived alive. He's in the QT with the Honeys. We're hoping like crazy that he makes it! The Sparklers are in their own tank but will be quarantined as well. There is a weird film on that tank as it's cycling, so apologies for the dark pics. To say we're excited is an understatement. So thrilled with our purchases! And Aqua Huna had refunded our money as well as part of the shipping costs within an hour of my emailing them about the Cherry Barbs. Impeccable customer service! I'll be updating with better pics as I get them and stories too, I'm sure. 😁 Alesha
  10. 3 weeks ago I introduced 11 juvenile cherry barbs (~1") into a planted 10 gal tank. Up until a few days ago they were actively swimming around and eating whatever I fed them (flakes, nano pellets, Repashy, sinking wafers, zucchini). The past few days I've noticed they are mostly grouped around the center of the tank and hovering, not swimming around much. They also show much less interest in food. I have a gold danio in the tank but she mostly ignores the barbs. She has been feasting lately because the barbs haven't been competing with her for food. Water parameters have been consistent throughout (0 NH3, 0 Nitrite, 40ppm Nitrate, pH 7.2, temp 76 F). Any ideas what might be going on?
  11. Hello all - I have a planted 10 gal tank with 11 juvenile cherry barbs (~1 inch in length). They appear to be comfortable at the moment - exploring and nibbling. As they mature and grow to full size, should I expect to have to transfer some (or all) of them to a larger tank?
  12. I was at a LFS last night and had them bag up as many embers they could net. When I got home I noticed this one looked different. I don’t know what fish this is. Some other kind of tetra? A rasbora?
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