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  1. I wish to start a colony of endlers. I figure I would start w 2 makes and 4 females. How large a tank should I set up for the long run?
  2. I live in the North West and have access to a bunch of stuff I can collect but I can't get good information on how to make it safe. Alder cones, when do you collect them and how to treat. Oak leaves, do you gather in the fall when brown or collect green and let dry out? Manzanita branches, can you gather green or must it be dead? Do you need to peal the bark. Rocks, do you boil them?
  3. What if I placed a power head with a Pre filter on the top of my gravel filter out flow and run water down pipe and through the gravel?
  4. Thank you. I have the tank might as well use it and grow moss.
  5. When setting up a quarantine tank how do you keep it in balance during periods of no fish to quarantine?
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